64 thoughts on “Remothered: Broken Porcelain – Gamescom 2019 Announcement Trailer | PS4

  1. Am I the only one who thought of Wild Arms when the whistling started? Nope? No takers on that 23-year-old game reference? … (Goddammit I'm old.)

  2. 우와 두번째 이야기 드디어 공개됐네요 이번에도 겁나게 도망 다닐듯. 그나저나 1편 ps4판 언어에서 한글지원이 왜 삭제됐나요? 한글 지원 다시 넣어주시면 좋겠어요

  3. This company are small but don’t underestimate them trust me this game will be awesome I give them 10/10 we miss story single player so much F online games BR

  4. Really hope they'll make a physical copy release. I've been wanting them to release Remothered tormented fathers as a physical copy for the ps4. No luck. Hope this one will be.

  5. Por favor ir a la casa…. Y estoy en la casa.. Casi muero del susto.
    De lo mejor excelente juego

  6. wow most of the comments are comparing remothered with other games in a way like they don't know this is the second game of the remothered series

    It's sad because remothered deserves more attention the story, the atmosphere and the mysteries in tormented fathers were so amazing and I can't wait for this one

  7. It would be more scary if you look trough his eye.s and saw here from the otherside of the mirror but it looks great and creepy the game trailer

  8. この作品に配信人生を賭ける方がいるので、前作以上の完成度に期待しています。

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