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Paso de Cortes | Hiking High Altitude (Izta) Volcano | English | Subtitles | Best Hikes in Mexico

Catherine: Whoever’s like, downwind from me is gonna get like, this awful smell Josh: Well we already get a weird smell if we’re downwind from you! Hey guys, so I
just want what you know a few new ways that can you hold me outside of YouTube.
The first is through Facebook, where I update on upcoming trips. The second, is
through Instagram, and that’s where I post exclusive photos from the trip, and
the third is a way for you guys to donate to the channel if you want, and
it’s through a Patreon page. Alright guys, sorry to waste your time, hope you like the
video Hey, good morning guys, so today we are on our way to two volcanoes –
Popo / Itza, so we’re just going to stop for some breakfast. So we spent a cool night in a hotel, so if you haven’t seen any of their earlier
videos, then you wouldn’t know that despite… so Mexico’s (Mexico City) very high in altitude, so it’s warm in the day but very cold at night, so I got down below freezing last
night, so a lot of the hotel rooms actually, every hotel room so far, has not
had heat so you just use a lot of blankets, so we are… that’s why I have my
winter coat on stuff on at the moment but yeah, so anyway, we’re gonna grab some breakfast, and then we’re going to head to the volcanoes, we’re going to hike partly up one, I was gonna
say this is my first volcano but it’s actually not… Nevado de Toluca yesterday was actually a volcano and I didn’t realize it, so today I’ll be hiking up my first potentially active volcano. at least the one beside us is gonna be active, so should be fun! So I got distracted telling my story before, the whole reason I was talking about how cold it was is because the pipes froze this morning so
we couldn’t have a shower. So this morning I am trying something called Flautas, should be good Catherine had him yesterday, and she enjoyed them so, I’m
gonna try them for the first time today So, these are the flautas as you can see, they’re kind of like a roll
pastry, oh they’re really nice and warm Chris: It’s a tortilla, it’s the barbacoa meat rolled up in a tortilla and then deep fried. with cream and lettuce and cheese on top Josh: That looks delicious Catherine: Yeah, they are one of my favorite things from last time we were here Josh: Yeah? Chris: Yeah, it’s hot, which is really good with the cold we have right now. Adam: That is really good Josh: What did you say it was Chris? Chris: Consome it’s called. It’s a soup made with the fat from, from cooking
the meat Catherine: It smells sorta like beef stew or something Adam: It’s really good Josh: what’s the verdict? Catherine: It tastes a lot like beef stew Josh: So we just finished breakfast and
it was really fun they really enjoyed us actually had all the four of us take
a group picture they’re gonna put us on their Facebook page
they probably don’t get too many non Mexican tourists in this area so it was
kind of fun food was really good so… Now we’re on our way to the volcanoes! So Oxxo is our new best friend, it’s kind of like well they have 7-eleven here but
it’s yeah, it’s bigger than 7-eleven and it’s got everything that we need and, we come
here like six hundred times a day warming up sir? Adam: Ah yes! Pooch! Josh: Hi puppy! So many stray doggies walking around, but they all seem pretty, relatively healthy all their coats are always nice –
they aren’t like matted up and gross looking Catherine: I do see them eat garbage and stuff though Josh: Oh, there’s another dude over there, so much twisting and turning, I’m sorry. Imagine seeing gas prices like, five hundred and twenty eight, twenty two, but at least it’s paseos Mexican Christmas Tree Farms? Alright, so we’re about halfway up the
mountain/volcano and we decided that we were going to stop and get some
pictures of the view because we’re not sure exactly what side of the volcano
we’re gonna be at when we get to the top so in case we don’t get this view again…
here’s what we’re looking at. Alright so we made it to the top, so we’re at
paso de cortes which is the passage that is between the two volcanoes, so one is
hikable, one is not, so I’m gonna go over here I’m going to show you that they
actually have the road to the Popo blocked off because that is the active
volcano we should be able to see the smoke coming out of it and it is active,
