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Review: LoftTek 30 Degree Ultralight Backpacking TopQuilt by Outdoor Vitals

hey guys Alisha here with terradrift your
travel and adventure experts we’re here today to bring you a review of the outdoor vitals
loftek top quilt but before we do be sure to click subscribe and hit them bells so you
don’t miss any of our future updates so this lovely blue package right here is the outdoor
vitals loftek 15-degree top quilt I found this when I was researching quilts as opposed
to sleeping bags for backpacking and camping the idea really intrigued me the idea behind
a backpacking quilt being that they’re usually lighter and less bulky than sleeping bags
because they don’t have any of the zippers and extra weight of fabric behind you because
technically speaking any insulation that you’re laying on top of you’ve compressed and it’s
not insulating anymore so to my logical brain that appealed to me from up well why am ia
carrying around all this extra weight standpoint so I wanted to try a quilt I found this one
when I was looking online for vegan quilts made with synthetic insulation and I got really
excited because I saw this and thought it was plate and made with synthetic insulation
they called there’s loftek it’s a really cool synthetic insulation it stays light and warm
when it’s wet so if it’s raining when you’re backpacking and you’re you’re sleeping pulp
gets a little damp it still functions perfectly which is really awesome but it’s also very
light and dries out quickly as well if it does get wet this one that I have here is
rated for 15 degrees Fahrenheit for me personally that was a little off I tend to sleep pretty
cold the tiny person so I don’t have a lot of built-in insulation and I do sleep cold
so I’ve not really ever found a sleeping bag that lives up to the temperature rating that
it claims to me this function more like a 30 maybe 40 degree sleeping quilt like a blanket
instead of a 15 degree sleeping bag that being said the 15 degree sleeping bag I have that
weighs a lot more than this and is quite a bit larger I’ve never been really very warm
in that one either under about 30 degrees so if that gives you any perspective they
also sell a 30 degree version of this so that’s cool if you want something’s not quite as
as cold later like it looks kind of big right now but it’s still very compressible it can
be compressed quite a lot more so if you have a compression sack or you want to put some
bungees around it or something it can get quite a bit smaller well let’s go ahead and
open this it has a double double-click cord there and then it just pops out like so there
it is so this is kind of what it looks like it’s a similar shape to a sleeping bag obviously
the difference being that it doesn’t have a back the only reason I was willing to try
a back packing pull was if it had this foot box here that to stick your feet in so that
your feet are always contained and don’t end up sliding out from under the sleeping bag
getting freezing so that’s cool but instead of a zipper in the back you have these buckles
so that you have the option of either buckling it underneath you to keep it in place on cooler
nights or you can leave it open on warmer nights so you can stick feet out stick arms
out it’s actually really super comfortable and at the top here for the cooler evenings
you have the snaps so you can snap snap it up around your neck and then send so that
all that fits through is your head help keep in the one now I move a lot when I sleep so
it actually comes with this little bungee thing which I’m gonna be entirely honest with
you I have no idea what it’s for and somebody’s probably gonna comment below on this video
and tell me and I’m gonna be like obviously but as of now I was just guessing so what
I actually did with it was find the the clips here on the bag and I clipped it into both
sides and put this underneath my sleep pad and then clipped it in on the other side so
that when I was sleeping I had the quilt on top of me and every time I roll over or what-have-you
which I do a lot when I’m sleeping in a tent the quilt stayed put so it wasn’t opening
up any big drafty holes in the middle of the night so as for how it performed besides the
fact that I was I was still cold but that’s not really a surprise because we were camping
and some very chilly temperatures on our most recent road trip up toward Vancouver British
Columbia and down the entire west coast we did camp in we did camp a few times where
it was down to 20 and I was definitely cold but to be fair so was Josh and he was in tene
degree mummy bag I felt most comfortable in this when the nighttime temperatures were
about 40 over 50 degrees Fahrenheit but um apart from that this is the most comfortable
non sleeping bag that I’ve ever used and maybe not just for backpacking this is so soft outdoor
vitals uses really high quality materials and it’s just very very soft to the touch
it feels like a really expensive sleeping bag but it’s not and it’s very the the loftek
down alternative insulation that’s vegan is also very soft and compressible so you really
just want to like cozy up with this thing I mean honestly you could just like pillow
it’s just it’s huggable it’s so wonderful I love it okay that being said outdoor vitals
if you check out their website they don’t just do quilts they do sleeping bags and tents
and backpacks and all kinds of like camping and backpacking equipment but they’re sort
of driving principle it seems is that they just want to get people outdoors and have
cost not be a factor because let’s be honest the biggest hurdle to people getting into
backpacking and to spending more time in the outdoors is that gear is expensive a 15 degree
sleeping bag that is this light and of this quality from REI or some such place is probably
going to be more around the 300 dollar price range and that’s a lot for a sleeping my opinion
that’s a lot for a sleeping bag so this guy costs 130 dollars that’s super cheap for a
high quality sleeping bag and makes it so much more affordable and on top of that outdoor
vitals has sales quite often where you can get a discount on top of that you may not
have heard of outdoor vitals since you’re wondering where the heck these guys came from
but they operate in a way that they want to make high quality products and not have to
charge retail markup so that’s how they can charge less while still making really awesome
gear and opening the outdoors to everyone in conclusion this is a great backpacking
quilt it’s really comfortable it’s tolerably warm especially if you’re not a cold sleeper
like me it’s a great backpacking quilt for anybody who’s looking to start going ultralight
because outdoor vitals does put an emphasis on creating ultralight products so if you’re
in the market for new ultralight backpacking gear especially a really nice vegan quilt
definitely check out outdoor bridles they have all kinds of good stuff including regular
sleeping bags if that’s more your style or if you want something a bit warmer to trap
in the heat as always don’t forget to Like share and subscribe and you’ll find a link
to the product in the description be sure to check out our website for
more vegan food travel in adventure I mean honestly you can just like

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6 thoughts on “Review: LoftTek 30 Degree Ultralight Backpacking TopQuilt by Outdoor Vitals

  1. I love that you had no idea what the pad strap was for, but used it exactly for its intended purpose! Awesome review, very informative, thanks!

  2. I'm curious as to what the r value of your sleeping pad was while using this ( plays a big part in how warm your sleep system is overall).

  3. Just a note on temperature ratings- they are for survival not comfort. On average add 20 degrees, or if you're cold add 35 degrees.

  4. i have a -10 synthetic and stay warm in about 25 degrees the lowest anything else my feet get cold… i just learned about quilts and why sleeping bags hold basically useless fill/fluff that you lay on..

  5. Being that it is a quilt you would have to have a good insulated sleep pad to get down to those temps and I am sure that rating is the make it through the night survival rating not the comfort rating you are probably right with the 30 degree that is probably more like it thanks for sharing just purchased one of those myself!

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