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Regina Reveals Disturbing Details About Onision’s Husband “Cool Guy Kai”

What’s up, everyone? It’s Edwin and today
I’ll be presenting you with an interview that I conducted last month in regards to Onision’s husband, Kai, also known as CoolGuyKai here on YouTube. Now, as you know from my previous
video, both Onision and Kai were accused of grooming an underaged fan named Sarah. Basically befriending and emotionally manipulating a minor until she turned 18 and then that’s when they proceeded to have intimate relations with her. This interview was with one of Sarah’s friends, Regina, and a lot of people don’t know about Regina’s story because Regina didn’t physically meet Kai. However, as you’ll hear from the interview and see from the screenshots displayed on screen, Kai was definitely displaying some
predatory behavior towards Regina from when Regina was 15 up until they turned 18,
which is when Kai began dating Regina. [sighs] How did you get to know Kai or–
or, like, first start speaking with him? -I first started speaking to Kai through Instagram.
I was on Instagram Discover and was just, like, looking through everything and I found someone
posting a screenshot of a Mumford & Sons song, and I was really into Mumford & Sons at the
time so I commented on it and after like creeping through Kai’s profile and everything and I
was like, “hey, like, I really like your account. This is one of my new favorite accounts, like, I love Mumford & Sons too!” and it kind of went through there. We just started DMing from there. -So you didn’t know about their YouTube channel? -No, Kai didn’t have a YouTube at the time. -You didn’t even know about the
connection with Onision then? -No, not at first, no. -Oh okay, okay. Interesting, interesting. So did Kai, like, message you back or how
did the interaction, like, actually begin? Because you found them, so did they start messaging you or did you mutually message each other? -No, I DMed Kai and we just kind of got the ball rolling, talking about Mumford & Sons and everything and then, a little bit after, Kai followed me back on Instagram and then we exchanged Twitter handles. -So you followed each other.
At what point would you say that you were friends? Because, earlier before this, you mentioned that you considered Kai to be a best friend of yours, right? -Yes, Kai was my best friend. We probably became, like, officially friends just a few months into talking. We realized we got along really well. -Okay, okay. Cause, I mean, you sent me a folder that shows a lot of flirting, I guess, to put it lightly, right? -Yes. -There was also tweets of Kai– well, back then when I would go by LaineyBot, explicitly saying, “iMessage me & send me nud*s,” and this is in 2014 when you had just turned 17. -Yes. -2014 to October 29th,
so that’s right after your birthday. That’s just right after you turned 17.
-Yes, that sounds about right. -Obviously, you deleted that Twitter so we
can’t see what you had said but– -Yeah.
-I mean, do you remember what provoked her to say, “iMessage me and send me nud*s”?
-That was how we had been talking like that. We’ve had– like, as our friendship progressed,
it got more and more persistent with the flirting. We probably both initiated it, to be honest, really. -Another screenshot that I have is from Lainey tagging you and it’s an iMessage, so you guys used to iMessage as well. -Yes, we also used to iMessage. -Lainey– sorry, it gets a little confusing
because, you know, I’m reading LaineyBot but, basically, Kai said to you: “come F me & eat
coconut milk ice cream with me. Hashtag goals.” Is that– is that them saying it? -Yeah, it’s– it’s– I know the text message
screenshot is from their phone. -Right, because it’s a blue text message
and they’re posting it. And then it also says:
“if I can grab your… b*m too then we have a deal.” Oh, you’re saying that one. -Yes. -And then Lainey is saying, “I’m pretty sure
that comes with the whole ‘F me’ package.” -Pretty– pretty much. -You also told me that you were good enough friends with Kai that they actually shared their password
with you? Like, like, what was it– their Facebook password, Twitter
password, or what? -Yes, I had their Twitter password.
I had their Facebook password for a while. I don’t have it anymore but yeah, I had pretty much
passwords to almost any social media Kai had. -I mean, is this something that Kai gave to other people or– or, like, it’s just– it’s a little confusing. -Only me and Sarah. -Oh, okay. So just you and Sarah okay, okay.
-Yeah. -So that’s, like, a testament that you
were pretty close, at least. -Yes.
-That’s a bit shocking to share passwords. Maybe I’m just being subjective here, I don’t want to judge but I just– I know I wouldn’t give my password to someone that I knew online
that I never met before that was also underage. -Understandably so!
Also, I used to edit a lot of Kai’s Instagram posts so anything that has, like, a fanciness to it, more than likely
was me as well. -So, in 2013, January, Kai said to you:
“I just took a cute AF SnapChat for you.” -Yes. -What was that? -Uhm, we would SnapChat a lot. Kai would send
me pictures of him, like, singing in the shower or, like, you know, just doing cute faces
or, like, hearts and, like, “I love you” and stuff like that. -“Our hot Skype sesh was grand.”
What was that hot Skype sesh? -I mean, probably just us talking and flirting. There was no…
well, I retract what I was gonna say. Uhm…
[laughs] I was gonna say there was no nudity on Skype but there has been an instance where there was. -Really? Yeah, yeah, see, that’s cause I’m
reading this and, well, part of me is really confused as to why this is even public because
my first impression is, like, wait, “hot Skype sesh”? Are you guys, like, doing, like, beyond
flirting, you know? Like, are you guys getting off to each other or whatever? And, obviously,
this is, like, an awkward invasive question so I apologize but the fact is that,
you know, in 2013, you were– 2013, yeah,
you were 16! -Yeah, I was. -So– so at 16, you were– you were having
Skype, like, videos, like, video calls, yeah? -Oh, yeah. Even for, like– probably four or five months into us being friends, we started Skype calling. -How long were these Skype calls? -Hours. -Now, as an adult, would you say anythinginappropriate happened back when you were 16 having these calls? -100%, yeah. I will describe one that
