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President Clinton on American hikers detained in Iran

[MUSIC] MODERATOR: Let’s move from
Haiti, for a moment, to Iran. And one of the top voted
questions that came in had to do with the three American
hikers who have been imprisoned there for over a year. And, of course, just recently
Sarah Shourd, one of the three hikers, was released, but Josh
Fattal and Shane Bauer are still there. This question comes from
some friends of Josh. DELL RYAN: Hello,
President Clinton. My name is [? Dell ?] Ryan. RACHEL WALKER: I’m
Rachel [? Walkman. ?] ROSIE KIRINCIC: And
I’m Rosie Kirincic. This is our bike ship,
something Josh Fattal, who is one of the three hikers
unjustly detained in Iran, built and named the Center for
Appropriate Transportation. What do you think is the
appropriate course of action for freeing these three of
their inappropriate espionage charges, and
bringing them home? MODERATOR: You famously
intervened, of course, in North Korea last year
with the two journalists. What do you think about
the situation in Iran? WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON:
First of all, the young woman who was held has been released. I think that’s a good sign. The Iranians used them
for publicity value. They know that these young
people are not in any way involved in espionage. I know that this is a question
that my wife could more properly handle than me,
because Hillary worked very hard on this issue. They won’t stop working just
because she’s been released. The two– Josh and the other
young man who are there, Shane– they’re clearly
innocent of any espionage. I believe that if we just keep
working at it, and the United States continues to do
everything that was done to get the young woman released–
Sarah– I think that eventually they’ll be released. We just have to keep
working at it. Unfortunately, they’re
political footballs. There may come a time when the
Iranians– if they decide they want to talk to us about all
these other issues– will ask for some high level
representative of the government to go there
and bring them home. That’s what I did
in North Korea. It’s something that’s almost
peculiar to their culture and to my relationship
with North Korea. I would be a little surprised
if they did it that way, but I think they will be released if
we just stay on it, just be relentless. Just never talk about anything
with anybody, not only from Iran but having any
influence in Iran, without bringing this up. I think eventually
we’ll get them out. MODERATOR: With President
Ahmadinejad coming to the U.N. This week, it’ll
be interesting. This issue will be in the
headlines, I think, a lot.

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16 thoughts on “President Clinton on American hikers detained in Iran

  1. @thielenm well he was told their names in the question. What I like is how he uses "that young man", "that young woman out there" to give him a moment to remember their names… might use that one myself sometime!

  2. @jamesmcinerney100 it was? shit, i couldnt even remember that…even if i had heard it in the question i would totally forget 10 seconds later when i had to answer the question. gotta give the old man credit – his mind is still sharp.

  3. @peepnklown Maybe you should read about the story first. They were hiking and accidentally stepped into Iranian territory. How does that constitute them being imprisoned for more than a year?

  4. @BlueRainDrop Many people do. I used to live in Iran, 100km from where this incident happened, and I know of many people who come to hike there because of the beautiful landscape. They didn't fly to Baghdad. She has taken many public questions – in fact I can't go watch the news without seeing her in interviews. The story was such huge internationally, $500,000 would not be a problem.

    You're right about one thing though – it's all political games. Another one of Iran's scare tactics.

  5. Mr. President, our grandfathers did not have any insurance. The trees & animals do not have any Insurance.
    "In God We Trust"
    One of the reasons we came to this country was because of Freedom of Religion. 
    Please let us Practice our Religion Freely, and do not force it upon us.
    There are still some men of God left in this country who are following from the scriptures.
    God shutdown our government & put a glitch in that software in order to give you more respite.

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