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Hi guys! Today we’re going to do a hike at
Valle de Cocora outside of Salento in Colombia. We’re going to see some wax palm trees
which are the tallest palm trees in the entire world. They’re also the national tree of Colombia. After about twenty minutes crammed into a Jeep
we’ve arrived at Valle de Cocora. There’s a short way and a long way. We have decided to go the long way. So we’ll see how this goes. This our first glimpse of the
magnificent wax palm trees. They’re enormously tall. We just passed this couple
coming back from this long hike and the girl just looked like she was in hell. She just could barely breathe,
like, she wanted to die. And her boyfriend or whoever was behind her like – Eating chips like. Just like a walk in the park. No big deal. And I was like, ‘That’s probably what it’s
gonna look like when we come back from this hike.’ I’m gonna be like… See these smiles?
You won’t see much more of them. So the beginning of the trail is kind of flat
through a valley and now it’s starting to go uphill. There’s a place at the top that we’re trying
to reach before we start making our way down. It’s a white horse! Make a wish! He’s licking his face. We have to cross the river
and there’s this really cool suspension bridge that looks really precarious and
I’m really excited to walk across it. Isn’t that fun? The part we’re at now is very,
very muddy and quite steep. I can’t imagine doing this in the rain. It would be quite treacherous. We just saw a girl who fell down. She’s OK but you really have to be careful here. There’s one river crossing here where you
have to cross a couple of logs that are tied together and it’s pretty tight so if you come to do this hike I would definitely wear some very sturdy shoes. That was a rush. We’ve been on this trail for around three hours now and the sun goes down in just a couple more hours. So it’s a bit of a race against the clock
to make sure that we’re not out here without any lights because that would not be good at all. So hopefully we will make it up the steepest part
here to the top where there’s a hummingbird sanctuary and hopefully there we’ll be able to sit down
and have a drink and then make our way back down while we still have some sunlight. So we’ve had a bit of a twist on the trail
and this is now the trail. Yeah. That’s the trail. Can’t go over it, can’t go under it, can’t go around it. Gonna have to go through it. It’s half a kilometre more to the top
and I’m running a little low on gas so Marc’s helping me. He’s pushing me. There’s another bridge crossing with a couple of logs and I know there are hummingbirds and water
on the other side of this so let’s go. We’ve now been on the trail about four hours. We did manage to get to the top
and saw the hummingbirds which is really, really cool. I think I even saw their cute little tongues
as they flew over to have a drink of water – it was maybe sugar water. That was really neat to see and now we are
making our way back down the trail so I think it should be a lot easier from here on out
and apparently the best is saved for last on this particular trail because all of the
wax palm trees are at the end. So I can’t wait to see that. I’m pretty out of breath now. There’s a lot of fog or mist. It almost feels like we’ve hiked so high
that we’re now up in a cloud. One thing about this trail is that
there aren’t really any route markers. When I say there aren’t really:
there are no route markers. So it’s a good idea to have a map
or some semblance of an idea of where you want to go and as someone who doesn’t hike very often
I’m definitely a beginner. I don’t really think this is a beginner trail. The trails are quite steep. There’s some really precarious river crossings and
sometimes you have to hike directly through a stream so I don’t think that’s beginner. So just be aware of that if you’re planning to come here. We’re still not all the way to the top. I thought when we passed the hummingbirds
that it was all downhill. Definitely not. We have to actually hike up to what looks like
the ridge of the mountain before we can start making our way down towards
those wax palm trees that I’m holding out to see. So I’m gonna go further now. Wax palms are the national tree of Colombia
and they were very close to extinction and they’re still really rare. This is one of the only places
that you can still see them. They were used historically for making wax candles
and every Easter for their palm fronds on Palm Sunday. But now they are being rehabilitated here. They’re absolutely beautiful, extremely tall,
and we’re about to see a whole lot more of them. We’re finally walking down the mountain. All of the uphill is done, the bugs are coming out,
the sun is almost done so we need to get going to make sure we see these palm trees. You know you’re the last ones on the trail
when they lock you in. So I’m gonna have to climb this fence. Try to climb this fence. That looked hard with a backpack. With a backpack – huge backpack. Nice work. We can see them coming around the bend! Oh my god! There are so many. Wow! Unfortunately it has started to rain. We are walking beside the wax palm trees but it’s about 6PM and the last Jeep
heads back to Salento quite shortly. So we’re trying to get there and, if not,
we’ll just have to walk. Unfortunately, the rain makes it
a little trickier to see the trees but we did see them on the way in so that was amazing. I’m so glad that we started at that time
when it was really good weather. But despite the rain and it getting darker now
it’s still incredible to see these wax palm trees. It’s like something out of a Dr. Seuss book to be honest. They just look very Other. They’re so tall. I believe they grow up to about sixty-five metres and seeing their silhouette
against the rainy sky is really beautiful. After seven hours, twenty kilometres,
two hundred and eighty-two floors, and nearly thirty thousand steps,
we have finished the hike. We are back in Salento. Unfortunately we missed the last Willy’s Jeep – the best and cheapest form
of transportation back to Salento. They leave at 6:30PM and we didn’t realize that but
we were able to get a different taxi so that worked out. The next thing we didn’t realize
that became pretty important rather quickly is that they actually lock the gate
at the bottom of the hill. You finish in this big pasture with these huge palm trees and the gate was locked at the end of the trail
with a huge padlock with barbed wire. So Marc had to go over the barbed wire fence. I ended up going through the barbed wire fence
in the rain, in the dark. It was not the ideal way to end the day
but we still had an amazing time. I am really glad that we went to Valle de Cocora. It’s beautiful. We saw so many things we have never seen before. I hope that you enjoyed the hike as well and,
if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my channel for more travel videos
and I’ll see you in my next one. And they are the cheapest form of transportation
to get back here. So we had to take a… Hello! Hello! Oh I love you. Hey bud!