I remember pretty clearly – we were Skyping at night.
It was definitely after I was supposed to be asleep and we were just talking, really,
but Kai’s whole entire robe was open and I could see everything from the–
-Robe? -Yeah, from the torso up. -And was it, like, a flirting thing or was it just casual? -It was just casual but, if you think about it,
it’s not really normal to have your entire rope open with a 16-year-old in front of you. -Right, right. Because this is also–
see, another– another thing is… Yeah, it’s… I want to take a pause real quick because,
after the interview, I came across a screenshot of one of these Skype conversations between
Regina and Kai because, apparently, Kai shared a screenshot himself on his own Twitter. Regina says, “I’m gonna take you out on a date, bbys,”
Kai says, “where?” Regina says, “I don’t know, I’ll just kidnap you and
put you in my trunk or something.” Kai says, “sounds romantic,” then Regina replies, “we can eat day-old burritos on the side of the road. Dream date, right?” Kai says, “stop teasing”
and the caption of the tweet was, “This.” Emphasizing that, like, this is what he likes.
Notice the date on that tweet – 6th of November 2012. Less than a month after Regina turned 15. Now, Regina did tell me that they lied about their age when they began speaking to Kai and Kai said the same in his livestream with Sarah. “-When I met Regina, she told me she– I was–
she was my age and then I came to find out, like, 6 or 7 months later that she was actually younger.
Like, a couple of years younger than me and I was like, ‘ok.’ It wasn’t really a big deal,
it was, like, 2 years younger than me.” Only difference is that Kai said Regina didn’t come clean until 6 to 7 months after being friends and Regina said it wasn’t more than
a month after being friends. Now, there is no screenshot or receipt as
to when Regina confessed their age to Kai, however, we do hear Kai downplaying the age, you know, saying, “just a couple years younger” but Regina is
3 years younger. And this wouldn’t be a big deal if it didn’t mean that Regina was the literal minor, you know? Why– why does an 18-year-old want
to be talking to a 15-year-old? Flirting, I should say.
Kai was clearly flirting with a 15-year-old. And, you know, Kai, you could call it “banter” all you want but you want to know who else calls it banter? Actual offenders.
So maybe you might not want to use that word at all. Not to mention, it’s not like Regina was a catfish;
they were Skyping on video and this is what Regina looked like. You’re telling me this is what an 18-year-old looks like to you, Kai? What?
Really? And even if you believe Kai over Regina on this, it still really doesn’t make things look much better for Kai because Kai now knows that, at one point, he flirted with a minor yet continued to do so for years to come. Check this out: “forever flirting with (your tag) hahan0bye”
in August. On December 8th, “I’m in love with you.”
It’s pretty blatant. And then in January of the following year, “come get this good–” “come get this good good.” [laughs] -Yeah, that was pretty consistent
conversations that we would have. -Of course it could be argued that this is
just online banter because, you know, that’s– that’s just how Kai described it when people were calling them out over the flirting between Kai and Sarah. “-There was banter on Twitter but, if you
look at how I compliment people, that’s– that’s what you will see because it’s banter
and it doesn’t mean anything.” But, again, bear in mind that this is going
on in private messages as well. You said that you don’t have the iPhone
so you can’t, like, use other text messages, huh? -Uhm, unfortunately not. I did everything
I could to get those messages back. -And it’s fine because, I mean, I think these– these Facebook messages when you did speak on Facebook tells a lot. I mean, here they’re
saying, “I have to edit tonight and I don’t wanna” and then you say, “you sleep with me”
and then they say, “in both meanings of the term, yes.” This one is later on in December 2015, Kai said, “I think you’re stunning and kind and fascinating and I think about you often” to you. That’s kind of a cute compliment but kind of weird when you put into perspective that you had just turned 18 at this point. -And weird when you put it in perspective
that I thought we were dating at the time. -That’s right… -Yeah, I think a lot of people took it as sarcasm but no, the whole asking out process happened and everything. I thought it was legit, at least.
I don’t know about the other way around. -I mean, well, these messages
definitely back it up so I don’t blame you. I mean, there’s also messages from–
from Kai saying, “send me pics” themselves. And then you said you will get ready, you wanted to send them good pictures because you’re a perfectionist. Kai is saying, “it will be from my boyfriend.” So do you go by, like, “him” pronouns or did
they call you boyfriend or something? -Uhm, at the time, I had come out as gender-fluid.
Since then, I now realize I don’t really identify as gender-fluid,
I’m non-binary. But I kind of preferred he/him pronouns at the time. -I see, I see.
-But that’s why he was referring to me that way. I currently use they/them. -They went by “Taylor” on Facebook
which is their birth name, right?
-Mhm-mhm. -And then they changed it to Lainey
and then changed it to Kai.
-Yes. -But, right here, they’re saying, “send me pics” to you.
-Uh-huh. -And you said, “I will after I get ready” and then they’re saying, “it will be from my boyfriend,” like, validating you as, like, you know, I guess they called you “their boyfriend,” right? -Yes. -Doesn’t look like you sent them pictures straight away, but then Kai sent you two pictures,
“handsome boy today.” I mean, I don’t know, just– just from an outside perspective, I don’t know you too well but I would say
that I– I don’t think you’re crazy for thinking
that you were in a relationship, even if it’s just, like, online or at least flirting.
I think– think it sounds valid. -Yeah, I thought everything was legit up until
they announced that they were dating Billie and I kind of was like, “oh”
[laughs] “so it wasn’t legit.”
-Oh, that happened– so there wasn’t like an official breakup or anything, it’s just like…
