our disciplines have been a popular Maria versus a children everybody seemed a couple hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is Ben I beg if you haven’t subscribed to my channel please please subscribe down below and don’t forget to click that notification bell if you’re new to my channel I do everyday vlogs mostly everyday vlogs and I also do my my life in Canada B my life here in Canada you also talk about international students and I do cooking channel or cooking videos as well and makeup videos anyway so let’s get started today’s video is going to be a as some short videos or an assumption about me few days ago I posted a I posted this Paul on not Paul I posted something on my Instagram and Facebook about assumptions about me it’s pretty much like people will a some people will tell me what pretty much your first judgement about me when they first saw me or when they first talked to me and stuff like that so guys by the way I’m so sorry for my voice I’m so sick right now but I really want to film this and so let’s begin I see I am i receipt DJ Tyler and sappiness aachen I thought here’s someone I can’t get along well with McNamara passion essence in a bay and soon opinion when I was able to decode your wife is white his name the field called do next start and friendship testimonial so long as having and no not again YouTube name Cole be nice pain the feeling and I do the next our town I mean friendship is a sometimes tasty but you be mine or shielding Ellingson this is sometimes people are married I own times now first Ethan a piece about feeling nothing dick again okey and Bob Somali American Embassy Maria social Canada in Neenah Menasha Shellback Allah Allah Allah let me mean eternal friends depends they say I have enough friends now begin bad influence something mr. Jose your friend Scott is my friend we lift me up you know and then we’ll bring me positive energy and positivity in life so I think it’s okay to choose friends I’m alone between yes and can’t be below in patna her makeup off a bogey from Sofia oh my gosh guys I’m so sorry Khun major Manasa oh I see Elega I’m coming to meet Nakata wonho enemy SEC Punahou singham entire India China s e-commerce a passing sub ABC said yeah hi Sofia oh my gosh yeah no hair nor sabi nice is Sofia Matata actually also Sabine yeah and also I guess you were hard to please biscaia CC hahaha depends in emergency system on a bug a bug i yes matter a pool hall especially cool I know me I see things now in my opinion is I don’t like sometimes like that I was at SRI also yes I’m kind of serious I don’t know why sometimes you know jokes but I don’t think it played as a joke I take them as corny okey Marin scene IPCC’s you know about this yawn that you are but Lee that you are shorter in person than in your videos it loves to shops you love picking up stuff that’s on sale you like spicy food but secretly wants to live in a kendo lifestyle but the food is too bland you like fall that he wants to go back to the Philippines to visit and maybe even get married here you’re so funny Cisco say it’s like it’s like in your watch my videos that you know me but let me say I’m Bobby yes I’m very bubbly that you are shorter in person than in your videos I am only 5 I’m really short you love to shop thank you beating us yes I like some things on sale of course because I am hoodie boy in terms of shopping but if I really like something like I’m that’s something that I would definitely go for it but if I know I’m agin garbage is not shining the end and I’m not gonna go buy it or at least I should probably choose the ones on sale so that way it’s not that I’m not gonna be sorry I’m right you like spicy foods but secretly wants to live in Quito life okay I don’t like spicy food well I love spicy food but the thing is spicy food doesn’t like me I used to eat a lot of spicy food like I would eat Chili’s all the time but since I got ulcer now I can’t eat spicy food and I started doing keto early January but I kind of stopped because race is a long time let’s see if I keep the be in again you like fall I don’t know I like far but it’s not my favorite that you wants to go back to the Philippines to visit yes definitely I would love to visit the Philippines if I could if God will give me a chance if destiny will give me a chance if life give me a chance I would go there every year for sure and maybe even get married here no I don’t want to get married in the Philippines to be honest I don’t know I guess it’s too far and it’s a feeling sa kappa yatta yatta yatta nasa party not really around even if i had no right to say what would you invite people now they’re not even part of the relationship now they were in there no let’s start new relationship you are in the middle so like honest i’m going to invite people that are not part of my like relationship life sappy nice is Cristina Segura if in digital encounters Hangouts no and ECP coma Sunita Goulet Mississippi night big house of course her nods her head though it was a group that time I’m very popular and a colorful benefit in Monica house of more and how I wish son arrested a solid enough personnel that we can hang out together landowners of each and moahaha and set up a up in Miami Hadoop amo inner and if I get the chance Napa booboo ha I would love fool I will appease my not so delicious Italian cuisine chat love you girl thank you so much this Christina yes none of your hangouts nothing and this is sherry papacy seen by maybe some put that guy and you were just talking about like sinigang I remember that nothing to jump out in the gym alone and then it was really fun and like what I said I love me me me other not have something called because like what I said I don’t want negativity in my life and share like a house have people agreement out and I’m go or something in corner they are okay to talk to like I would because I know a lot of people especially on Facebook or on YouTube community never I mean I got away our and when I’ve been accessorize a shitty sad that that kind of stuff I don’t really like so those kind of stuff to mean they are garbage because we all have our own problems in life and I are not infected enjoyment for some stupid reasons so that is why sometimes Kayla Anatomy me Lena muhahaha subpoena it and yes I can make the prior delicious food and I messed up comma blue top a marathon airfryer I know like healthy food and stuff I always tell you the Baptist assist local phenomena I’m legit Italian pasta was me loves Italian food okay this one is from our cherry my yarmulke Vanessa boy bananas ha ha