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Raising Canes Dipping Sauce

Hi everyone. This is Stephanie Manley with, and today we are going to show you how to make Raising Cane
Sauce. This is a fantastic sauce to dip chicken fingers in, French fries,
whatever you like to dip. It is a fantastic, easy sauce to make. It
has a few ingredients in it. We’re going to stick in one cup of mayonnaise
in the water bowl. We’re going to add to this ketchup. Now I like to
use Heinz for this. I think Heinz has the flavor that’s going to make
this just right. We’re going to add some garlic powder. We’re going to add
some salt. All right, and we’re going to add some black pepper and our
secret sauce for this is a Worcestershire sauce. You’re going to add plenty of this in. Be
sure to go to my website,, for the exact measurements. And
we’re just going to stir this together. You’re going to stick it in a nice,
air tight container and you’re going to let the flavors mingle and
get all tasty and you’re going to serve this up. And now you don’t have to
pay extra when you go to Raising Cane’s to get plenty of their sauce.
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79 thoughts on “Raising Canes Dipping Sauce

  1. I feel bad for all of the people watching that do not live close to a Cane's because it is soooo good! 🙂  I will have to try this recipe out.  I have made another version of it before and it was very close, but I didn't use Heinz.  Maybe that is the secret.  Thanks!

  2. My Dad has made this sauce for years! I live in MN and I have never heard of Raising Cane. But we LOVE this dip for everything. CHIPS are the best with it. I add a little pinch of sugar.

  3. I have heard that instead of the seasonings to use Tony cacheres(sp) Cajun seasoning and that is their exact recipe.

  4. And here I thought their sauce was a secret recipe guess not anymore everything you just added it's what I pretty much tasted in the sauce lol

  5. I think my recipe is better. Heinz Ketchup, Hellmanns mayo, Little lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and secret tony chachere's seasoning

  6. It also has onion powder! …and if for some reason anyone doesn't think it tastes the same, the chicken is marinated on MSG for up to 36 hours. The sauce mix has MSG. The flour mix has MSG… I personally think it is disappointing. Any "secret" recipe will taste good with that stuff added to it. Manufactured for the masses.

  7. Yay I've been looking how to make this FOREVER and this finally helped! Do you know where I could buy the sauce you used. Sorry I can't spell it but it starts with a W😂❤️❤️

  8. Hi, I'm a crew member of raising canes and no this is not the Secret recipe for canes sauce. This is a 1000 island sauce. We have our own secret ingredients that is not released. This recipe taste similar but not the same, plus most canes locations gives you free sauce in dine in. Also, you can not buy canes sauce in the stores.

  9. It's a chicken finger fast food place here in Baton Rouge the sauce enhances the Chicken Fingers and The French Fries. Thanks for this I will make some soon to add a kick to this and make it spicy I added a teaspoon of Sriracha and you talk about good check it out!!!

  10. I mix a large spoonful of ketchup and mayonnaise together, and a small amount of sriracha, to make the perfect sauce. (That's only for one serving)

  11. I used to work at Cane's in college and I was told the recipe (I wasn't supposed to know) and I am pretty sure this is it, except I want to say they used garlic salt instead of the combo but don't quote me. I remember there were only 5 or 6 ingredients and pepper and worcheshire were the tangy and spicy they're speaking of, they were considering adding Tonys when I left in 05. Also, I don't know why it's such a secret because I am pretty sure the owner stole it from Zaxby's, look up their secret sauce recipe. And btw their marinated tenders, aren't really marinated, it's just MSG, what kind of flavor is that?!?

  12. If u want hot wings there heres a lil recipe i made since ive worked there for 3 years now.
    1. Naked bird – no breading
    2 hot sauce
    3 ketchup
    4 pepper
    5 limon juic
    Add more lemon if u want a sweet spice at more. Hot sauce if u want more spice

  13. Thx just did it yesterday and got these oven heated chicken fingers u made my lunch for the rest of the summer

  14. Ingredients:
    1 cup mayonnaise
    1/2 cup Heinz ketchup
    1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
    1 teaspoon garlic powder
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    1 teaspoon black pepper

    you're welcome haha ^^

  15. I found your channel whilst looking for an easy-to-making dipping sauce to go with deep fried mac n' cheese balls. Thank you for this. I have all the ingredients at hand, so I don't have to go to the supermarket. I hope the sauce tastes great with my balls. ;-D

  16. The sauce is mayonnaise , ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, salt, black pepper, and garlic powder. There are no "accurate" measurements because they make it by the tub full. They literally throw it all together and mix it with a huge blender. Working there you get to see what all goes in it and how its made. THERES NO MOLASSES IN IT.

  17. I love love love this! To me this is more than enough for me more than close for me! I loved and enjoyed it so much, coming from someone who is alwayssss eating canes lol!!! Thank you and great job!!!!

  18. Your getting thumbs down and no subscribers (you should be waaay up there) because you DON'T TELL THE AMOUNTS- and it pisses people off when we have to go to another sight – well just go somewhere that won't waste any more of our time!!! Believe this

  19. Put like 20% less of the Mayo recommended here, keep everything else the same, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO USE THE RECOMMENDED AMOUNT OF BLACK PEPPER, GARLIC, AND SALT, I tried going low on these (because of 1. I thought it wouldn't make a difference and 2. I was trying to conserve our ingredients cause we got small amounts currently) and it tasted so bland. The Garlic, Salt, and Pepper really finish this thing off AND THICKEN the sauce to a Cane's-like thickness.

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