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Power Rangers 1/4 Scale GREEN Ranger : Dragonzord Exclusive by PCS Collectibles – Statue Unboxing

Hey everybody BAM Collectibles here back
for another statue unboxing review for you! Today will be a very special
unboxing where I showcase something very different from what I normally do on the
channel as a special guest I invited my bro…… Hey everybody BAM’s brother here to help showcase my long-awaited 1/4 scale Green Ranger statue by PCS Collectibles. Way to make a freaking entrance brother! Always!
Throughout our life my brother and I have enjoyed many shows, games and movies,
and Power Rangers was one of those first iconic franchises, shows, and heroes that
we attach to especially the Green Power Ranger. Me not being a statue collector
and my brother being neck deep into collecting I knew this had to be my
first statue to own…..and me having this awesome platform to be able to share
statues with everybody I knew I had to showcase it on my channel. As kids Power
Rangers was so unique because it featured older kids
wielding special powers and using giant robots to save the world.
Plus she mean both know the cheesy acting was borderline hypnotic as kids.
As an adult the power of nostalgia keeps the franchise very much
alive in our hearts, that coupled with the opportunity to meet the original
Green Ranger actor Jason David Frank in person when we attended the event. It was
actually my fifth anniversary weekend and my wife was so kind enough to let us
celebrate another weekend and we attended that epic event. Meeting Jason
David Frank in person what an authentic real guy! he gave us like three to five
minutes of his time and I shared with him that IT was actually my anniversary weekend and the dude took my phone and recorded this… Yeah bro what an absolute dream
come true bucket list weekend it was! Without delay let’s jump on in and take
a look at this epic statue! Hey bro….can I do it?!? YES!! Taking a 360 look at the box we can see
a portrait of the Green Ranger on the front and on the sides is a picture of
the non-EX version. Standard thick styrofoam with some velcro straps
holding everything together. Busting open this bad boy you see two separate
styrofoam packaging the top holding all of the separate Green Ranger pieces
while the bottom holds your base and a couple of the tail parts. The base was exceptionally heavy and I
had a hard time kind of lifting it properly so I was kind of pissing my
brother off haha! JOKING! Overall packaging was very impressive everything
was very tightly wrapped no worries about anything falling apart during
transit. I’m very happy I had a second set of hands to help me showcase this
base. On the bottom you see the Power Rangers logo and the edition size
coming in at 54 of 193. PCS did a freaking awesome job at sculpting all
these realistic looking waves and the shade of the paint applied to them. The
back tail piece is SO MASSIVE you can see the cavity here and that hole in the
center with a steel rod from the next piece that gets connected will be
inserted. PCS did an amazing job of making this massive tail look like it’s
EXPLODING out of the water! Here’s a close-up look of the back two
joints at the tail. On the back of the tail you can see the steel rod that’s
used to connect to the joint on the base. The parts between the tails are painted
in a matte black while you have this very nice vibrant color of silver, gold and
green all throughout. The added shading in the panel lighting really gives these
tail joints and elements of realism. On the opposite end you will see the
joint that will connect the last piece of the tail. If you look closely you will
see an impacted large round magnet. I can’t even tell you how cool it is to
hold the back piece of the tail with it being this massive in size!! I’m amazed at
how sharp the actual point of the tail is I mean this thing looks like it could
actually rip through a building! Inside the cavity we can see the magnet that
will help it attach to the rest of the other joints other joints between the weight of the
resin and the metallic paint it deceivingly makes you think this piece
is metal. The statue comes with many different
parts that allow for different poses. We’ll take a look at each part
individually so that you can see how they’re sculpted. Just like the back tail
piece each end has magnets on it that help attach to the shoulder joint and
hands. Taking a closer look at the right arm we can spotlight the textural
differences between the glove making it feel like leather and the gauntlet
making it feel like a piece of armor. The Sword of Darkness, also known as Hellfriede in the original Japanese series. The paint application