they’re actively watching it, so that’s one reason why we’re not allowed to go on that one Okay, so we’re going to go into the visitor center here now and pay And then we are going to be hiking that volcano on that side Okay! Here we go, we made it. Second high altitude hike of my life Chris: We’re up like 5,000 kilometers … or 5000 meters! Adam: Good thing we have the gas tank! Chris: We’re going to the moon guys! Josh: Yes, so it is all ash? Yeah? Wow. My first ash walk. Unless there was ash at the other one, which I’m not sure that there was. Chris: Up on top of the rim, I think there might have been some, but it wasn’t pure ash Josh: Oh, okay So, I can already feel the results of the hike already, like I don’t know, the lack of oxygen helps….not being able to climb well It takes a lot more breath to be able to hike up a mountain side It’s a cool experience. If you’ve never done a high altitude hike, it’s really something
interesting to experience. because, I don’t know, it’s not what you expect. Like you expect to be able to
do exactly the same as what you would at sea level but, it’s not even, probably
terrible for vlogging because I’m half the time in this huffing and puffing So this is gonna be quite the steep
ascent here, let’s see how it plays on our bodies, and my feet, it’s slippery. Catherine: This side is better because there is a little bit of rock Chris: The middle there, the really smoggy part is the stop between Guanavarca and Mexico City which are both big polluters Josh: Crazy that it cuts out the view. Like you can’t Chris: Yeah. it’s like it was a cloudy day, but it’s perfectly sunny Catherine: I’m so glad it’s like crystal clear here though Josh: Yeah because it was pretty clody this morning, because we can see the
mountain there when we ate breakfast or the volcano there where we ate breakfast Chris: It’s like you don’t breathe super regularly Catherine: So suddenly you’re not getting enough oxygen and you’re like ugh!! Chris: Basically what happens is everyone has sleep apnea at altitude Josh: Oh yeah? Catherine: I remember like dead women’s pass campsite and I felt like shortness of breath Chris: I’ve never actually had that experience See anywhere that I’ve slept, I’ve been acclimatized to sufficiently other than when I climbed in Guatemala Josh: Such a beautiful trail. I’ve never experienced geography or
climate like this before. Love the way it looks. it’s just so weird being so open like even with all
the trees there’s it’s not like super thick, yeah it does seem fake like if I were to design a video game
and I didn’t want to put too much work into doing all the trees this is what I
would do. It still looks awesome, but it is a lazy day at the office Chris: What’s probably happened to a lot of this, is fire Josh: Oh yeah? Chris: All it takes is one fire to wipe out all the trees and then they don’t recover yeah so, like that’s what happened in Venezuela, even that wasn’t high altitude in Venezuela but there was a area looks quite similar to
down there, but they had, about ten years ago they had a big fire, and it was
like almost the jungle before that. and after that it looked exactly like down there. Like the odd tree right around the water. I know! Look at the front of my pants compared to the back, versus the side! Catherine: You have black in your mouth again. You’ve gotta kept your mouth shut. Adam: I’m getting a free meal – I don’t care Catherine: Eating old dust Adam: Hey! That’s my dust! Josh: Haha, yeah, leave that for him! We’re doing pretty good, shed some layers we’re all
pretty much covered in an ash, but so far so good. We figure we have to go to one
of the rocks, right up in the center Yeah you follow the path up you can see there’s a look off and we
think you’ll be able to see out that way when we get up there. Adam I’ve yet to
see you use your cutoff pants as cut-off pants. Why is that? Adam: Last time I used my cutoff pants as cutoff pants, I ripped the bottom of the cutoff pants Too strong for your
own good? Adam: Yup, blew right out of them with all the mussles. Catherine: I think I sewed them for you didn’t I? Adam: Ah not yet, you were planning on it Josh: And how long ago was that? Adam: That was a LONG time ago Catherine: That was a long time ago. I forgot all about it Adam: I think I threw them out actually Josh: Just in case we ever feel like we’re
carrying too much… all right we’re at the top you guys are gonna get the reveal as
I get the reveal Very nice! Nothing there? Catherine: Bathroom. Josh: Bathroom. For everybody or just Chris? Oh…Chris is up there, never mind Oh boy, I think this is going off for the trek
up. Yup, good luck! Your camera is going to be destroyed! Josh: So much easily walking down! Adam: Come down this way, it’s really easy Oh wow! Josh: Yeah I’m not doing that. Oh!! The smoke, that’s what everybody’s looking at. I thought it was the person
running down the mountain that everybody’s looking at. Adam: It’s a long way to go. It would be nice if we had a squirrel suit Chris: This would be a good spot for a squirrel suit except you’d like already have to be kind of experienced to launch here Catherine: I don’t think they is a good spot Chris: If you were experienced enough to launch. You could launch from that rock up there maybe Josh: I’ve been recording