ha martini martini is having guys in Depot Miami definitely Santa Claus voice abilities this is my novel of the Pilipinas do not give 116 years old the whole are reversible the stolen guys could pop up in your poor one boy and goes to e-commerce cocos2d copa Mabuhay supportive in shock now everything is organic it like you know you might suffer Lincoln darkening every day or commander for your garden salad bass that’s what you’re gonna eat and that’s kind of life I would wanna live I don’t really care if I have a house or like you know like I don’t care if I have a like forward whatever but I don’t know it’s just I want to live in such a natural living now when I’m stressed you know you see guys the morn when I sometimes a movie night in Des Moines mmm I compare a Des Moines America problema somos Lucas increasing boy a lamp or para Messiah possible my math I like eco putting aside with us a partner Co now and the more whom I am inaho I would always go to the Philippines and booster home multipliers Filipinas it’s amoeba yamato comedian so you put your wish person in Banaras upon the Philippines respect in America you ferrous fumarate Pushpa okay Sabrina many means peachy I’m serious but I’m assuming Peroni be Paulo but so much samosas pero sometimes in the dependable Komatsu Kissimmee toponymy semester went out mezzanine day sobbing me Edgardo genders in her bola thank you so much of course engineers and I am humble but sometimes I tend to forget I tend to forget those things even though I tried to be humble as much as I can and I try to be generous as much as I can but sometimes in life being generous is I don’t know sometimes you can give everything away sometimes you have to keep stuff ourselves Sabine is me Jane I thought your supply ha ha Deana my main emotion Tanaka guys so pramanya in as in money Idaho marketed as a public vehicle behind eat a persimmon or heeding quarantine marina ho or single max my llama was no hace 3 italic economy I’m almost a tomboy so Mindy poco supply Tamia in Laputa Sabine even mc-millen being the mattify well I’m being a people and assessing people on earth are you the guy Dogen overseas or what the how are you limping Mimi iris Messiah and Maharaj yes guys oh my gosh Sabra Ford coupe Oh Sam muhammad baba are the 11-member kind of subpoenas in Aqaba up in Ha Maharaj Shannon laughs and I’m gonna have him in madam that hit balupu a whole new people and my own but i supply supply the high part of sweet to make my partner new I know so it’s a group nerdy but Vincente Montano paisa per card and a para mi bredda William peanut value down California Idaho Magee schemata was happy like over here : begin Messiah improving personally but I like that entomophilous pudding Vitale and they’re not about the Messiah Amy Allen Elena it’s just I don’t know it’s like even your mother got exactly where the talk to you know it’s really Mario I assume that you’re one of those show of ladies and hard to reach out loom celery I love you show off ladies let me know my show of la mouche off oh I’m person yes when I want you show off hard to reach out no I’m super easy to reach out just email me or minimun p.m. allows a messenger or Instagram I could always talk to you Sabini Georgie Tavis I thought you are merited but people as I watch your videos may love you all thank you so much Ben la vie to Alamo Georgie I really like your personality I know this is about this is your comment say something about you I think that you’re a very nice person and I really like in life son is a provincial every time I watch your videos making me feel like I wanna be there with you I wanna go there and experience what your experience experiencing in provincial life because I want that kind of life if they make it up and simple things makes me happy okay sabe mean good eres Juwanna madam miss goods ha ha but like young man a – miss – the me eliminates having the Parramatta but that is happening in new Sam baby sees her mitch is Mitch not approachable and friendly para when you get up my dear friend I think you see something ha ha it’d be good unfair in your job um to be honest maybe because the way I thought and maybe because of my eyes and sometimes nepeta Hamelin home not approachable any game alright but just talk to me you know I’m ok I don’t bite [Laughter] Sibella simply Yosh first time even if Alana Alana good New Year smart lady well thank you sis party at i/o Shannon rotten eggs have been a positive about me there are no dependencies gonna blossom smart smart of opera and not spartax a close partner espíritu I I thought your friendly and super cool oh cool it which is true so this Janina is my friend edv life saving a friendly one super colombian-american Donahoe and mockolate in your mini mania in lava hopper friend indeterminable by doing I know I’m wearing vise cosmetics inner lips but a sham liquid lipstick na magnitude – yo and then my blush is also from rice and noodles cooked or a highlighter but I just put a little bit okie sob any earthly Joanie hey hey California Indy come on move you little chutney and chef Allah salamat PO – OH – Matthew told me I know ba da da dum aloo to loot Ohio and everything yeah a seven millimeter and its high I’m assuming that you’re a very happy person thank you so much yes I am a very happy person not very good just am happy person I try to be happy at all times although behind this happiness is called sadness so just be I guess I don’t know try to be happy and everything the liquor will be okay oh my batteries ethos a penis is bunny alabanza ha ha c’est pas la ventana Lebanon at this little hat and disciplines have been a popular Maria Vasquez hmm whenever I see I see I hope are actually a photo Michael is five flat and I like to see my boy but it was like black and see I am I receive my Yamato you know I don’t even bleep ability Panama dream and likability Oh independence is a monopoly but I but let me lean upon a time oopsies meteorology chips and I’d like one time as a dollar store chimera anima mushroom those in business potaka Walmart a Marin hotel lumen happened they do not know how the budget jobs and dismiss among in the engineers and cook and digest it’s yes it’s just I thought you would be of trouble lager well I would be but I don’t travel a lot so I will definitely vlog winning travel and another one for Maria’s opening a boba only about last night man guys so uh anyway guys thanks so much for watching this video makes my camera is blinking it’s dying now and I hope you like this video [Music]

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