Ready for Rains: Ep 03: Clothes to wear while hiking in Monsoons

Hi guys Manav here and I welcome you all to Creedaz This is Episode 03 of the series “Ready for Rains” and in this video we are going to talk about clothing that you should wear while hiking in the Western Ghats, especially during the monsoon season. The cotton t-shirts are best avoided as a base layer while trekking in the monsoons. These cotton t-shirts and denims, when they get wet they become excessively heavy and they do not insulate well. In contrast to the cotton clothing synthetic or the quick dry clothing drives away the sweat (perspiration) from our skin it spreads it all over the garment and increases the speed of evaporation and therefore guys, you will feel less damp throughout the trek and therefore, in my opinion a full sleeve quick dry t-shirt and trek pants are the best combination to wear as your base layer, whenever you are trekking in the monsoons. Many people prefer half-sleeve t-shirts and shorts as their attire for a monsoon trek because obviously it provides much better ventilation. However, in the longer run now I am deviating towards a full-sleeve quick dry t-shirt and a convertible quick dry trek pants. Any day, there quick dry t-shirts and trek pants will provide you better protection from insects, mosquitoes snake bites and even sunburn So guys, we also need to understand one thing that our clothing is also our first line of defense against any slips and falls. Because, if you are someone who is wearing a full-sleeve t-shirt and a trek pant and then if you fall obviously, the clothing will take some impact of the fall and it will save you. Now keeping this point in mind, whenever you are planning to buy a trek pant for yourself make sure that it is being reinforced from key areas there are some extra stitching around the knee and the glutes to provide you an extra protection during those slips and falls. Now, guys since you are trekking in the western ghats during monsoons it is definitely going to rain so therefore, after discussing the base layer Let us move on to layer number 2, which comprises of your rain gear. The choice of a raingear oscillates between an umbrella a two piece raincoat and a Poncho. An umbrella on a trek is not effective during sharp gusts of wind on the open plateaus and holding an umbrella ties up one of your hands and guys keeping your hands free is very essential on a slippery trail. So guys moving on to choice number 02 which is a two-piece rain suit, with an upper and a lower Definitely, it is a better choice over an umbrella, however, once you wear it due to your own perspiration or sweat and due to inadequate ventilation it becomes really damp inside the raincoat. and then it feels really uncomfortable and uneasy in these two piece raincoats. however, if you are someone who is buying it, make sure that the lower of your raincoat has zips at the end you open up the zippers and it gives you a big hollow space and you can wear your pant directly without opening your shoes. So guys coming on choice number 03 which is a Poncho Now, It takes not more than 10 seconds to put on or take off a poncho and it even protects your backpack. and it is a loose fit. Now this particular loose fit will not make that perspiration build up inside your body and since it has ventilation from sides you will feel less damp. However, there is also a downside to poncho. First of all, since it is always flowing apart it restricts a trekker from seeing where he/she is putting his step. and therefore, it increases the chances of slips and falls. Guys further, imagine you are on a plateau it is raining heavily and there are sharp gusts of wind, then, all these Velcros and hooks on the sides will just open up, and, your whole body will be wet from both the sides and therefore, it is those times when poncho becomes highly ineffective. So guys after doing all the comparisons I feel that we should focus more on enjoying the rain because that is what monsoon treks are meant for and we should stop focusing on cover ourselves with layers and layers of waterproof material. and I strongly believe, that a raincoat has a much higher purpose that it serves during a monsoon trek and that is, it acts as a very good wind cheater it protects you from sharp gusts of wind and it keeps your body warm while you are trekking. so guys in my personal opinion I feel that a raincoat upper is more than enough that you need when you are going for a trek in the western ghats. during monsoons. Now this particular product that I am wearing is from Kefi outdoors. I think I have used this raincoat for over a season in the monsoons, and the price with what it comes, it is really worth it, Moving ahead you should always pack a cap in your backpack because during daytime even during monsoons the sun can be harsh and a cap will definitely protect you from sunburn and it will also reduce the rate of dehydration. Moving ahead, the choice of socks, matter a lot because your feet is going to stay inside your shoe throughout the day and there will be no ventilation, therefore, you need socks made out of cotton which is going to absorb all the moisture from your feet and avoid any fungal infection. So, please look on the internet for “TOWEL SOCKS” as the preferred choice Further, I also want to add one point that do not invest into thin synthetic socks because guys if those socks are very thin they are going to rub against your skin as well as the inner surface of the shoe and they will definitely give you blisters. Now, let us jump into the second section of the video where we am going to talk about clothing that you need when your body is at rest, you have reached your campsite you have pitched your tent and you are ready to camp. All this time when you were trekking your body itself was generating enough amount of heat, However, now at the campsite when your body is at rest you will start feeling cold, and now you need clothing that will preserve heat, therefore, the first base layer, that you should wear at the campsite is going to be a cotton t-shirt and you can have another layer of a pullover that have a capacity to trap heat and guys please remember campsite is not the place where you would prefer quick dry clothing. However, the very next day when you are going to finish the remaining part of the trek, next morning get into those quick dry clothing and start hiking. This is all I have for Episode 03 when it comes to clothing, that you should wear while trekking in the western ghats during monsoons in Episode 04 of “Ready for Rains” we are going to talk about How effective these rain covers are when it comes to protecting your backpack from getting wet in the monsoons. So guys if you are liking what you are watching Please give this video a thumbs up Share it with your friends and subscribe to the channel Hit that bell icon so that you get notified every single time I upload a video on Creedaz. and I promise you that I will be coming up with more such informative content on the channel in future. Till then, just stay awesome Keep hiking and I will see you in another one.

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