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Patagonia Women’s Happy Hike Capris

Lightweight, comfortable and stretchy, the
Patagonia Women’s Happy Hike Capris are perfect for travel, every day use, backpacking,
hiking, camping or anything you can throw at them. They are very comfortable material
here. It is a mix between polyester and spandex and you have a four way stretch. So with this
material as you are moving, it is going to stretch and move with you. And the style lines
here are really flattering and really nice. You have got two seams that come down the
leg here, so you have a lot of mobility, a lot of stretch and these seams are very durable.
So instead of having that one seam that comes down the side, you have got these two, which
make them great also for climbing. So you can move and have a lot of mobility with these
pants. The material is very lightweight. So it feels
like as I am hiking and moving they are going to be very, very breathable. If they become
wet, they are going to dry out really fast. So it makes them great for travel, because
you can wash them leave them out to dry and they will dry really, really quickly. These are capri pants, so they have an inseam
of about 22 inches and that is referenced from a size eight. So if you have a lower
size the inseam is going to be shorter or longer for bigger sizes. And I am wearing
a size six now. It is definitely a relaxed fit, so, you know, these fit me really well.
They fit as I would expect Patagonia pants to fit. They come down to a really great length
so kind of mid calf. You can even roll them up a little bit, because it is more of a relaxed
fit on the bottom. But in the warmest of temperatures these are lightweight enough that they are
not going to feel too warm, you are not going to overheat in them, because, you know, they
are a little bit longer. But they are definitely a great style, perfect for travel or every
day use. These pants are really streamlined and simple,
but they have just enough features. So starting at the top of the pants you have a really
nice wide waste band so it is very flattering. The inside of the waist band is a really nice
wicking material so that is almost like a mesh. It is also very soft. So it is not going
to chafe or anything like that. And you have a button and a zipper here on the inside of
the pant, but there is also a stretchy draw cord on the inside. So there is belt loops
with these pants, but if you are not wearing them with a belt, you can cinch down the waist
with that small draw cord. There are five pockets, two always open pockets
on the front. Those are very stretchy pockets. And on the back it is also an open pocket,
but you have a little bit of a flap over top of that pocket for … just to keep your items
inside. And then down on the leg you do have one zippered pocket. And it is big enough
for a cell phone or a granola bar. And it is nice. It has that zipper. You know that
the items you have in that pocket are going to stay secure. Overall these are a really great fitting,
light weight pant that you can take on any adventure. They are the Women’s Patagonia
Happy Hike Capris.

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