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42 thoughts on “PUSHED TO THE LIMIT! (COLOMBIA HIKING VLOG) | Eileen Aldis

  1. Woooooow!!!!
    That place looks awesome!!!!
    I am happy you both are having a great time in Colombia :).
    Greetings from CDMX!

    By the way:
    Awesome video edition as always! 😀

  2. Hey guys! Do you enjoy hiking? Have you ever had to squeeze through a barbed wire fence in the middle of a thunderstorm?! 😉 Comment with a 🐶 if you saw the cute dog in the blooper at the very end!

  3. What an adventure! Bravo for pushing through to the top. Well worth it but wow what a journey. Was your back pack heavy Marc!!!!

  4. I've watched some videos from other tourists traveling to the Cocora Valley and this is by far the best one, Good show! I'm a colombian-canadian man living in Vancouver and have never been there, so now, Cocora Valley has been added to my list of places to visit when I travel to Colombia for holidays this December. Keep it up and hope your channel will grow faster as your videos are high quality

  5. Se ve muy impresionante, por un momento parecía el mundo de Avatar, felicidades por llegar hasta las palmas 🌴. Saludos desde México 🇲🇽

  6. This was absolutely breath-taking and left me almost breathless at the same time 🙂 I think calling it a hike is an understatement! Wow.
    Yet another outstanding video Eileen! And did you adopt another doggie? 🙂

  7. Hi Eileen. That place looks beautiful, beautiful country side. Hoping you guys having lots of fun..

  8. u really enjoy the whole jorney, im impressed 😀 congrats (i really cant put an emoji on my pc but off course i saw that cuttie :D).

  9. I was hoping to see more of the chuparosas sanctuary. One nested on my backyard fig tree and she had 2 tiny little eggs. when they hatched I was able to touch then. So, I can say I've touched a hummingbird. Can you say that? lol

  10. lo mismo que  trasmite esas bellas postales de Colombia ,es lo mismo que transmiten ustedes chicos ,gracias y por favor no cambien. saludos .

  11. What fun memories and I love you went through such great lengths to bring us there. Awesome!! 🐶 so friendly. 🙂 -Ash

  12. All your videos are amazing, but this is the best. Both of you, made me feel nervous, because sunset was near and you were totally alone in the middle of the wood. Thanks for sharing your experience, energy and enthusiastic. If I can ask you something else, please show us your kisses and hugs between each other. I love to see a wonderful couple like you being so charming. Saludos.

  13. You two are so wonderful! Love all the POV shots on the suspension bridge. I love hiking so much, would love to go with you some time in our travels. Also, Marc, I love your hat! Where did you get it?

  14. Close by u have Termales…I think is close by, in Santa rosa de Cabal, again, can't remember how "close", I was down there and we drove so it was close by driving standards I think….

  15. Hi Eileen! I'm the founder of and I just ran into your videos while looking for a videographer in Medellin to help us make a promo video for our upcoming startup bootcamp in September. I love your work and I'd love to chat over coffee if you're still in town! I'll send you a private message to coordinate!

  16. that hike looked like quite a challenge———you did well to complete it and i enjoyed watching. i wonder where you are going next??

  17. Tienes que ir Cartagena ya que es el lugar más turístico de Colombia y unos del Caribe y una de las ciudades más hermosas

  18. haha now I see the shirt, I wanna comeback to Alberta to show my wife the paradise it is maybe go to BC too. Im originally from the Andes so i love mountains. I stayed in calgary for a month because i loved it so much I wish i could live there lol

  19. Eileen
    Loved the wax palm hike video; you are really adding more of your stamp and personality in each video. I loved the music bed in this one, and your wonderful surprise at the puppy visitor at the end. Do take care!
    Don Blay

  20. Hi Eileen you guys rock, I imagine it must have been extra hard for your boyfriend carrying the backpack with extra batteries and supply.
    I love that place but I will never be able to do that trail (not young anymore)

  21. Like something out of a Dr. Seuss book…that's exactly right…they are beautiful!!! As always, Eileen, thanks for taking us along for the ride. 🌎

  22. Soy de Bogota DC
    Y personalmente me gustan este estilo de videos son hermosos y de eso debe tratar ser yuotuber. Ummm supongo que cualquier colombiano decente debe darle repudio y asco las

    FARC/ELN y las AUC
    Y pues es hermoso que youtubers muestren esto. Y disfruten colombia como nosotros

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