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Pine Mountain Trail at FDR State Park 2019

here we are fox den cove we’re gonna be
on gonna be on the trail for two days this is Thanksgiving weekend
and only a few times a year we get to stay out more than one day so we’re
gonna start I think we’re doing what 11 miles mate we’re going to do three
tonight seven tomorrow and three the last yes Kevin Atypical hiker Dowdell’s
knob I’ve had to FDR State Park sitting by my old friend there
FDR you can put your arm around him he won’t mind if it ain’t too hot no that’s
a 3/4 that’s a threequarter yeah it is go ahead then I’ll look like yeah it’s just
if you follow this on up that’s exactly right see the plaque so much glare I hope this
is sent over glarry I hope it’s even working what do you think okay so we’re
gonna hike on this side of the ridge we cross the way down okay are you moving
out nothing around these boulders you don’t want to slip off these rocks with
these leaves good goodness okay blue blaze then we at Rocky Point
Kevin wore us out getting up this hill got us working up panting and working up a sweat Mike Mike had to take his rain had to
take the jacket off worked up a sweat we call this Rocky Point I don’t it’s
not on the map but just a place where we usually take a break look what happened there’s a switchback Mike said nothing
but rocks suddenly more rocks all right let me put this camera up yeah let me put this
camera up yeah that’s a kardashian tree that fell over Icebear fell
over okay Icebear will get a kick out of that beech bottom we at Beech bottom campsite Kevin’s got his
new lanshan 2 winter winter tent red and black this is actually his
first set up at a campsite he set it up at home we’re gonna see how he does here
yeah that’s right yeah go ahead and you don’t have to worry about slack
the other end and when you do other end make sure you leave slack

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21 thoughts on “Pine Mountain Trail at FDR State Park 2019

  1. I was humming to the tune without realizing what that song is. The most famous song of Korean folk music : A.ri.rang as bgm on Senior Hiker 77.😎 Happy trails!

  2. I'm ready to go again. Yes I untied the don't untie knot because it didn't seem to be in the right place but it all has to do with how high your trekking poles are set. I liked the addition of the piano music.

  3. Great video. That looks like an awesome place to hike. I have got to try hiking there. What city is this close to?

  4. Pretty good scramble for sure on day one.. I guess you could call that tree a big a** tree.. Look forward to part two!!

  5. What a great video! 😁 That poor Kardashian tree fell down! I almost died laughing though 😆🤣. I made a video for people who untied their Lanshan knots too, Mr. Atypical. I'm gonna have to find all of my Lanshan videos. Lol. Man, this video pulled my heartstrings. I miss the PMT and my tramily. Great music too. Thanks, Senior! 😀👍

  6. Good evening from the UK. A wonderful video with your wonderful friends.❤. FDR.. we, over in europe are so greatful for what he , and you Americans did for us in fighting tyranny and freedom. Thankyou ❤️ ❤❤. Looking forward to your next video

  7. Very nice backpacking trip was great to see you with your buddies.
    Looking forward to your next installment 👏🏻👍🏻

  8. What a fun group! You guys are just so happy to be out there, it’s contagious. I could see the resemblance, for sure. Enjoyed the music, John!

  9. I tell ya – you guys are just the BEST. I look forward to your videos so much. I learned a ton from all your gear reviews and experiences. Plus you’re hilarious! A Kardashian tree? Get outta town! 😂 too funny!

  10. Nice day 1 hike fellas. Its always good when you can get a chance to take a 3 day adventure, but it is even better when take advantage of that chance and get outdoors. Thanks for taking us with ya.

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