-No, there was never an official breakup. I guess it just wasn’t taken seriously from the start. -And they sent you four pictures of them
lifting up their shirt at you. Here’s a screenshot that shows you saying, “do you want me to start monitoring/cleaning up your Twitter? also I love you” and then they’re there saying,
“yes, please that would be good,” so I guess that kind of backs up that
you were helping out with the Twitter. -Yes I– a lot of tweets were sent out from me. -Oh, you wrote tweets for Kai?
-Yeah. -What kind of tweets would you write? -Uhm, any time we were gonna do a Kik chat, I would tweet out stuff like that and I would be monitoring the mentions for, like, user names to add. Uhm, when we did the–
-Wait, okay. So, I’m sorry, Kik chat, so this is– “-Kik Messenger launched back in 2010 and it proved to be popular mostly because it let people register and use it without providing a phone number or other credentials. The app also drew allegations fostering a criminal community due to its anonymity
and popularity with teens.” Tell me more about this because
I don’t know Kik chats? -Kik chats we did early on, I want to say
2013-2014, something along the lines of that. It would be a way for Kai to talk to his fans
and this was also pre-YouTube, I’m pretty sure. -Oh, like, before they started their YouTube?
-Yeah, yeah. And that’s actually how I met
Sarah and Kai met Sarah as well. “-Regina and Sarah became friends and, basically,
we met through Regina.” -So Kai did have some popularity on Instagram
because they were dating Onision and Onision was not, like, widely disliked as he is now,
so he did have a pretty big following at the time and, you know, there was definitely a lot of following onto Kai and that’s how they had a big following. Sorry. I just felt like I have to give a
little context there but yeah. So you’re telling me that basically–
because I didn’t know this, that– that Kai had, like, little Kik group chance to kind of gather fans. I mean, on the surface that doesn’t sound too bad but knowing that what’s actually going on
unveils something else. -Yeah, that– definitely I agree. -So it was just, like, group chats with– with fans and it was mostly fine, right? Or what was it like? -It was, uhm, fine, pretty much! We had a
few weirdos here and there but Kai would pop in once in a while. Most of the time it was
fans interacting with each other, uhm… and then that’s pretty much it with the Kik chats at least. -But explain how you– how you brought Sarah
into this, or how did she come into the picture? -So, Sarah was a part of the Kik chats as a
fan and then, one day, like how I said earlier that there was a weirdo once in a while, there
was a weirdo in there and the weirdo happened to be private messaging me as well as Sarah, and me and Sarah were private messaging each other, like, we’re, like, talking about this weird person messaging us and we became friends from there. And then, from there, me and Sarah
started talking a lot for a while and then Kai became interested in knowing who Sarah was. -You actually already knew Sarah before this? -Yes, I knew Sarah. I started talking to Sarah early on in the Kik chats before Kai and Sarah started talking and then, eventually, I introduced Sarah to Kai. -So what other– what other tweets would you post on there or, like, what things would you delete or what was it about cleaning up the Twitter? -Uhm, I would go on there and block
or mute people who were saying sort of, like, things that I knew would upset Kai and, like, cleanup mentions, block people that we were suspicious of. I also helped when Kai released his Google number to talk to fans to, like, “text fans,” I guess. I was a part of that and I tweeted that out as well. -That’s interesting. It seems like there’s this, like, sort of desire to connect with people with Kai. -I agree, Kai is very, uhm, bored most of the time,
to be frank. [laughs] -That’s the kind of perception you
got when you would talk to them? -Yeah, it seemed like he just never got enough attention. -At what point did you and Kai stop speaking? -It was on and off a lot for a few years. We officially stopped speaking
early September of this year. -So what led you to not be friends anymore? -I didn’t know at first what happened with
Sarah and Greg, as to relationship-wise. And me and Kai had just started getting closer again and finding out that information honestly sickened me that Kai would let something like that happen and Kai would condone that, and I didn’t feel comfortable being friends with someone who
would have my other friend so hurt. -You shared with me a goodbye letter
that you gave to Kai. “Kai. I tried. I tried for so long to be close
with you again and it never worked out. And then I don’t talk to you and
you want to be my friend today. Was our friendship ever legit or was it just for your convenience when you thought the time was right?” Now, what do you mean by,
“you want to be my friend today”? -It was just that day that he was extra clingy. If it’s to, like, put it bluntly, he was extra
clingy, he wanted to talk even more, didn’t seem as distant as usual. -In September or, like, recently? -Like a few days before that.
-Oh. -I haven’t talked to him since the day that
message was made. -Where did they reach out to you on?
-They messaged me that day on SnapChat, like, trying to just talk but I didn’t know what
to how to respond because I just had found out what happened. -Oh, about Sarah. -Yeah.
-Okay, and then you said, “and Sarah. Sarah was nothing but undyingly loyal and you let
her get treated like this. Was any of your guys’ friendships real?
You changed, Kai, and it hurts me desperately to see. And it wasn’t for the better. I can’t be associated
with someone who thinks treating their friend like you did Sarah is okay. Letting Greg do
what he did with you knowing wasn’t okay.” Wait, what is that, I’m sorry,
am I reading this wrong? -[laughs] It might have been me, like, emotionally typing and not really making a whole lot of sense. I think I was trying to say: “letting Greg do what he did and you letting him get away with it.” -Oh, okay, gotcha, gotcha. “Your morals are disappearing, Kai. It breaks my heart to see you act this way and I’ve been effed up for days about this but I can’t associate with
you anymore. I can’t support Greg’s actions and I can’t support you supporting him/not
supporting him. I need to be appreciated like a friend would and Sarah deserves so much
