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Panda Hoes take Pinecrest!

so right now it’s this is Rob’s vlog
friend edition all right vlog one from Daniel alright
we out here Rob tell the people what we’re doing out here we’re going to get pizza
well now we are showing the fucking Lake So Denny’s after? Alright well these are the types of friends
that Rob has and this is this is a part of where we stop and you start to listen
to something so Cynthia I say hello hi who are you who are you so out there
like it hands out do your coolest hand SUP B**** Hoes do a cool ass pose go! Hella out there like hands out out pose have you be in the sun okay Rob are you going to make this into a youtube video And put like cool music in the background of it? like legs over here like say hi where
you got she’s recycling Yup, this is Lex’s type of trail -wait was that shit? SUP B**** Hoes do a cool as pose go! Hella out there hands out pose you guys have to be in the sun okay These are called Manzanitas in America water on the road again my
back my back my crack hey like who’s that guy in your snapchat?
Yeah Lex I was gonna ask you for real like who’s that somebody fuck is that
lex who the fuck are you yo check out these ants are huge they’re Christmas
ants yeah yeah they form like a ball and shit on you oh I guess call me Robert ant-alon not bitch you know I’m ballsy my left
nut can you make it dip dip dip dude dude dude no I drank the water when he
was coming down straight for the stream Oh at the deepest end I tasted it it
wasn’t that bad um I drink most of it I don’t they didn’t really want to try it
the he tried a nice shirt was redder than arrowhead of water that was really
good water taste is really good yeah period oh my god I left the tajin in the
car no tajin Caucasian tajin we’re logging off now say hello say bye
guys hey bye likes yeah

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