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[Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] just saw a couple of rabbits beautifully it’s around here around here [Music] who this we’re running just a sighted train track we’re just leaving towns it’s already gorgeous and it’s [Music] lot of spiderwebs which I don’t mind at all would be bad it’s beautiful [Music] wha-hoo [Music] yep [Music] Hey hello oh that was hard steep incline who it’s good though it was nice it’s about off 7:00 in the morning you know I’m tired all right this is our first bit of paved road she’s not very nice but it’s doable [Music] they’re maniacs are the Metall and do anything wrong did I [Music] but these are all supported parking near they [Music] also at a very close encounter with the car in this road so far to be on the lookout for that because was the bus coming and of course Bob went the other Lane because a bus is a big vehicle that was crossing cross into this Lane here this is where he should walk call his home back against incoming traffic the car was coming and sir close encounter not nice okay I’ll just have a look at this beautiful gorgeous [Music] get of Road [Music] I don’t know Holmes this one lucky people lucky people they have it figured out alarm I know this private property all right take it easy on me I’m not planning to go there don’t stop following been going for at least five minutes look at them we don’t bark at me [Music] this wasn’t here last time I checked and thank you but [Music] just stop pull out of 30 [Music] [Music] thanks you ever figure out my pet like to children’s thank you follow the water so isn’t water [Music] [Music] in closer [Music] it is a [Music] Road crossing [Music] okay road crossing is not a dangerous [Music] they’re aiming for the windmills top windmills splitter whatever you want to call it with windmill right it is you [Music]

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