for a while – didn’t even know Adam: Good thing you didn’t say anything bad about the viewers! Josh: I guess not! Don’t worry viewers, I’d never say
anything bad about you when the cameras on! Or when the cameras off! See that I’m pretty sure that’s proof
since I didn’t even know it was going wasn’t even bashing them. It’s funny, I
don’t think bashing your viewers would help increase your viewership, but you
know, some people like to be tortured like that, so if you do, you all suck! If
you don’t, you’re all wonderful! Subscribe to the channel. Adam your dust is crazy I’m going to get your dust cloud maybe. Let’s see how it goes. It’s not sand! It’s volcanic ash. Do not eat it although it does taste pretty good I can
tell. Ya that’s right, we have It kind of tastes like sand. Chris: You can see the smog. You can see the wind blowing this way has brought the smog to us which actually makes Mexico City quite happy Adam: We just had a nice discussion about a Fenis Josh: Ha! That’s right. Hey
Catherine! come back here, give us your input. Do you want one? Do you need one? Adam: How would you clean it hun? Catherine: It would just be too messy Josh: Why do you say that? Catherine: Let’s say you put your hand on the end of a tap… Haven’t you ever done that? That’s all I can envision Chris: I’m assuming their better designed than that! Catherine: But I feel as though if you positioned it wrong Josh: It’s not like it’s just a hose Adam: Why don’t we get you a Fenis… Catherine: No, that’s just disgusting. Then where do you put it? like Chirs’ funnel or something? Like you put it in a bag and just like keep it…? Hey! It would just be like one of those bags people carry on them You just strap it to your waste under under a belt Catherine: Pee soaked. Whoever’s like down wind from me is going to get this odd smell Josh: Well we already get a
weird smell if we’re down wind from you! Adam: If you’re peeing your pants regardless, you may as well use a Fenis Catherine: I don’t know.. I’m not totally sold on the idea but it does make sense Josh: Yeah it does Adam: We can get you one of those jumbo slushy straws if you want? Catherine: I will pass on that, thank you Chris: Yeah, I don’t think that’s how it works Adam: I could fashion…sorta a cup area. Josh: Well there you go, see that’s a loving husband right there he’s willing to put it work,
for you Catherine: I think for a giant straw you would need really good accuracy Adam: You’ve been doing it all these years and don’t have awesome accuracy at this point? I know of Russian women that can pee across the room into a toilet Josh: He’s seen it Catherine: Is that like a skill? Adam: Ahhh, yup! Catherine: Well, I’ve never actually tried! So I can’t say I can’t do it Chris: I feel like, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the practice area Adam: Wait a minute…how many times have you done this? Oh 30? Ok. Well someone has to take the video of it Chris: Well Josh is the videographer Josh: That’s right, I’ll take one for the team Catherine: So it’s gotta be sand Josh: It’s not sand!! There’s hardly anything in there, oh my gosh, this is a waste of video clip. Catherine: Well, last wear of these pants. Catherine: And first wear. Chris: I have a washing machine Catherine: There is ash in the actual toe print. Look! How close can you get? Josh: Ah, well, let’s see Catherine: Can you see it? Actually in the toe print. Adam: This would be the perfect time to commit a crime…with your foot. Catherine: Yeah, because it won’t match Chris: That’s weird Josh: Lots of burning here. Believe everything
that is dark is the aftermath of burning Oh! These are the roadblocks that they’re
talking about! If these are the Mexican…oh the horse! Catherine: Their having a blast in the street come on guys! Josh: Get out of the way! Oh!! Adam: Topes! Chris: This was the place that is sketchy at night Josh: Yeah, probably because of the dog gangs This guy’s not even… what’s he
doing! Hello! Jeez. So just we arrived at our next Airbnb and we’re taking off our socks
and stuff since we’re going to have showers since we’re all covered with ash and stuff and
then I discovered this when I took off my socks. So gross Hey guys, I just want to
say thank you for watching well I’m up here, with the beautiful view. If you guys
liked the video as always hit the thumbs up if you want to see more please
subscribe to the channel. It would be great to see you guys check out more of the Mexico
videos, plus all the other stuff Alright guys, until next time Here, exclusive behind-the-scenes. This is what happens 95% of the time oh I see what you mean what people are
in the cave. Chris: Yeah, I didn’t see it when Adam first mentioned it Josh: You got this? You don’t know. Chris: Everyone will think I just didn’t come…I came up just to translate the sign and then left

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