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Popoia Island — Hawaii VLOG #11 [4K]

what is this what is this what is this [Music] sir last day we have tomorrow morning what this last day to go and do something now we decided to go crack even though I personally made a deal with Hawaii two episodes ago we shook hands we said ten miles wind and that’s all but apparently how I couldn’t hold her tears back I started crying because we’re leaving yeah Hawaii is really sad relieving but don’t cry Hawaii don’t cry for me Hawaii will be back losing we’re not coming back they think we’re dumb I haven’t flown over the whales it I haven’t swam with the dolphins it there’s so many things that we didn’t do so stop crying let us kayak but I mean it’s just wetter and people go out as long as the water is like fine but we may go in and they might say actually you know what it’s so shitty today yeah wouldn’t that be nice if they said we’re not gonna charge you guys so shitty right now or they’ll say don’t even worry about it just go out there just us well the water is wet then I know the brain is wet the rain is falling on the water maybe the weight will neutralize and then we’ll be dry I like that reason it’s a simple science here everybody let’s go and get our kayaks thank you now it’s time to kind molten paddle with your hands on it she asked about shoulder-width apart centered between the plates the curb glazes the Padua offset with different angles to the one mother proof case next about to this so it doesn’t sink in I think we’re ready this is dry kayaking it’s the new hip sport not many people know this place a lot of us very good for your hand it’s very good for your knuckles while you’re trying to stop the kayak because it just wants to go time to get underwater ready and we’re going to that I love all right [Music] [Music] [Music] now I see a survivor excuse me ma’am are you a survivor on this island what’s the three things you took with you before you got stranded on this island a guitar with everlasting strings because they obviously spoke to a genie about this before I got here so it was a guitar with an interesting and all the food and water I need is already on this island so I didn’t bring any food or water I just brought the guitar Mike what just happened I product this channel to the world sir it’s hard everlasting let me introduce you to this island this this is the island we bought recently so that’s it is a big this is the this is the iPhone the beach and we have the onion a beach right there I like this beach because it’s terrible hi we of course having some guests this I call this the Batman ledge you come here and look at the crime happening in the ocean and then now we’re coming close to the onion a beach this is the onion a beach welcome to the line in a beach very neat and tidy as you can see this is the way that water came from beach very nice we like the speech a lot but we don’t come here often it’s a little far away for us and usually there’s a lot of traffic crap traffic it’s very beautiful look at this I call this the Blue Lagoon this is where they raise people like Brooke Shields and Mila which and the nature works in really interesting ways I mean look at this perfect circle it’s amazing what nature can do I came across a crime someone murdered this crab and we are only six people on this island it’s gonna be a short trial I just saw a bird and that’s my I think the serial killer who killed all the crabs on my island is a bird ha you can’t escape I am the judge of this iLab and this is my favorite part where the waves kiss each other [Music] [Music] come to Hawaii let’s see the comments from the illegal hike video I have nice balance it says right here not that there’s any shame in this but I’m not talking about that comment that comments I’m completely blocking that crap from my channel well I have to read it again what he’s saying is I’ll read it to you you don’t need to not that there’s any shame to this but iphonedo totally owned oniony going up the rails ok I’m back from the kitchen watching you go up that steep hill made me thirsty what did I miss so he’s completely on my side time for some coffee [Music] hi welcome to comment section pillow this is our last night in Hawaii and we are not ready to go back but we’ll be back and we will explore more tomorrow is gonna be the last vlog we’re gonna shoot the last vlog that’s gonna be our journey way back home this vacation has been fantastic for us we’ll talk more about that tomorrow today let’s concentrate on another comment from Nicholas broiler he says just wondering why he didn’t fly the Batman when you were on top of that summit you could have flown to the ocean and back awesome job anyway the V was truly priceless thank you very much I’m always that better cut out there so quickly rehydrate we have it I completely agree agree about rehydrating yes actually the summit was a little higher than Merrick was supposed to go when we were on the top it started raining bringing drawn out was out of question also that side of the mountain was extremely windy it wasn’t really windy up there that side that was yeah it was like the side we were almost really calm and same mountain the other side was just a whole other story it was really windy well thank you very much for watching this vlog and I hope you enjoyed it please hit that subscribe button I must have a subscribe button somewhere here on the screen hit that subscribe hit that subscribe button and join the world until we see the next time which is probably tomorrow take really good care of yourselves and host check hello I’ve got challenged packing it’s what I am [Music]

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30 thoughts on “Popoia Island — Hawaii VLOG #11 [4K]

  1. I know the feeling of melancholy after vacations or trips… at least the recent years we can keep our memories in digital format and save them "forever".
    Back in the old days we needed VHS tapes that on high temps was ruined and with nothing to remember.

    Take care and I hope someday to meet you both here in Crete, Greece.
    We have more spots to see and taste than Hawaii 🙂

    PS: It's closer to Turkey if you come back to your country for summer.

  2. @iphonedo – thoroughly enjoyed all your Hawaii VLOG's! Thank you for entertaining and taking me on your vacation. I have a question, well maybe a two part question; How many hours of video do you shoot to get your estimated 12 minute video? About how long did it take you to edit to produce you daily VLOG's? Sorry there's a third; Were you afraid of getting the salt air getting into BatMav? I'm a proud owner of a Mavic Pro too, finally delivered about two weeks and can't wait to start building my flight time with it. Oh I named mine Marvin……………as in Marvin the Martian. Look forward to future videos!!!! AWESOME JOB

  3. I've enjoyed your vlog so much that when you release the final video, I'm going to re watch all of them plus anyes (think I spelt name correctly). Really looking forward to it. Great vlog. You must carry on or at least do another one the next time you go on holiday. Drone footage is great. Good job guys.

  4. I've enjoyed your vlogs. Thanks! Normally we just see you as an amateur tech review guy giving opinions on products, but here we get to see you using and enjoying your devices on vacation. Purely for fun! (notably the Mavic.) And let's face it, a daily vlog is the only way one can consume hours of drone footage!! 😀

  5. Do you ever worry about annoying people with the drone? I got a Mavic and I feel a little worried about flying it around popular hiking spots because of the noise…

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