better. I loved you and I looked up to you. I’m sorry. Goodbye.” So you sent this on SnapChat?
-Yes, I did. -You sent this on SnapChat and then you– -I waited until he read it and then I blocked him. -So how did you know that they read it? -Because I saw the typ– the typing bubble. -At least you let him know.
-Yeah. -You let him know how you felt, you know? -I had to, it just– I was so angry and I didn’t want to… well, I knew he wasn’t gonna
call about it, I knew he was gonna blow me off if I asked to call him about it so I figured
that would be the best course of action to take. -Yeah, because you also sent me screenshots
that are comparatively very different to when Kai was flirting with you, extremely, you know? These screenshots where you literally say, “Merry Christmas,” “Happy New Year,” “hello” and you don’t get any responses and it’s, like, that– that is definitely– I see what you mean by, like, how they changed because they just kind of, like, ghosted you and then I understand how they message you one day out of the blue and all sudden you’re like, “wait, now you want to be my friend?”
-Exactly. -So, basically, you became friends with Kai,
dated Kai for a short bit even if it was long-distance and didn’t formally meet and, you know, misleading
in a minor because you were a minor so you don’t have that privilege of
knowing much better, you know? So I definitely think that they took advantage of that power imbalance, especially having that sort of e-fame. What I’m getting from you is that you sort of felt
a bit disposed of, like they just threw you away once you were no longer, you know,
convenient for them. -Yes, that’s– but that’s what Kai did to
all of his friends that he got bored of, eventually. -And basically what got you to speak up is
because the way that you’ve seen Sarah be treated online and also
what happened overall, yeah? -Yeah, I mean, I just… Sarah has been so
loyal to me and so kind to me miles more than Kai’s ever been and I– the least I owe Sarah
is standing up for her. -Yeah, because you’ve actually met Sarah and you’ve been friends with her for years as well, yeah? -Oh, yeah. We’ve met multiple many times. -I’ve gotten a lot of requests to cover this
whole Onision drama and there is already some very splendid videos covering it in its entirety because it has been ongoing for months now, you know? And, overall, there’s not been much
response from either Onision and Kai and I felt like there was a lot of– there’s a lot
of focus on Onision, and rightfully so, but I think that I wanted to amplify– but I wanted
to amplify the attention on what Kai has done because, although what Onision has been doing
is gross and disgusting, you know, I also find some of Kai’s actions to be pretty–
pretty bad. I mean, why… how can you have a relationship, or at least lead a teenager to have a relationship? Because, I mean, I’m assuming that if Kai says, “oh, no, I was
never dating Regina,” then why would you lead Regina on to think so and send these kinds
of pictures, ask for pictures, you know? This is– this is not okay. So I wanted to kind
of amplify Regina’s voice in this video. Now, Regina, do you think that Kai or Onision
would respond to any of this? Because I haven’t seen much of their response in general to, like, any other stuff that Sarah’s done, or I’ve seen some pretty weak responses but,
like, yeah, just weak stuff. Nothing to the actual things being–
that they’re accused of, you know? -Uhm, I don’t think so. I don’t think you’re gonna get a serious response out of Onision, if anything. On the other hand, with Kai,
Kai has said that he would drop off the internet if Sarah were to come out with anything and
that’s rightfully what I think Kai will probably stick to. -Yeah, it seems like Kai has done just that,
actually, because they deactivated their Twitter. Well, it seems like they’re still semi-active on– actually, they haven’t posted much on Instagram but a picture from August 31st, which is after Sarah came out, still got 12 thousand likes and 187 thousand followers on Instagram so, obviously, it’s easier to
call someone out on Twitter and YouTube but, like, they’re– I consider this to be still
thriving, you know, because it’s so easy to message people privately on platforms like
Instagram, you know? They can answer to anybody and I feel like not taking accountability
for actions like the actions on to Regina is just cowardly and, I don’t know, it’s gross.
And before I formally end this, is there anything that I didn’t ask you or anything that you’d
like to add to this in little interview, you know, get anything off your chest, anything? -A message for anyone out there that’s talking to either Greg or Kai at the moment the way I was talking to Kai: get out while you can. It’s really not worth it, it’s gonna cause
more pain. Kai made me feel special and loved and happy and up until a certain point where
he got bored with me and essentially just threw me in the trash and, if you’re thinking
it’s a good idea to start talking to him like that, that’s more than likely gonna happen
to you too once he gets bored. -I want to give a big thank you to Regina
for doing this interview with me. I know it’s not easy to speak up against somebody that
you used to be friends with, especially when they have a big following like Kai or Onision,
who does a lot of the talking for Kai. Many people might just move on with their lives
and forget that ever happened but I think it is very important to put a spotlight on
these kinds of behaviors, not just for yourself to do closure and healing but also to warn
others and, beyond warning others, fairly calling out those who should be taking accountability for their own actions. Please support this video by giving it a thumbs up and be sure to check out the description down below where you’ll find a link to Chris
Hansen’s interview with Regina, as well as a link to a petition that will hopefully get YouTube and Patreon’s attention in regards to Onision and Kai. And the last reminder is that I typically livestream a day after posting a video, so be sure to subscribe with notifications – that way you won’t miss it but if you miss it, you can catch it on my Patreon, I repost them on there cause I don’t keep them on my channel, there’d be too many livestreams. But anyways, eso es todo para hoy
así que hasta luego!

