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Patagonia Duckbill Visor

A super light piece for trail running to offer
protection from harsh rays and glare, the Pat-agonia Duckbill Visor is a great option
to take outdoors. Let’s take a look at its features. This visor is constructed with 100 percent
Baggies nylon. That is a lightweight and breathable nylon that Patagonia uses in their Baggies
line of shorts and other garments. So it is a really nice, lightweight and abrasion resistant
material. It has also got a DWR finish to shed a little bit of moisture. We do have
100 percent polyester tri-cotton mesh in the outside, so it is a super broad tensioned
mesh, really nice, really breathable and adds a lot of comfort to the piece. On the underside we do have a cool max headband.
So throughout the entire visor there is a cool max synthetic headband. So that is a
really excellent wicking material. It is going to pull the sweat away from your forehead,
really prevent it from dripping down into your face, into your eyes or anything that
may be uncomfortable. And it is also very com-fortable. It dries quickly as well, so
really good materials in that cool max headband. We do have a nice darkened brim on the underside.
So that is really going to help to re-duce any glare that is going to come up from below
and really help to let you focus on your objective. So a nice additional bonus to that darkened
under bill. We do have a single point of adjustment on
the back of the visor. So there is just a single kind of attachment point there. It
clips in and you can tighten or loosen as needed. So it is a one size item. It fits
a variety of different head shapes. It is definitely a good feature there. The foam of the brim is super light and flexible,
so you can stow this away if you need to and it rebounds very well. So you can kind of
just fold it away, tuck it into your back-pack, into your, you know, hip belt, whatever you
may have. And it just kind of rebounds nicely so you can be at… rest assured that it is
going to rebound, give you the same per-formance day in and day out no matter what you are
doing with it. So there you have it. For trail running or
any other outdoor activity where you need pro-tection from those harsh sun rays, the
Patagonia Duckbill Visor is an excellent option.

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