all throughout this sword gives it such an authentic feel of an evil weapon and
it goes along perfectly with the character in the series at this point
who was influenced by evil. Though I know my brother feels differently if I had my
choice how to display him it would be with that sword. The center piece of the diamond armor was sculpted separately because there’s
actually two pieces of the rest of the armor that’s used depending upon what
pose you choose to have him in. Here’s the rest of the shield painted in a vibrant gold sculpted perfectly to fit on top of the Green Ranger. The statue comes with multiple versions
of the Dragon Dagger. Here we see the versoin that is sheathed. Unlike the other versions of the dragon dagger that we will be taking a look at the paint
application on this one is very clean. You can see the awesome leathery texture
all throughout the sheath. Here’s another version of the dragon dagger this
version is used for the configuration where he will be holding it up to his mouth as
if he’s actually playing it. A close-up look at the paint detail you see some
unfortunate sloppiness in this version. I definitely agree with you it was mildly disappointing to see all the paint bleeding throughout the dagger. I am absolutely impressed with the sculpt of the helmet! The vibrant green
and the texture of it give it such a solid almost metallic feel to it as
opposed to the other parts of the statue. If there is anywhere where they took
their time to slow down and make sure that the paint job was immaculate and
perfect it is this helmet. Every detail from the mouthpiece to the teeth the
diamond on the head to all the other different sculpt points this helmet is
absolutely perfectly done. With all the pieces assembled let’s take
a look at him standing in an attack position with a Dragon Dagger. He
connects to the base with this steel rod seen in the bottom-left. Just like the
gloves, the boots have a nice white leathery texture to them. Here we can
spotlight one of my favorite features of the actual Green Ranger piece. The fabric
texture of the body makes it almost feel like it’s actual armor instead of the
original shows spandex. Very strong! There’s a little gap between the diamond
and the shoulder piece of armor. Thankfully with the way that he’s
positioned on the Dragon Tail, that gap disappears. With all of the differences
in the texture and the features of this statue it all comes together to give you an amazing spotlight on one of the show’s strongest characters. We had mentioned before that this character does have three different poses that he
can be put in we’ll go ahead and show you each one. Configuration number one, with him
holding the Dragon Dagger out in a battle position. Configuration number two, required the alternative shield because of the pose and the way he’s holding his arms. This version is my favorite because it spotlights him using the Dragon Dagger to summon the Dragon Zord Last, and my personal favorite, is going
to be him doning the Sword of Darkness! With quarter-scale statues I’m really
thankful that some Studios give you options available to make your display
feel more unique. for scale and size reference I brought in some of my other Green Ranger collectibles to show them off. If you enjoy statue unboxings like this I would ask you to consider subscribing to the channel to
enjoy all future content. While I will be mainly focusing on my primary passions
Naruto, Pokemon, Full Metal Alchemist, and other animes I do enjoy presenting this
one-off statue as a tribute to a character and series that means so much
to me and my brother. As always everybody…do what you love and love what you do! BAM out!

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14 thoughts on “Power Rangers 1/4 Scale GREEN Ranger : Dragonzord Exclusive by PCS Collectibles – Statue Unboxing

  1. This video is very near and dear for me for what this character means to me and my brother! Though this is a one off video I hope you enjoy it and look forward to some more Naruto statues this week!

  2. I loved the video and in particular the participation of your brother. Keep up the Good work and bring an opening of the new set of Pokรฉmon TCG Sword and Shield

  3. You look like younger version of the arrow mc. But man the head, the sword, and the wave is my favorite pieces. So beautiful.

  4. Great review! I absolutely hate this statue tho. Green being my all time favorite I can spot an inferior Aniki cosplay anywhere. This is obviously based on Aniki and not the actual green ranger. That helmet sculpt is Anikis trash sculpt. Shield looks like his too, not accurate. The rest is ok… tail obviously too small but whatever

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