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100 thoughts on “Regina Reveals Disturbing Details About Onision’s Husband “Cool Guy Kai”

  1. Last month I interviewed Regina about their experience with Kai as a friend and girlfriend – or at least that's what Regina was led to believe. Their friendship began when Kai was 18 and Regina was 15 and that is also when Kai's suggestive comments and flirting – or as Kai calls it "banter" – towards Regina began. Livestream tomorrow as usual @3pmPST/6pmEST discussing this topic. Feel free to sign the petition for patreon to stop allowing these predators a platform:
    *Correction: I made an error in the video in saying Kai and Onision married in 2011 – it was 2012.
    Thanks for your support on this topic as well as support towards Regina:
    As always, close captions are available for those who need/want 👍🏼

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  12. Edwin i luv what you do and how you get stories out that everyone should be talking about including tmz and the mainstream news media. And you never heard a word about the idiot rapppers from South Africa that were doing really all kind of horrible things that we know of "allegedly" but take a second to think about all the stuff that we will never hear or find out about!?!? Thats the scary thing. Anyways the only problem i do have is with this high school age stuff. I get the thing about the grooming and onison or whatever his or her name is. But the girl or guy Kai i dont get so much with the age part. I mean geez in highschool it was just a known thing that the seniors tried to get with the freshmen girls. So ages 14-18 i mean i dont see the big deal. Yes it can be depending on the circumstances. But geez 1-4 years isnt that crazy. Maybe 20 and 16 is a little different but if your in highschool i dont see a problem with it. It just seems to me this guy onison wants hes cake and eat it too. Hes way to old and needs dealt with. But the girl or guy Kai i dont see the problem with a few years. But I truly believe that he or she is doing it for him, till they turn 18. Which is really sick and if thats the case he needs to be dealt with by the law. Anyways im rambling lol. Great work and videos! Keep it up! God Bless and Good Luck in the Future Edwin!

