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Patagonia Men’s Hi-Loft Down Hoody

A warmer version of the classic Down Sweater,
the Patagonia Men’s Hi-Loft Down Hoody cuts those cold temperatures or those frigid nights
with its premium insulation and high quality materials. Let’s take a look at all of its
features. This jacket is constructed with a 100 percent
recycled polyester shell. It is a nice, light-weight, rip stop material that is very comfortable
and it also lays comfortably against the skin. What is offering that good insulation is very
high loft and high fill down. It is 100 percent traceable, so it is a very sustainable and
responsibly created garment and it is very warm and very comfortable. The jacket does have a few features that you
would find with most pieces. We have got a full length front zipper. It come all the
way up to a nice zipper garage, sits nicely next to skin, no abrasion or chafing on the
neck or chin area. We have got a double hand warmer pockets with zippers. So they are pretty
sizable pockets there and you have got a nice amount of down that covers the back of the
hand, so if you re not wearing gloves, your hands can still stay warm. This jacket also has one pocket on the inside.
It is a nice interior pocket. It is pretty sizable there. And a nice feature about this
pocket is you can turn the jacket inside out from this pocket and it creates a nice stuff
sack. So it will create a nice pack size, easy to travel with or you can just stow it
away when not in use. There is a nice additional feature there with the jacket. As the name suggests, this is a hooded jacket.
So we do have a nice insulated hood with the piece and you have got a single adjustment
point on the back of the hood so you can really cinch that in if you are trying to keep a
nice, snug profile, so very comfortable hood there, well insulated if you are not wearing
a hat of some sort. We do have a nice hip length here so it is
a little bit longer than some traditional jackets, it comes down a little lower. It
offers a little extra protection and insulation. We have got one hem adjustment on the bottom
of the jacket so you can really cinch that down. If you are wearing a harness or a backpack,
you can really trust that it is not going to ride up on your harness or hip belt, so
a nice additional feature to enhance the fit of the jacket there. We do have some elastic around the cuffs so
you get a nice comfortable feel at a very low profile so it doesn’t stand out. It
keeps it nice and clean. It looks very nice, very stylish and still maintains that anti
draft feel that you would expect from a elastic cuff closure, s a nice feature there. The fit is pretty standard. It is … I am
wearing a medium and it is a regular fit. I have got room for layers underneath. I could
also easily throw a weatherproof shell on top. Keep in mind that this is a traditional down
jacket, so if it does get wet it is going to lose its insulation properties, but it
does have a DWR finish so there will be a little bit of weather resistance there. But,
again, not totally waterproof, so keep that in mind. So there you have it. From those cooler nights
in December to those downright frigid temps in January, the Patagonia Means’ Hi-Loft
Down Hoody is a great option for insula-tion and comfort.

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12 thoughts on “Patagonia Men’s Hi-Loft Down Hoody

  1. Can you tell me which color you are wearing? Because it looks kinda brown in your video but on Patagonia's site they only have a fatique green that looks like it…

  2. I'm 6'2, 180lbs. Struggling with which size to go with. This review has me sold on the hi-loft over the regular down sweater hoody, but figuring out sizing is always a gamble. What are Luke's measurements?

  3. Will I survive in 10 degree F weather with this jacket? What if it were paired with an insulated torrentshell at winter's worst?

  4. just had this jacket n wore it in 25 degree tempts with a better sweater underneath n was very toasty now I had an xl which I found kinda big so sent back for a large. but this is very warm just watch ur sizing

  5. Which jacket would you prefer for 25 – 45 F combined with icy winds? The Patagonia Hi-Loft Down Hoody or the Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody? Thanks! 🙂

  6. can you wear this under a torrentshell as well as the 800 fill-power version or is it more a stand-alone jacket?

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