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Potential Predator Approaches Teen Girl | What Would You Do? | WWYD

*Birds chirping* The streets can be dangerous. *song playing* song continues And often, teenagers are targeted. Girls, as young as 12 years old, not runaways but girls from the suburbs. Especially when they’re all alone, and vulnerable. Man: Hey! You play guitar? Girl: Yeah. Man: Nice, me too. You go to college around here? Girl: No, I’m in highschool, I’m 15. Man: You’re 15? Really? You look way more mature than that. Girl: Yeah, I didn’t go to school today, my parents are going to be so mad. Man: Oh! What they don’t know right? Hey, wanna come over and jam? Girl: Er, I don’t know, I don’t really know you. Man: I know a lot of people in the music business, I could help you out. Girl: Really? You might be enjoying a cup of coffee when you overhear an off-key conversation. A 15 year old girl being lured into a suspicious and potentially dangerous situation by a much older man. Do you try to change his tune or mind your own business? What would you do? Girl: Okay! Cool! That sounds like it could be fun. Man: Awesome! My car’s right out back. Girl: Okay! Let’s go. Man: Cool. Our hidden cameras are rolling at Singer Hill Café in Oregon City, Oregon. Man: What are you doing here all by yourself? Girl: I didn’t go to school today. Man: So you’re kinda playing hooky, huh? Girl: Yeah.
*Both laugh* Our predator Tyler, Man: [You] should come over and play. Man: I [stammering] actually have a full studio at my house. Girl: That’s awesome. Becomes more and more persistent. You know my car’s out back, we can go now if you want. Oh (ah) I don’t really know you [stammering] This dad and his daughter take notice. We got alcohol and some pot, you smoke pot? [Stuttering] I’m 15, so… And when we send our predator away I’ll stop’s cool Okay He checks in You don’t know him? No. As a dad, I’d say don’t do it.
Girl: Yeah He said that he has, like, a music studio at his house. Oh, don’t. The father and daughter duo offers our team some advice and an alternative. There’s plenty of places right here in town. Down the hill there is another coffee shop. Okay, maybe I should go there. I refer to it as risk and benefit. With what you’re risking? To what benefit? And when our predator returns, they’re willing to take a risk to save a stranger. You, uh, ready to go? (Girl: Umm…) Hey, she has a map she was going to show you. (Girl: Thank you.) That coffee shop down below, we’re going down there right now. I know where we’re going; we’re just going down the street. Do you know each other? No we – well, we just met but, she’s gonna – she’s gonna play with us and we’re gonna jam. You’re welcome to join us. Come on. But watch what happens when Tyler grabs [Megs] guitar case. Is that your guitar? Yeah. You should put it down. (Tyler: No she wants – ) Very seriously. Put her guitar down. We were – We’re gonna jam; I’m gonna help her with some of her music. She’s coming with us. You’re missing out on a good opportunity. There’s lots of opportunities in music in this town of Portland. That’s what it’s known for. Do you know his name? No, I don’t. Seriously. Gentleman do not go about it that way. Now it’s time to make our way to meet this gentleman. Hi. This is “What Would You Do?”, the TV show. *Girl begins laughing* How are you? Are you okay? *Girl crying* What was going through your mind? That he’s gonna rape her. He’s gonna tear off [her clothes] and she’s not gonna come back and her family not gonna know where she is. So you weren’t gonna let her go away with him. No. For you it was worth the risk of getting.. involved I would feel absolutely terrible if I read that then, she went missing. I would want my daughter to be safe and I’m sure every dad wants their daughter to be safe. [We roll again] Why don’t you think about it? I’m going to head to the bathroom, but when I come back we should go. Cool? Okay. When Meg is left alone. These women take the opportunity. Don’t get in his car Girl: Yeah
Grandma: You’re very pretty Thank you And you could be overtaken very easily Yeah, he just seems like… very nice. Girl: Alright
Grandma: Do not get in the car with him And when Tyler returns So, ready to go? Car’s right out back. Um, no, I… I don’t know. Our teen is no longer alone. C’mon, let’s go No If you need a ride to the school, I will give you a ride to the school, okay? Okay. This is not a good idea. Okay You’re way too young. Guy: You know, why don’t you mind your own business, this is, this is music business, y’know?
Grandma: I am Grandma: I am
Guy: C’mon, let’s go to my place. My car’s right here Okay…
[Clutter noises] Meg pretends she’s still unsure. Tyler: Let’s grab your stuff.
-But this woman won’t give up on our undecided teen,- You know it’s not okay, your gut is telling you that. Listen to your gut. Y-you’re interfering with her career. Yes I am Have him uh, have him get angry and leave. Alright… You have a nice day sir. Come over here and talk to us. Thank you. Time to find out why these women came to Meg’s rescue. Oh my god…
Man: This young lady’s an actress. She’s okay. And so is he. Well, let me tell you, he was not going to be okay in a minute. We know about the sex trafficking in Portland and how.. how.. how serious that is. How gullible are girls like her? Oh, very gullible. They want the stars, and he was promising it. He picked the wrong couple (Yeah).. You gotta admit. *laughing* You did it, you did. He didn’t have a chance. Throughout the day, lots of people warned Meg not to go with him. I don’t think you should do that. What’s the holdup? Would you- are you leaving with him? Um… I… I dunno. Let’s go. But when words failed to stop her, I think she should let her parents know what she’s doing. Why don’t you just connect with her later? Do you really wanna? You gotta, you gotta take your chance. Okay… Half of the bystanders watch as Meg leaves with our predator Saying, they were unsure of what else they could have done. Do you wish you would have done more, you said. I, but I didn’t know what I could do besides hold onto her. And when she was walking out. Your heart must have been sinking. Yes. I was very upset And I was… going to find out the license plate number… And maybe call. And now we roll one last time. This is it, this is your break. And this table of college students overhears the off key conversation. I, I don’t know. I just don’t want to get in a car with you, if I don’t know you. Come over to my house. If you’re having fun, cool If not I’ll bring you back. I’ve got a hot-tub, you can relax. You live right down the block you said? When Tyler steps away… I’m gonna use the bathroom. I’ll come back and we’ll go. Okay? Jennifer Page offers quick and simple advice. Don’t do it. Do you think I should, like, trust him or no? No. And then our predator returns, Alright, you ready to go? Um… I don’t know… And Jennifer steps right into the spotlight. She doesn’t wanna go Yeah, well… You wanna go, right? She speaks for Meg, and confronts Tyler. She doesn’t want to go. She’s got the right look, look at her. You can come sit with us… It’s okay. As our predator becomes more aggressive… She doesn’t want to go with you sir. So does Jennifer. She doesn’t know you. You can put her guitar down. She does not want to go. Mind your own business okay? Here you go Thank you. Grab her hand and that’s it. C’mon… let’s go. Come on. This is your last chance, let’s go.
Girl: Stay here. Remove your hands from her. She does not want to go. Thank you. *Sighs* Alright… Your loss. What do you think, break it? Are you okay? Yeah I’m fine. Alright, let’s do it. I’m really sorry by the way. Hi
Girl: Are you okay? Yeah… I’m fine. Hi there. I’m John Quinones This is “What would you do”, the TV show. Oh my gosh… Oh my gosh You okay? You kidding me? *laughs* Why get involved? From personal experience I know you don’t just trust everyone. You were adamant. Yes, cause she didn’t know what she wanted to do And she needed someone to be her voice for her. What would your advice be for young girls? You aren’t being rude by saying “no thank you, I don’t want to come with you” Like you don’t have to be nice to everyone, especially a stranger. Thank you. Thank you *laughs* *Outro Music* *Outro Music*

