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Residents demand solution to homeless on Diamond Head

homeless camp finds itself under the spotlight tonight. Good evening I’m Yunji De Nies. Kenny Choi has the night off. This time — the complaints are coming from Diamond Head. KITV4’s Brenton Awa joins us to explain — in tonight’s top story. Brenton? Yunji — In the past couple of weeks — we’ve heard of AND seen places dubbed as “tent cities.” Those are in reference to Kaka’ako and the Kapalama Canal. While the amount of tents up on Diamond Head doesn’t compare to those places — some residents out there feel — if nothing’s done now — it’ll turn that way too. Diamond head holds it’s share of stunning views… But it’s this one — that won’t let go of the neighborhood. 23 – S “THEY BUILD CAMP FIRES, THEY MAKE NOISE, THEY MAKE RUBBISH THEY BREAK INTO HOUSES AND WE’RE CONCERNED WITH THE SAFETY OF OUR NEIGHBORHOOD. ” Scott Ballentyne’s been living on the slopes of Diamond head for decades. He claims — the homeless started moving in three- years-ago. And since then — he says they’ve been a nuisance. 147 – S “SOMETIMES THE AGENCYS LIKE DLNR WILL SEND UP SECURITIES AND CHASE THE GUYS OUT AND THEN ONE OR TWO MONTHS LATER THEY’LL START TRICKLING BACK IN.” The area they’ve talking about used to house the Old Canon Club. It’s just up the road from the Diamond Head Market and Grill. There used to be a building here — until it was broken down. Then people started to move in. But not all of these residents agree with kicking them out. 1043 – B “WE CAN’T JUST ABANDON PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE MONEY.” What some of the residents who live nearby want — is a fence — to block the entrance to the properties access road. 123 – S “WE WANT A FENCE AT THE CORNER OF COLLINS AND KEPA THAT WILL HELP DETER ALL OF THE HOMELESS PEOPLE COMING UP. A GATED FENCE THAT THE BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY WILL HAVE A KEY TO ACCESS THE WATER TOWER WHEN THEY NEED TO GO CHECK IT.” A Board of Water Supply spokesperson wasn’t able to speak on the topic of putting up a fence — but a representative of a city council-member had this to say. 800 – O “IF WE GO TO THE BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY AND THEY DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY’S FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF A FENCE, WHAT WE CAN DO IS WE CAN SEE IF THE BUDGET COMITTEE CHAIR AND THE COUNCIL CHAIR WILL BE OKAY WITH APPROPRIATING MONEYS INTO THE BUDGET FOR A CAPITOL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT FOR THIS PARTICULAR AREA.” Whether or not a fence is approved to get put up there… Some residents are hoping another construction project could drive out the homeless from the area. The University of Hawaii’s Culinary Institute is planning to build classrooms up in that area. That could happen as soon as this summer.

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3 thoughts on “Residents demand solution to homeless on Diamond Head

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  3. even if the homeless kept the noise level down and upkept the areas they dwell in, majority of the neighborhoods would complain

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