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PCT VLOG #5 – Grocery shopping & rattlesnakes

so I am here in Big Bear I was in a hostel the first night and I mean little lodge cold Black Forest Lodge there room for myself I’m very happy gonna be able to watch Game of Thrones tonight and just relax one guy I was hiking with mango just found out that he broke his foot and has to go off child get up trail for three weeks so that’s really that’s really rain it sucks [Music] it’s just to show you an idea of what resupply looks like for five days this may be a little bit too much but it’s basically for breakfast we have like the be discussing complete cookies I haven’t tried yet but they are not very good so I got some Velveeta this looks much better for second breakfast we have the quick bars I’ve pretty much tried them all now so he’s three different ones and my favorite I do also have also got new bars that I haven’t tried yet so we’ll see about that the lunch we have English muffins with peanut butter I got about 10 because I’m really enjoying them also got some chips to go with it I’m not a big fan of chips but it does change a bit from just peanut butter muffins um I also did get some well I wouldn’t know exactly how to describe that if your thing that I’ll say a penalty but see it makes it sound good Nikki I know it’s like kind of like applesauce but it’s not really it’s weird for dinner I have the noir stuff which are actually okay excellent building water so that I don’t have to turn the dishes this is why don’t on this place these ones are pretty good I tried them recently and they’re okay I was probably very hungry so yeah and then we have like the healthy snacks which will be gone very soon because I’m not gonna carry this for a while and then the candy because everyone here is creating candy and yeah this is maybe a bit much for five days I’m just realizing but I might eat some tonight so yeah and got some fruits for today I’m gonna eat them right now basically so yeah it’s gonna be pretty heavy all of this my mic food bag so it’s perfect where actually I did get a lot more than what I needed because it’s actually a rich section we we have like [Music] 76 76 miles to the cash hometown place down fast and that’s where there’s a McDonald’s and there’s also like a little gas station and so a lot of people are doing the McDonald’s challenge which is basically it’s just buy as much McDonald’s food as you can and resupply with McDonald’s which I don’t really feel like doing maybe for like one day but I mean Coleman Donald’s is not great so this is why I’ve bought a lot and I’m not sure what I’m gonna be able to find in the gas stations shop so but yeah so maybe all these food is not completely necessary but I’m thinking that might hold it right would which is it I don’t remember my god yeah just sorry something I don’t remember [Music] okay this is a rattlesnake it rattled at me it’s a black thing [Music] I was not expecting it all day I’ve been like I want to see one because everyone has seen one and everyone’s like did you see that rattlesnake and I just did I almost had a heart attack but I’m happy I did see one oh just so when I saw that rattlesnake I was listening to Harry Potter soundtrack and it was like a very sliver in moments so very excellent timing snake oh my god my heart is still beating you [Music] [Music] the trail is very easy right now so it’s very enjoyable so I am now forgiving it for making us go through hell in the mountains and sometimes the river crossings and I’m basically limping because my ankle hurts really much really much very much and yeah we’re playing I’m doing like 20-mile days from now on until the con pass where the McDonald’s is so we want to get there pretty quick because it’s pretty flat and easy so no time to waste basically [Music] not super excited to get here but there’s a rainbow over there [Music] [Music] whoa marker 300 [Music] [Music] yes she’s beautiful makes us more agreeable feelings with but it’s really cold so [Music] about to complete my biggest day yet 22 miles my feet are dying I’m limping and but today was kind of it was extremely windy cloudy cold and always on a ridge so not really any protection the elements so off this Ridge and I can’t hopefully feel better because they hate me right now well we made it we did 22 miles I think we arrived at camp a bit after 6:00 and everyone’s pretty exhausted it’s been windy all day and it’s still very windy so it’s gonna be a great night [Music] oh yeah McDonald’s here I come hyper heaven I’m so happy about that honestly and how long do you guys think it’ll take you to get to write with okay this is my first time in an REI and it’s so great there’s everything if you’re not from the US it’s a bit tricky to get some stuff and just everything is here so [Music] nice you so this is pretty much where we came from these mountains and here’s where we’re going I believe Mount baden-powell is the one on the right of the snowy one so we are not sure if we will do baden-powell after Sonya Center we don’t really want to say anything too soon but we’re definitely heading over this way [Music] [Music] [Music] all right so we are here out at our campsite spices I don’t know how you still able to like move your legs like this it’s huge actually so it’s it’s pretty nice there are toilets right there and trash cans right there so that is a luxury and there is a table and a fire pit so it might get a bit cold but it’s pretty good after 16 miles and how many did we get so and it set up right here it’s almost 7 o’clock no one is out of their tents yet so taking it easy this morning alright so we are about one mile away from the highway to Wrightwood and mango who got off the trail Big Bear because if he broke his butt is going to get us because up and then he rent a lodge for us all so perfect we have like our own private trail angel so yeah we are here like next to a ski station and we are having fun with it as much as you can have fun with this vengo so this is a house that is bare fiend just bears everywhere I don’t know bears more bears bears everywhere

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5 thoughts on “PCT VLOG #5 – Grocery shopping & rattlesnakes

  1. Sound wisdom would be to keep one of your ears unplugged if you're listening to music ect …
    Stay healthy & happy…alert & aware.✌ 👣
    CONGRATS 300 😎 👍

  2. Hello my hiking friend, it's good to see you once again. Looks like you're well stocked up on food. Watch out for snakes. Snakes don't have ears, so periodically tap your trekking poles. Please be safe out there. The very best of health and safety to you. Enjoy. 🤗

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