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REI Trailheads Bikepacking Episode 3: The Trail Mix Bike Gang

(thunder rumbling) (owl hooting) (raindrops pattering) (voice moaning) – Elena? Hey, Elena. – What? – [Kelsi] Did you hear that? – Like the owl? – No. (door bursting open) (all screaming) – Hush, no, it’s me. – Colin!
– Shh, shh, shh. I’m hurt, I drank like five of those cans and something is jumbling. Does anybody have an antacid or a– (Colin moans) That’s obviously not what I’m looking for. (door clicks shut) (upbeat whimsical music) ♪ La la la ♪ ♪ Together we can do it ♪ ♪ Anything we choose ♪ ♪ Nothing’s stopping us ♪ ♪ Let’s make our dreams come true ♪ ♪ Never know what you
may kind along the way ♪ ♪ With your friends till the end ♪ ♪ On the trailheads ♪ (upbeat rock music) – [Kelsi] Day number two, y’all. Just left Morgantool. – Honestly, we could not have asked for better weather today. – So we’re going from Meyersdale to Ohiopyle today, I believe. We’re gonna stay safe,
we’re gonna stay hydrated. – So I thought I was gonna
be all kids of sore today, but it’s like a mild to moderate pain, but it’s not enough to
stop me from wanting to hop back on the trail. – Come at me, trail! – Is that all you got? – I just ate a bug. Trail literally just came at me. – We’re in the GAP! – We got a big old bridge coming up. I was told it’s 1900 feet long. – Thousand fire deck, oh my gosh. – Here we go! – Whoa! – [Anna] Oh my god, I’m in a wind turbine! – [Kelsi] Don’t you usually put cans on the back of your bike? – [Colin] Nothing can stop
it, it’s on the way up. – [Elena] Go, go, go! – A little rest stop. We made it to Garrett. Yes! – [Colin] Man if I lived here,
I would start a mink farm. – Mink? – Yeah, but not for what you think. I would teach them how to do circus tricks and then I’d have a little mink circus. – Guys, I think we could live here. – See, Anna’s on board. – This is really nice. – [Colin] Kelsi, what does
that cloud look like to you? – It looks like an alligator.
– Wait, what? – [Kelsi] Doing your T-Rex dance. – You know what that looks like to me is like a duck with really… He’s in a big hurry and
he’s smoking a cigar. – Oh, yeah!
(Anna laughs) – Oh, yeah yeah yeah. – He’s taking really long steps. – He’s like, “Get out of my way!” – [Kelsi] I gotta go to the bank. – I gotta get there
before the market opens. (upbeat music) I’ll race you through the tunnel, go. – Oh, don’t start with me. (Kelsi screams) Tie! – I think we tied. – That was a tie. – Guys, mile 50! – Only a hundred more to go! – I’m so proud of us. I think this is the most I’ve biked accumulatively in my entire life. Let me check out where we
are in my trusty guidebook. – Coming up on the– – Mile 52, we’re coming up
on the Pinkerton bridge. – [Elena] Oh that’s why it’s stuck. – [Kelsi] Stop. (upbeat techno music) – Look at this, we are up high, y’all. – Going across, going across, whoa. – [Kelsi] Who is starving right now? – [Colin] Ugh, I would
dominate a hamburger right now. – [Anna] I would get down on a kielbasa. – [Kelsi] I think it’s the
Pinkerton Tunnel, guys. – [Colin] Think they could’ve shortened it and just called it the Pinker Tunnel. – Here we go! – Pinkerton tunnel, woo! – It is nice and cool in here. – Feels like we’re gonna come
out in a different dimension. – Good thing I got this dinky light. Woo, it’s breezy in here! – Thank you Pinkerton Tunnel,
thank you for everything that you’ve done for us. – 52!
– 52! – 52! 53, we’re just flying
by these mile markers. – [Anna] Fordham! – Fordham!
– Fordham, woo! – [Kelsi] I love passing
little mile markers like that. – Chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga. (upbeat orchestral music) – It’s crazy how quickly the
weather changes around here. Good thing we’re almost
to our destination, guys. – We are coming into the town
of Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. – You actually pronounce it oh-hi-po-lee. – Ohiopyle, just around the riverband. – Mile marker 71!
– 71! (all cheering) – You guys, can you believe halfway? I don’t want it to end,
I don’t want it to end. – Yeah, Elena, where
are we staying tonight? – Are we staying at a hotel, a motel? – Well, it’s a surprise. There were no dead people
there that I know of. – You guys, we’re coming in on the town. – Oh, look at Ohiopyle! – [Colin] You think they sell snacks here? (triumphant music) – Oh my gosh.
– My calves are burning. – [Anna] I am so sore, you guys. – [Colin] Let’s see what
they’ve got to offer. – [Kelsi] With our powers combined. – [Anna] We make a delicious trail mix. (upbeat guitar music) – You guys, check out this view. – [Elena] Oh my god, really? – That’s what we’re
gonna white water raft. – I wanna white water raft it. – Yeah, I think that’s
what we’re gonna do. (upbeat guitar music) – [Elena] I’m really excited about where we’re staying tonight. – [Colin] Quick quesht, is there any paranormal activity at this place? – [Kelsi] Colin, you were the only paranormal activity at our other place. – This is where we’re staying? – Yep! – Oh, no Elena this is too much! – Oh, well we’re halfway through. I thought I’d splurge on
a little vacation rental. – Yes! – Race you to the master suite! – What? – Oh, shoot. – Oh yeah y’all, I think this is it. Yeah, this is it. – This is it. ‘Kay. Dibs on top bunk. – [Anna] Honestly, I will
sleep anywhere at this point. – [Colin] There’s a pile
of leaves right there. – [Anna] I’m just gonna nestle in there like a bear laying down for the winter. – [Rapid Guide] This is
probably the wildest rapid that we have today, okay? – We’re gonna be fine.
– We’re gonna be fine. – We’re gonna be fine. (Elena screaming) – [Rapid Coach] Go, go, go! – [Kelsi] Go, go, oh my god! (upbeat techno music)

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7 thoughts on “REI Trailheads Bikepacking Episode 3: The Trail Mix Bike Gang

  1. I’m from Uniontown PA (just off the mountain where Ohiopyle is) and the area is just absolutely breathtaking during the fall

  2. Did the Trip PA to Cumberland and then the C&O five years ago…next year we're going back to do Cumberland to Pitts…so its fun to see them do it….its so zen….the trail…..when we went (in May) we saw more deer than people…

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