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Ringbolt Hot Springs | Hiking and Photography in Northern Arizona – Trail Hike – 2017 vlog

on this episode of camera crusades im hiking
to the arizona hot springs stay tuned. so today im hiking down to the arizona hot
springs its a beautiful day today. its about 50 degrees right now and the high
is going to be in the mid 60’s and its a beautiful day for a hike. im going to head down there
its a pretty long hike, 3.2 miles on way. so time to get to it. about a half mile in the trail turns into
a nice little slot canyon. pretty exciting the step walls. looking forward to getting down to the colorado
and the hot springs.what pretty crazy is the amount of people who take this hike. a group
of about, 20 maybe 30 people just passed by and it a pretty crazy considering i don’t
think these hots springs are that big to begin with but we’ll see what happens when we get
there. well i made it down to the colorado river
and it pretty breathtaking the views down here. just another 1/4 mile or so and a we’ll be
at the hot springs. just making my way up the last little stretch of road here its gonna
be hot springs in about ten seconds. well i finally made it up here to the amazing
arizona hot springs. the water temperature was ranging from 100
to 110 degrees. there was an elderly gentleman who had a thermometer
with him. so that’s pretty cool to know the temperature
but amazing i put the feet in and soaked them a little bit. just a really great place to come at the end
of this hike. so im looking forward heading back but again its all up hill. so we’ll see how it goes. well that’s all for today’s video, i hope
you enjoyed coming to the arizona hot springs. i know i had a blast even though it was a
fairly long hike. approximately 6.5 mile round trip. make sure you take a second and subscribe
to my channel, like the video and check me out on Facebook and Instagram. ill see you next time.

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4 thoughts on “Ringbolt Hot Springs | Hiking and Photography in Northern Arizona – Trail Hike – 2017 vlog

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