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Philmont Shakedown Hike #2 in 4K on the Two Lakes Loop Trail 5-19

well hey everybody Andy here thanks for
joining me today and today we’re heading out on the two lakes loop trail in
southern Indiana in the Hoosier National Forest and if you’re new to the channel
this channel is all about backpacking outdoor adventures and gear most
definitely gear and also some tips and tricks along the way
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so thanks so much let’s dive right in we are hiking the two lakes loop trail here
in southern Indiana so we’re gonna do an overnight and come all the way back to
the cars tomorrow somewhere around 15 miles so it should be a lot of fun maybe
a little rain tonight so we’re here in early May and this is
our second shakedown hike for our summer Philmont trip coming up so it’s a chance
for everybody in the group to check their gear make sure everything’s
working for them think about making some adjustments I’m
trying to get their weight in line my base weight I think was right around 16
pounds just over that we did a chance a little weigh station there before we
took off so I believe Joe was the lightest he’s
in at 22 pounds loaded down with everything water and food and then I met
23 and a half with water and food and we had a bunch that were kind of in the 30
to 40 pound range so that’s that’s getting pretty heavy and
we had one that’s just top 50 pounds now we’re gonna have to go through his stuff
tonight because I think he’s got a little too much group crew here so I
know he’s carrying some of the food and pots and things like that so that’s a
little unfair we need to split that up just so his high gouts a little more
enjoyable god bless you don’t jump don’t jump don’t jump no part of the fun of
these tracks is the boys are in charge so as you can see right now there’s a
there’s a stop to look at the map and make sure we’re going the right way and
the adults we kind of hang out in the back and let them do their thing so
they’ve got to figure it out hopefully hopefully they choose wisely so we just took our first break and took
10 minutes take the packs off just relax now we’re back on trail trails in pretty
good shape even with all the rain they’ve gotten down here it’s a little
muddy but it’s not bad at all I’ve been a pretty enjoyable hike we’re
just doing a clockwise loop from the parking lot so we are making our way
around the first lake and then we’ll go across Levy and then section of trail to
the second lake and camp out behind that second lake everybody seems to be doing
all right so far I think we’re getting a little hungry it’s about one o’clock our
time and we haven’t eaten lunch yet so we’re seeing how far we can get see that at the predator came through
here I’m not sure well there’s plenty of that to go around get to the choppa this is about the perfect day for a hike
you know other than the trail being a little bit sloppy which it’s not too bad
a lot better than I thought it was gonna be the Sun is out it’s about sixty
degrees lots of bird songs in the trees and you know just the flowers are
blooming you know spring is popping here in the park here in the Hoosier National
Forest oh man just love being out here spider
web and I think they were out and I’m in the back so I got hit with the spider
web but I did looks like there’s a limbo line up ahead tenten tenten tenten
didn’t I believe you well we just stopped with the creek bed
back there to get a little bit of water and my so your squeeze was completely
plugged up so I wasn’t able to back flush it
I wasn’t able to get any water through it so I had to just fill up the cannot
bag 2 liter bag with water and drop a couple chlorine dioxide tablets into it
so and throw it on my back and let it do its thing so that was a little
disappointing but that’s what happens oh this is nice coming out a little
clearing here overlooking the southern end of the lake and they’re off looks like we are gonna have some storms
moving in so we’re in between the two lakes now and we’ve had a lead a couple
decent-sized climbs kind of a climb and then level out then another section
climb and now we’ll just walk along the top of the ridge here before we approach
the second lake and then there should be a dip down to the other side so good
little workout definitely uh definitely feeling it I think we’re about five
miles in so we’re lucky that so far the rains held off but we know it’s coming
this evening so we’re shrinking as many miles as we
can and get camp up ideally before the road comes but we want to get far enough
so that the return tomorrow isn’t too tough so that’s what that’s what we’re
looking at it’s really pretty beautiful pretty beautiful out here let’s see the rest of the gang in behind
and I know this is a may be part of the American Discovery Trail
I knew that comes through Southern Indiana but had no idea and there’s this
cool rock formation I don’t think you can see it real well oh but there’s some
good campsites up up there on that Ridge we’re continuing down hoping to find the second lake
eventually so that we can find good spot for camping weather’s still pretty good
we had a little bit of a sprinkle a little while back
let see up back up that Ridge where we just came down kind of a little back and
forth on our way down here but we’re hoping to get far enough in one of the
signs said that the central trail was closed so we were actually thinking of
maybe backtracking that way and cutting through the middle to get back to the