  13. Wasn't your fault in any way regina. Adults are supposed to know not to cross that boundary with a minor, regardless of if the minor was into it. They are sick. Period.

  14. I understand but its literally 3 years…but the real problem is wasn't kai with husband at the time? I mean I was 18 once and my ass wasn't talking to 15 years olds but Kai seems like he has issues with boundaries though

  15. If you locked up EVERY 18 boy who slept with 15/16 year old girls then EVERY single guy we grew up with is going to prison! Guys date 2-3 years younger and girls date 2-3 years younger. Girls don’t tend to like dating anyone younger, THAT is why I think she’s purposely baiting underage girls in for onion! 🌰

  16. Are those pictures of underage girls considered child porn? So many girls in their underwear… It makes me physically ill.

  17. The dates shown here prove that Kai is no victim of Onision. Messaging a teenager just after they got married!!! Greg and Kai are both predators in their own right independent of each other!!! It’s disgusting and makes me feel sick knowing what these girls have gone through and that there are still supporters paying their bills and being manipulated willingly. It’s almost unbelievable!!! Great job as usual Edwin!

  18. I 100% believe that lainey only goes by kai now because of gurgle’s obsession (not enjoyment, obsession) with kpop. One of the groups he obsessed over is exo and everyone sexualizes the member who goes by the stage name kai (who’s real name is Kim Jongin) and I’ve definitely seen onion man talk about wanting to fuck jongin

  19. Do I get it right? A 18 year old (at that time girl) flirting with a 15 year old (at that time)? I don't see the scandal there. Nude pics etc. shared only is another thing! But with 18 you are maybe an adult under law, but you really are a teenager! Some are more grown up then others. If Kai was in his 20's I'd think flrirting itself would be a problem, too!

  20. 15 & 18???? Thats abnormal to you guys??? You guys are kind of overdoing it people. Most relationships of people I know are like that if not worse

  21. Hey Edwin! I never comment on YT ever, but I really want to express how fond I am of you as a content creator. Your videos are always interesting, respectful and informative. You’re really doing such an amazing job every time and I am happy somebody is covering these kinds of things in such a journalisticly valuable style. Keep up the good work and thank you ❤️

  22. by advertising regina and sarah had theit passwords…. they can use that as a scape goat…… very smart on their part. fucking creepy. soooooooooooooo well planned ahead….

  23. Damn… kai is such a predator….
    He was sexually abused when he was a child.. by multiple people. Then gets preyed on by abusive greggles and now turned into the predator

  24. Wow. Kai is actually more stupid than Greg. Who knew that was even possible.
    Also, Two teens are reporting to foot face there's a perv in the Kik chat and Kai's first response is to find our who she is for a hook up.

