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Pulsar Trail XP50 LRF thermal riflescope : test

Hi I’m Franco P from all4shooters,
we’re here at the long-range shooting range of Rome, they have distances up to
500 yards we’re here to test the Pulsar XP50 Trail. This model the LRF it has a
laser rangefinder which is able to measure distances up to 1,000 meters and 1,000 yards of course. The XP50 is the highest performing riflescope
from Pulsar with a 640×480 microbolometer and let’s see how it’s made. And here is the Trail XP 50 LRF you see
the laser range-finding module is actually mounted on the left side of the
riflescope the riflescope itself has a capability of adjustment of about 6,8 meters on both elevation and windage, it has a Picatinny mount
integrated in the in the structure and we have mounted it on a Remington 700
Police rifle in the .308. We’re turning on the the riflescope
once we have connected once we have activated the Wi-Fi connection on the XP50 what we do is we start up the Stream Vision app then we go in the settings
tab we connect to the Trail LRF network that is listed in the Wi-Fi networks
that we see listed here and we go back to the Stream Vision app. if everything
works correctly we should be see the Trail LRF listed as the connected the
devices and to check that that is the truth we just push it on the view finder
tab now we are seeing what the device is actually seeing and basically we have
the confirmation that everything is working correctly we’re doing the
one-shot zero we’ve shot our first shot we have seen where I went on the on the
target now that we’ve zeroed the XP50 what we’re going to use is the laser
rangefinder to shoot at different distances; one of the we’ve placed a
target at 200 meters range and what we’re gonna do we’re gonna shoot the the
target and see what kind of drop we got. What we’ve seen is that our bullets
struck low about 11 centimeters so what we’re going to do now is we’re going to
use the ballistics function of the app to see and confirm the drop of the
bullet now we’re going to use the same ammunition we use for the zeroing and
we’re going to calculate now what we got here is 100 meters we can directly place
200 meters here we can also use the slider we can use the angled wind speed
and other functions but what we need to know now is exactly how much the drop it
has been calculated now we’ve got here a 1.89 minute of angle but we can use
centimeters so we have a direct of a value and that is exactly 11.01
centimeters so we’re going to divide that into the numbers of clicks that we
need to input and then we’re gonna see on the target what we have.

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