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“Raise Your Standards!” – Study Motivation

we become our standards in many ways if
you are surrounded by B players or average performers the and that is your
standard then your mindset will operate at the standard that is that is offered
to you by the people around you I mean we do become our social orbit and if you
are at a standard internally I want to be a game changer in my field I want to
be BIW the best there ever was I want to be the van Gogh and the Rembrandt of
Technology or whatever field you play in then your behavior always matches your
internal identity and your inner standards so your standards are
important your standards for your friendships your standards for the
quality of the work you do the standards of your languaging the standards of the
nutrition you put into your body the standards of your love life the
standards of your mindset the standards of the way you occur in the world and so
my invitation for you regardless of what you do is that you raise your game to a
place called world class and that is all about being a game changer now I should
caution you and I don’t like that word because language is so powerful and
caution is a word that really is a little dramatic but I want to caution
you which is as you leave the herd and the crowd and perhaps the cult of
mediocrity and rise to being a game changer it’s a very disruptive act and
you actually threaten the masses of people around you and that’s why every
visionary was first ridiculed before they were revered and I’m sure you’ve
experienced it you want to set you say you know I want to take my fitness to a
whole new level of world class hour I want to take my craft to a whole new
level of world class or maybe you’re raising your game financially and then
you share it with those you love or your friend your friends and maybe your
friends are those you love and they laugh at you and how many times have we
given up on a dream because we were mocked by the people around you and all
I’m suggesting to you is when you get laughed at and ridiculed and when people
don’t understand your next level of world class that just means you’ve got a
great dream and that just means you’re on the path of growth so be
a game-changer I was working once in an ice cream
parlor when I was about 15 years old my first real job and on the second day I
was asked to scrape the gum off between the Mexican tiles on the floor and I
said to the woman who owned the storms called Magoo’s ice cream parlor you
didn’t hire me to scrape gum you hired me to scoop ice cream and this this girl
that shoe store across the way that’s looking at me I don’t want to see her
you scraping the gum and she said what you’re talking about
I own this store I’ll do anything I want with you get down on your knees and
scraped that gum when I said I’m not doing it
she said you’re fired last job I ever had I owe that woman everything I don’t
like to work for people you many of you in here I hope and inherent that there’s
nothing wrong with it if you want to control your own destiny you work for
yourself that’s how it works I’m trying to inspire those of you are on the
tipping point take the chance you’re young go for it
there’s nothing better than being able to wake up in the morning 10 years or 20
years so now and do what ever you like it’s about freedom
that’s what matters I’m not saying being employees bad but believe me being an
entrepreneur is better I’m a little bias wait go do it
act now and really accepting we need you we need you we need you you are the 1%
you’re the percent that says I’m gonna wake up you are the light workers you
are the ones that have accepted this call in this lifetime at this time you
have decided to wake up and chosen to say yes I’m here to be of greater
service than just to feed myself right I’m here to feed the world I’m here to
give love I’m here to be an expression of that truth
don’t hold that back don’t play small we can’t we need you
and so really if you are anyone in this room who has been sitting on that book
idea waiting a little bit longer before you start that teacher training or doing
ten more teacher trainings before you actually teach if that’s you guys start
and the pressure will be off I can’t begin to tell you I could cry just
saying this the mo the day I taught Eagle Eradicator I was two weeks into my
teacher training and I said f it let’s go and I just went and I felt so much
pressure off I felt so much lift because I just knew I felt this technology must
be shared I can’t hold it I can’t keep it for myself I can’t just sit in my
apartment by myself like this I gotta give this and sharing it the pressure
this just lifted it was like huh thank you thank you thank you and I wasn’t the
perfect teacher and I look back and I was teaching he go eradicate or wrong
everyone’s arms were like this everyone was breathing backwards it was a mess
but I did it and I started and in those moments when we just get to go just go
the pressure is off and then we clear the path and we are guided to the next
right action and that is the most magnificent thing we could do right now
I’ve spent a lot of my life really angry and using rage and anger a lot of it
directed at myself as a fuel for becoming a competitor because the only
well the only way that I felt validated or valuable was to win period that’s it
as an instrument for winning and competing and I only felt good in in
relationship to other people by somehow being able to tolerate more pain work
harder to be number one and it was more a relief of not feeling terrible about
myself for a fraction of a day then it was the joy of winning if that
makes sense Italians and so from my whole life I’ve been so completely
brutal to myself and I’ve realized through a number of different means you
know one of which anybody can pick up which is actually a book called radical
acceptance by Tara brach which terrible title love Tara brach but a very very
helpful introduction to thinking about the potential idea that if you want to
really help people or you want to really love people you can’t do it if you have
if you hate yourself you just cannot fully do it you cannot I
don’t think it’s possible so the last few years have been and especially the
last one or two years a process of asking different questions and one of
the questions there many different questions but one of the most important
which which is right up front in this book and the reason the book kind of
exists in a way is what what might this look like if it were easy things are
hard enough or they can be and there’s so much uncertainty in the world that
for type-a personalities or people who’ve been wounded and have become very
highly competitive as a result are highly driven I’m hardly driven yeah
right and driven we usually use as a very complimentary descriptor but you
know horse that’s being whipped to run faster until it dies on the track is
also being driven yes and that’s not always a good thing and very often a bad
thing that question what might this look like if it were easy is really
deceptively leveraged question because you start to look for elegance and E is
instead of the path of complexity that allows you to absorb and tolerate the
most pain which some people myself included for a long time viewed as an
indicator of doing the right thing or and sometimes
for me of strength yeah yeah it’s like oh yeah no I can read line for longer
than all of you yep it’s like wait a second yeah wait what do we talk and
this is good yes I go like and there don’t get me wrong there there is
strength and there are advantages to having endurance but only when you’re
enduring things that are worth enduring mm-hmm
as opposed to just making your life painful so long answer long monologue
but I do think it’s very important to talk about the darkness and the failures
and the hard times and when I interview people I always try to bring that out
because it’s so easy like you said to listen to an interview or to see someone
on the cover of a magazine and think to yourself wow I really wish I could do
something like that but I’m me and they’re them and they’ve gotta figure it
out yeah and they always wake up at 6:00 in the morning with like a mental
karate-chop to copy the day with no insecurities and that’s just oh it’s not
true and I can tell you with first-hand knowledge knowing some of the most
impressive people I’ve ever come across in the world who’d become my friends we
all have our demons so I want I make a real conscious effort to talk about
those so that people can try to create a safety net against self-destruction and
certainly at least self-flagellation and a rating

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  1. can you remember if you took down a video that starts at some school..I know its not much detail but its my favorite video …and I cant find it….love your videos you helped me a lot with my motivation…thank you :)))

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