lock tomorrow I guess that’s one of the routes one of the one of the guys that’s
done this trail before has done previously so we will either be
backtracking completely or finishing a loop
I’m just depending on how far we get today to kind of choose the shortest
route back tomorrow since tomorrow’s Mother’s Day we all want to get home at
a at a decent time and be able to spend some time with our wives and our moms
happy Mother’s Day out there to all the moms all right we are exiting the forest and
do a little opening clearing down the muddy path to the lake like number two
so some deer track well it’s starting to rain a little bit
you just passed the second levy on the second Lake into the woods again on the
west side of the second lake so we’re back in the woods we’re getting a little
protection from the tree canopy so it’s not really reaching us but just some
sprinkles it was raining a little bit out there while we were filling up on
water it’s not too heavy yet so we can live with this that’s not too bad to be
nice to be able to get camp set up before anything really bad Oh you oh good morning we are off again it is 7
o’clock local time here we’re on Central where we’re at we got
up packed up had breakfast of pop-tarts and are all loaded up and on the trail
again our goal is huh get on the road as soon as possible so we can get home see
our wives see how Mother’s wish them a Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers again
out there we have about our guess is about five miles to get out of here so
we are now on the north side of the far lake and forgive me I I don’t even know
the two names I’ll look them up or I’ll put them put them in the on the screen
but we kind of camped on the on the north side north west side of the far
lake and I did about nine and a half miles yesterday total so we’ve got about
about five miles out is our guest it’s fairly muddy it rained most of the night
so even though most of the trail was dry except for a few spots it looks like now
the trail is gonna be muddy and slick just about everywhere so like to
everybody seem to stay dry have a good time have a nice dinner last night of
some mac and cheese and we threw some chicken in and hit the spot after a long
day hiking so I’m liking like in the new pack I’ve got the Z packs arc blast with
me today first time use an app just to see if the capacity and comfort it might
be something that I could wear out at Philmont it’s about a 55 liter pack
but with with some of the extra accessories allows me to carry things on
my hip belt or on the pockets on the side so you know my cook kit and water
are on the outs of my outside of my pack tell you what I’ll put together a little
video what I brought this time just a quick rundown on what goes in my pack so
I’ll link that up above and you guys can go take a look at that if you’re
interested so well I’m gonna hike a little bit I’ll check back again later
so it’s a neat little rock structure how’s it going my boots are clean that’s right
if your boots are muddy that’s why this is here mine aren’t but they’re not
supposed to be these you embrace the soak with these no pressure I’m not
trying to like get you on video or anything your honor your honor up one of the
climbs up to the top Jose in front of me starting to rain a little bit how to
stop him through the rain gear on he’s already got his back cover on are we
okay well the rains definitely moved in we’ve
stopped for a second to get our rain gear on if we wanted it we’ll just hike
it in the rain now we’re about about two and a half miles in we think it’s about
five so we’ve got a little ways to go it may be rainy from here on out so
looking forward to get back to the car I’ve got my change of clothes there get
out of my shoes put all my slides get everybody packed up loaded and I’m
dreaming about a cheeseburger right about now so Joe – he says so maybe
maybe a double no no need some fries I know it’s a little early but it’s always
kind of nice to come off trail have a little treat whether it’s a milkshake or
cheeseburger something not that we’re not you know eating pretty good out here
but it’s just you know we’ll treat a little a little something to look
forward to as you as you get off trail do you guys have something that you look
forward to when you get off trail so leave those in the comments down below
I’ll be curious to see what motivates you to to finish your your goal other
than obviously being able to just say that we completed the loop we did it we
checked it off the list feel pretty good about being able to do
the whole loop and get that checked off having never been here before well we made it out
we’re on our way back now I drained pretty much the entire way back we took
a little shortcut and did a little road hike the last little section of trail
but worked out pretty well I think we’re all happy to get back to the cars and
get get on the road so thanks for watching again like comment share
subscribe I appreciate it all we’ll see you next time

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3 thoughts on “Philmont Shakedown Hike #2 in 4K on the Two Lakes Loop Trail 5-19

  1. Nice shakedown hike Andy. I sure won't be close to your pack weight. I'm starting on the A.T. in February of next year, so I'll be carrying heavier clothes, more food etc. I subscribed and will be looking forward to more videos. I also will be v-logging my journey. I have about 10 hiking related videos out now. More gear videos very soon.

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