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100 thoughts on “Potential Predator Approaches Teen Girl | What Would You Do? | WWYD

  1. Honestly tho who is that dumb to go to some random guys house that’s saying he know people in the music business like yes maybe if they say a lot of things but not the second someone says I work with peeps in the music business

  2. Crazy how older people wanna talk so much crap on millennials but most of the older people on there sat and watched her leave with a man where it was obvious he was gunna harm her. It was the younger people who got up and did something.. 🤷

  3. Want to come over and JaM !? The acting is horrible . I’m pretty sure lotsa people that age already know about this stranger danger thing

  4. Hey, can y’all please subscribe to me!!! I’m almost to 100 subscribers and I make awesome videos!!! Subscribe and I’ll subscribe back!!! Comment when done.

  5. That girl in Portland has bigger balls than the guy at the table typical liberal shit hole this is why it’s the anti-fa strong hold

  6. How do they not know her if that was me I would have been like omg your that famous person can I get a picture

  7. When the people know they didn’t do the right thing they say I don’t know what they could’ve done but their heart was sinking… like wtf way to save ur ass from looking bad

  8. legit every single episode people end up crying with some "sad" story to why they're crying yet they were perfectly fine the whole time. Obviously they're crying from shock to see him (a celebrity) and every time its interpreted as them genuinely crying for that situation.. Lol

  9. These shows is more like indian crime series (Savdhaan India).90% stories they will tell you and 10% story actually they act.🤷‍♂️

  10. Idk why but they always have one of the parties leave the scene.
    I wanna see bystanders interrupt the conversation, not going up to the victim when the predator is gone smh

  11. Im wayyyyy too confrontational. This would be a whole different show if I was on it. How can anybody ever just standby in a situation like this?

  12. If I was there I admittedly jump up and beat the shit out of him then get sued for assault then I sue the production company and everybody wins.

  13. Would be more interesting if it were a young black girl and a white male. Then we'll see who would actually help her

  14. If it was me I'd have probably pulled my knife and stood in front of him. TONS of human trafficking can be avoided by ONE persons actions at ONE point in their life but they never take the chance to help someone else

  15. Bin there done that lol that’s an everyday thing on public transit via bus or subway , just walk over and aggressively make the dude back off , even give him a nice smack but don’t worry those cowards don’t want any part of a physical altercation , just a bunch of weak desperate fools who can’t land themselves a girl their own age because no mature adult wants to be with a man that doesn’t have his mind rite … and if your a girl who’s having trouble with a creep following you then ask another man around for help , people fail to realize how many good samaritans there are out there , people like me would get in a mother fuckers face and call him out for fun let alone to help another person lol , real shit 🥋

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