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Quick Hack For Bigger Triceps & To Lift More Weight! | GROW YOUR ARMS!

Hey, what’s going on Nation? Today I want to share with you guys a really cool tip that’s gonna help you get more tricep Activation with the rope push down now when you perform this [exercise] now I know you guys can ask questions about hand placement And I plan on making a more in-depth video on hand placement what I mean is obviously with a rope our knuckles are facing in If I were to use a straight bar my knuckles will be facing down and it does change How you activate your triceps, but no matter what exercise you’re doing You are activating all three tricep heads whether your knuckles are facing in or down Which is that emphasis is placed a bit more on the long head which is in the back, okay? when you do the when you push down And when your knuckles are facing in and press down you get a bit more activation in that lateral head now When it comes to the rope push down the biggest mistake I see people make we do this exercise is when they start to either go too Heavy when they start the fatigue or both now how the movement is supposed to look is like this You want to be able to start the exercise with the rope high enough So that when you pull it down a little bit and get into your starting position the weight stack isn’t touching okay That’s going to keep constant tension on your triceps No matter where you are throughout the movement whether you’re at the top of the movement or at the very bottom now When performing this exercise guys it’s very important that you rotate your shoulders back and retract your scapula, okay? So what you’re doing is basically sticking your chest out what this is going to do is take any kind of pressure out of your shoulders when you do the movement, so Shoulders back retract the Scapula chest up And I’m going to go all the way down and extend my arms as hard as I can flex my triceps control on the way up and repeat four reps And you guys will notice I’m not just going like this with the exercise you actually want to stimulate the muscle fibers [in] your triceps to grow and the only way you can do that is to go to the very bottom and Flex your arms as high as you can At the hardest point of the movement [which] is when your arms are fully extended and then come to the top Now what starts to happen as people either fatigue or start lifting too Heavy is you’ll notice this it’ll it will the exercise will go really good up and down like this And then you start to notice this happened get like that hunched shoulder kind of look in order to get themselves more pressure to push the weight down and What happens is when you do this is You’re not really able to get to the bottom of the movement and get that nice extension at the bottom to get that awesome Tricep activation, it doesn’t work as well, and what you’re also doing is you’re putting a lot of pressure in your shoulders You’re forcing those shoulders to roll forward like this which is going to pinch the joint here. Which can eventually cause some shoulder impingement [but] if you like me you love doing the rope with heavy weight so we want to show you guys is a quick tip to Get more weight and to be able to do it without having to risk bad form and shoulder impingement [and] [I’ll] even boost the weight a little bit just to show you guys how [easy] this is Now when you first try [this] I recommend starting with light weight and get the movement down Because this will require a bit of coordination what we’re going to do you might you guys might see [people] stand with one foot down like this and then extend forward But you don’t have much leverage to lift a lot of weight Standing like this and leverage is everything when it [comes] to doing this movement Which is why you guys were rolling your shoulders over, so if you want maximum leverage to perform this exercise What I do is put one foot here, and I kind of jump back a bit And I pull and spin and once I pull and spin I can get my upper body Parallel to the ground and in this movement I’m able to go all the [way] back and All the way forward and I don’t get any sort of pressure in my shoulders and I’m able to do more weight with the rope and get a full extension [and] full retraction with every single repetition [and] Getting down is pretty easy as well another added benefit to this is whenever you guys do a tricep movement And you’re arm position goes from here to Here that actually does put more emphasis on the long head of your triceps So we’re already getting a bit more emphasis on the lateral head because our knuckles are facing in So if we move this movement from here to here, we’re hitting our long head even harder as well So it’s almost like a double whammy. So it’s really good so wrap this up guys when doing a tricep extension if Using the rope just focus on knuckles facing in there’s no need at the bottom of the movement [to] do this [guys] you see a lot of people in the gym. Go to the bottom and turn their hands out There’s no need to do that and usually if people are doing that it’s because the weights too heavy and they can’t get the full extension at the bottom you might have to Push the rope out to the side to get the full extension which is fine But there’s no need to do this with the tricep does is it helps extend the elbow so if You extend the elbow and then do this you’re not really activating your triceps activating the triceps is that full extension so get the full extension once it starts getting too Heavy you start rolling your [shoulders] forward put your foot up get your balance spin And then do it overhead and get more long head activation as well So just a quick tip take your tricep training to the next level Practice this stuff safely guys obviously might look a little awkward to you at first But it does work and who cares what it looks like because all that matters is those tricep gains am I right? Hope you guys enjoyed this video be sure to turn on notifications. If you haven’t already hit that like and subscribe button and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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