  25. I don't want to excuse Kai's disgusting and creepy behavior at all, this is just a thought, but I feel like being around the crazy hypersexual Greg 24/7, who sexualizes literally everything, contributed a lot to Kai behaving like that towards minors. He was underage when he met Greg and his personality, his messed up morals and principles rubbed off on him. To me Kai comes across as someone who is easy to manipulate and probably was easy to mold by Onision into his perfect partner. I truly feel like Kai wouldn't have become a predator had he not met Greg. Nevertheless they both need to get deplatformed from YT and should face legal repercussions. This behavior is scary, vile and wildly inappropriate but to them it's probably normal. I'm worried for their children…

  26. apparently (cis) people need a reminder: disrespecting his pronounces means disrespecting the whole trans community. i get why trans people maybe question if he experiences gender dysphoria, but misgendering him without for sure knowing is just dumb and makes people feel like it’s okay to misgender trans people.

  27. It's kind of sad bc I personally think that Kai was once a victim of Onision but now he's become just as predatory as him. I don't really believe he's trans but I'll respect his pronouns still. I hope that one day he'll make a video about everything and face the consequences of what him and Onision did.

  28. I knew it! Regina is a fellow libra haha they seems like such a level headed, mature, intellect old soul. Im so impressed with them, their momma did a damn good job lol also, yalls hair is matchy matchy and me likey haha

    Edit: damnit, sry, didnt see the they/them pronoun until after i made my comment.

  29. this whole he, she, them..,. male user names, female user names etc is so confusing for an old lady like me 🤣😭🙈

  30. so in the US you gotta be how old to share nudes etc with someone? 18? Or what is this all about? Kai being 18 and Regina being 15?

  31. This is all so sick but honestly 15 yr old girls sending nudes to 18 yr old guys isn't uncommon. It's illegal to have sex but as long as there's the internet people will do dangerous/stupid stuff.

  32. I was a sophomore in high school 15, and my boyfriend was a senior 18. I agree that there is inappropriate behavior, in this whole scenario, especially knowing that Kai's husband is 25 years old. But it's not strange for people that are theoretically still in school together to speak one another. I don't think that is a valid part of predatory behavior in this story. Were Kai 21 and talking to a 15 year old, for sure weird. But a normal 18 year old would be graduating hight school and would still see a 15 year old as a peer, especially when they are in a relationship with a much older, powerful man. It must be so isolating.

  33. Edwin I’m so glad I found your channel. When there were floods of onision response videos coming out all basically copying the same format and same content, here you come with a FRESH take. Both your onision vids have been so much more contextual than the other channels

  34. Been waiting for this. That message from Regina to Kai. So powerful. Great job with this interview Regina. Edwin you're killing it

  35. It makes me so sad to hear about all the underage girls considering their internet acquaintance Kai their "best friend", an older person who is flirting with them and being sexually inappropriate with them. Your best friend shouldn't be some gross person online, it should be someone in your life like someone in school or someone in your family, etc. It makes it so obvious that they have been preying on kids who feel they don't have people in their life to turn to.

  36. I definitely had some misconceptions of Kai that this video changed my mind on. One of my theories was that Greg manipulates Kai into having these connections and relationships with young teenagers. Also that Greg further encourages the sexual relationship between Kai and these minors. This is making me feel that it's actually Kai's own sick desires..ugh. disgusting.

  37. This isn't a defense of Kai at all, but attempt at explaining their behaviour. Kai has always seemed very immature for their age…even when going after Onision they acted like an 11 year old fangirl (the fact that Onision pursued them being not only a minor but a very mentally immature one is fucking gross). Their need to constantly seek out validation and sexual attention from minors, and how easily manipulated they're by Onision makes me think something traumatic (possibly sexual abuse) happened to them which made them both mentally and emotionally delayed. I genuinely think Kai feels like the victim because they aren't mentally capable of understanding what they have done wrong. They fell into the hands of a predator (Onision) and became not only a tool for Onision's predatory behaviour , but a predator themself. Onision needs to be fist f*cked by the full force of the law. In Kai's situation I think a sentence that involves court ordered measures like removing their access to the internet, being placed on the SO register and some intense therapy would be more appropriate and beneficial, not only for Kai but the greater population.

  38. I do not understand this generation who says best friends are frigging ppl they NEVER MET IN PERSON….. fyi that is NOT A BEST FRIEND ,IDIOTS

  39. I was 15/16ish with a 20ish bf… don't see what's wrong with that but dunno what the laws are. I think this is a good conversation to have because I think a lot of people don't see what's wrong with this and it's certainly made me question things.

