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– Finding a therapist for me was a bit of a daunting experience at first because if I already was having
a hard time reaching out to my family and friends,
I’m like what am I gonna do with this complete
stranger who I don’t know. – There was hesitation because I felt like what can they do really to help me? You know, I feel like the
general feeling out there is that just talking to
someone isn’t gonna help you but unless you do it, you
really don’t understand how much it helps you
but it’s so much deeper than just talking out what
you’ve been going through. – I actually took a few tries
of meeting with somebody, talking to them, kind of
like interviewing therapists and when I first started,
I thought that I had to just go with the first person I met. But it’s kinda the same way in dating. You have to go and if that first person you don’t really resonate with
them and you don’t feel like maybe they’re the right person for you, it’s completely okay to
say to that therapist, hey, I don’t think this is the right fit but thank you for your time. – I went to the psychiatrist
and I took the bipolar test and I was classic. It’s a relief to say okay,
there, this is what it is. And we can deal with it. And it took awhile to get
the right combination, the right cocktail of
meds so that I wasn’t like sleeping all day or, you know, I mean we finally got the
right combination of medication to deal with that so that I
wouldn’t have such low lows or high highs, so that
it’d be more even keel. – I’ll say five months into
it, I started seeing results. I start believing in myself again. I started learning that I was okay, that I wasn’t gonna die. We have to take the first step
which is crossing the door. It took me five weeks to
get my first appointment. I have a friend who just is feeling weird, I brought him personally,
I brought him to that place to get his appointment. I have a chance, I did in
my own because I always see on the internet, on social media, if you feel something, get help. Call this number. That’s what I did. – I remember telling her it
felt like I was in a lull and complaining about being in a lull and she just looked at me
and she was like, okay, so be in the lull. And I was just like ah, why? And she had a way of doing that. I think there were a lot
of breakthroughs of that, of her just being like okay so
just accept what’s happening instead of rejecting it so avidly because that just,
resistance causes it to grow. – I don’t think there is
necessarily always gonna be one treatment that is right. Maybe it is one thing for somebody, but it can kind of evolve over time. Maybe one therapist is
working for you for awhile, maybe you wanna change it up. It’s managing and treating
for a whole lifetime so there are gonna be times for me I know where I need to change my
approach of how I deal with things and maybe sometimes I need
to be talking to somebody a little bit more, maybe
there’s times where I’m okay on my own and I’m just
sufficient with seeing family and friends but I will say for me, therapy did help a lot. – I had stopped going
to therapy for awhile ’cause I felt better for a long time and then I had another
big episode, a big change in my life and it gets worse
if you leave it untreated, so it just kept getting worse and worse and then I was like I need medication. I need outside help besides just going and talking to someone so
I sought medication out. That really helped me a lot. – I’d say I still work
with anxiety and depression but I don’t see them as a thing, like emblazoned across my chest. I see them as things that
I experience and feel and get to work with and
mitigate and take care of just like I would a cold. I think that any time that
you’re going somewhere where you’re gonna have
your own story reflected back to you and be forced
into self-awareness, that’s not a bad thing. Therapy can look like different things. If therapy for you is somatic therapy or if it’s like, there’s different ways of going through therapy
but I think everyone would benefit from
examining their own story. And ideally that’s what therapy is. – Going back into your past
or where trauma happened is vital because it really explains a lot. When you get that awareness, it changes, you see more options ahead of you. Whereas before, you’re just
seeing this one option. – Go get help. We live in a country with help. And it just takes, might take a few weeks but once you’re in and
you’re patient with yourself and patient with your therapist, you’re on your way to good.

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