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Rio (5/5) Movie CLIP – I Wanna Party (2011) HD

Rafi has some special guests from out of town. And let’s show them some love, because i don’t think they get out much YO, YO, YO, YO Everybody put their wings together and clap them as loud as you can. Flap them, Clap them, I don’t care, Slap them Party in the Ipanema, Baby I wanna party, I wanna samba i wanna party, i wanna samba i wanna party and live my life (my life) i wanna party (party) and flyyy imma fly , fly just like a bird but you are bird! oh yeah you’re right so let me fly just like a rocket then okay fly so hard when i need to come down for oxygen hey ! cause once we start it baby , ain’t no ain’t no stopping them hey ! cause i just want to live my life and party hey ! all i want is to be free and rock my body okay I’ve been around the world and i want to live my life And RIO I RIO I RIO , RIOlize (Jewel “What are you doing?” Blu ” ahh I dont know.”)
♫I want to party (party) I want to samba (party) (Rafi ” All right Blu!”)
♫I want to party (party) And flyyyyyyyyyy [Pedro:] I’m that samba, samba Master, master, master Master, master Who shouts out ? Imma get your blaster, blaster,
Blaster, blaster, blaster (Rafi “Hey she likes you.” Blu “What are you talking about haven’t you been listening?”)
♫You dance fast, But I dance faster, faster, faster, faster, faster. (Rafi “No, I been watching.”)
♫You’re too slow , You need to catch up (Rafi ” Just be your self…. Go on!”)
♫You can dance, and dance, but I I want to party (party) I want to samba (party) I want to party (party) I want to samba (party) I want to party (party) And live my life ( my life) I want to party (party) And flyyyyyyyy Hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! [Blu caws]
Hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! [Blu caws] Layaana yaana yaana yaaaaaaaaaa Layanna yanna yanna yaana yaana yaana yaala laalaa Hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! [Blu caws] Hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! [Blu caws] Hey! hey! hey! hey!

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100 thoughts on “Rio (5/5) Movie CLIP – I Wanna Party (2011) HD

  1. I so can't wait to hear Jamie Foxx's voice in Pixar's Soul next year. If he sings in Soul, just like he sung in Rio, I'm gonna cry!

  2. Me watching this video.
    Me getting frashback of me singing this song for a long time.
    Me wanna sing this song again.

  3. I’m so sad these beauties are extinct. Thanks to us disgusting awful people. I can’t wait for humans to die out and let earth bounce back

  4. See the blue birds?
    A few of them were alive in captivity, those are dead now.
    So, They are officially extinct now.
    Good luck explaining that to your kids.

  5. This makes me want to watch Rio again! Why does everybody keep commenting that Nico is hot? I don't agree….. only cause it doesn't make any sense.
    Another thing: It's so easy to sing this without running out of breath. I think I know the lyrics.
    "I wanna party, I wanna samba, I wanna party, I wanna samba, I wanna party, and live my life, I wanna party, and flyyy! High! I wanna fly, fly just like a bird, but you are a bird!"—- DARN IT I FORGOT IT….. whatever just search up rio lyrics.

  6. No other movie song better than this. Saw it in the hall when i was 9. Still good to this day. Why can't movies have such good songs these days

  7. Flipping through the comments, I notice that a LOT are crushing on Nico(Who I like to call The Brazilian Canary), and since a lot of people in the Mixels fandom is crushing on Flain(who people are calling the Fire Bird), I just realized something…

    Nico could ACTUALLY be the bird version of Flain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O

  8. Before today, I thought “party in Ipanema, baby” was the best, now? “festa em Ipanema, meu amor” 😂 nico’s voice tone is a little bit more playfull so it gives me the chills

    (Wtf, did I just fangirled over a bird!? I need sleep)

  9. I'm scanning the crowd for other macaws. I've seen the Military Macaw, Green-Winged Macaw, Spix Macaw (Blu and Jewel), Blue and Gold…. Hm

  10. In all honesty the lighting is incredible in this scene and I absolutely love this song as well, plus the soft, swift movements of Jewel, it’s all just 👌👌

  11. Dear Americans,

    Specially the part: "Festa em ipanema meu amor" 😏😏

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