  40. The thing that truly sucks is Kai became like this because of the manipulation and influence of Greg. I don’t think he was always at the level of gross he was (although, hey man, don’t fuck around with minors) but idk if he would’ve gone to the extent he did to groom Sarah if it wasn’t for Greg’s emotional abuse and him grooming Kai in the beginning.

    It’s tough to see the abuse victim become an abuser

  41. There is one thing I can't get in all of this. All of drama channels (including you) discuss how it is disgusting that na adult wants to date a minor… But reality is that it is normal nowadays to date older people. Of course 15 and 25 is a stretch, but there are situations like 17 and 18 y.o. dating. I understand the situation and grooming and other problems in this situation are undeniably warisome, but the outrage of two people dating (and sometimes I guess often having sex) is kinda hypocritic. I wonder how old were you in your first relationship, because I know I was underage for sure. And if I remember correctly I was 15 and my boyfirend was 18 at the beggining. Does it make him a pred*tor? I don't write it to defend anybody, because this situation is sick. I am only getting angry at adults attacking the idea of two people dating when one of them is a minor.

  42. I can't with this 'they' shit. It makes it IMPOSSIBLE to follow a f*cking stream of conversation. I keep wondering who the f*ck the other person is. I don't give a shit what you idiot millennials try to change 'they' will ALWAYS mean for multiples and unless you are talking to gd voices in your head (which I would not be surprised) then you are HE or SHE. period. that's it

  43. An extract of Urban Dictionary: Cool Guy Kai
    "Cool Guy Kai" or "CoolGuyKai" is a term coined by the LGBTQ+ community that refers to a specific dynamic in polyamorous relationships used to identify any adult straight person that pretends to be bisexual so they can lure teenagers in a relationship with them with the goal said teenagers also have sexual intercourse with their adult partner, who is an ephebophile.

    …. Are you kidding me? Is that a coincidence?

  44. When I was 21 I slept with a 16 year old. He was much too young, hindsight I took advantage of him & it was so wrong; he was obviously too young to properly consent. I’m 30 now, & sober, & I feel terrible about having done that. Cool guy & Onion haven’t been actively using heroin so I wonder why they can’t reflect on their behavior & realize they were ‘responsible’ adults & have been in the wrong. They have to know they’re in the wrong they have to know

  45. So I was never into Onision but I followed several people who’s been the most… at odds with him? So I learned most of this drama from there, so I always assumed that Kai was just being manipulated by onion boy like the rest but well, things like this show that he’s, even if not as bad, still pretty bad :/

  46. Are you always on the clout chaser side or does it just look that way because they are the only ones that will do an interview

  47. Honestly. She doesnt look like their "type" might sound mean. But the girls they have gone after have the sameish look. She doesnt fit.

  48. Thank you for being so courageous and strong and coming forward to speak out, Regina. All the responsibility falls on Kai, who not only engaged inappropriately with you, but clearly played with your feelings, and that hurts, especially when you’re a young teen. This can’t be easy to talk about. You are supported and I think I’m speaking on behalf of everyone here when I say I wish you the very best in life. It probably doesn’t seem like it now, but someday this very public circus around a very serious situation will fade to the background and you will shine and have so many beautiful new experiences and memories that will fill your life with joy. I’m sorry for all of you, and you are so brave, you should be proud of yourselves and hold your heads up high. These assholes will be accountable, karma is a bitch, and you all are helping countless young victims out there . In fact, you’re helping kids everywhere who might find themselves in a confusing and potentially dangerous online situation that they may now have tools to avoid predators, and feel they are able to reach out and ask for help. 👍🙏

  49. Its this girl's fault
    I mean i was in odd sexual situations when i was younger, i was also 14 when i started watching onision, and ive always found him to be an interesting creature,but i saw he was weird,i had a feeling, and i didnt get involved and to this day i consider him to be an interesting one. I also had mental issues, but i have never ever sent any nudes to strangers, i wasnt that stupid, i knew no one is to be trusted, not even a close friend.Cause i watched other people, other teens, had experiances of my own. So yea. Also, i dont have a father, and my mother was never any kind of a figure, if you understand. My friend was also 14 when she was taking her clothes off on omegle and chatroulette, and i told her to stop, tried to help her, but she wouldnt listen, so its her fault. Not everyone is a victim really. I myself made many mistakes, but those are on me, im not a victim. Stop being spoiled.

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