Revitalizing Loi Kalo Park

If you look at old maps, there is no “Lo’i Kalo Park.” There’s Niuhelewai. So Niuhelewai, in the older maps, is the spring that fed most of Kapalama, well right now it’s Kapalama Canal, before it used to be Niuhelewai Stream. Haumea lived in Niuhelewai. Haumea is the goddess of fertility. So this place is a fertile place The ali’i came here, they gave birth here. Medicines were practiced here, crafting was practiced here. I started planting some malas, or some gardens with kalo. This is one of the last springs in this area. I just felt like I had to do it. The significance to the Hawaiians is the genealogy, the kalo plant is our elder ancestor, Haloa. And Haloa feeds us if we take care of Haloa. Kalo is the staple food in Hawaii, well, was the staple food in Hawaii. And then in one section I pulled out this grass, and all of a sudden water started coming out. And it started pumping. And so now there’s water flowing from here. And then within a week from that this kalo started growing. And this kalo is giant. I never planted any of this. All of this was not here before. One day. One day we’ll be done, hopefully. Or at least close to being done.

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