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PAK Book 2: Mt. Pathways Challenge “Yellow Bead Trail”

PAK Book 2: Mt. Pathways Challenge – Yellow Bead Trail Hi! My name is Joe Law. I am the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Coordinator for the Portland Area, Indian Health Service. My travel affiliations are Klamath, Siletz, and Northern Cheyenne. The activity we are going to demonstrate for you is the Physical Activity Kit, Book 2, Mt. Pathways, and we will be demonstrating the Yellow Bead Trail. The Yellow Bead Trail is laid out in a circular pattern. There will be six stations, with a placard on each cone, demonstrating the activity that we are going to do. The first activity we are going to do is Arm Circles, and we will demonstrate this right now. So arms out to the sides, and we will begin with smaller circles, gradually getting larger, until we are with large arm circles. Okay. Stop. Now we will go in the opposite direction, starting with smaller circles again and gradually getting larger. Thank you. The next station on the Yellow Bead Trail is station number 2, Jump Turns. In Jump Turns, we will be jumping in a clockwise direction first, doing quarter turns, all the way around, back to the start position, and we will do it counterclockwise, all the way back to the start positions. Then we will go in the half turns, all the way, and then half turns all the way back, then three quarter turns clockwise, then three quarter turn back, counterclockwise, and then finally a full turn all the way around and a full turn all the way back. So demonstrators, are you ready? We’ll go clockwise position, clockwise direction first, quarter turn, ready. Go! One, two, three. Now we’ll go counterclockwise. Demonstrators. Now, we will go half turns, clockwise, and counterclockwise. Now, we will do the quarter turns clockwise. Go! And three quarter turns counterclockwise. Now, our last turn will be a full turn clockwise. Go! Good! And then we will do a full turn counterclockwise. Go! Thank you demonstrators. The third station in the Yellow Bead Trail is the Ski Slalom activity. For this, our participants will begin with their feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, and what they will be doing is they will be jumping over an imaginary line, to the right side of them, and they will be jumping over each line and back with a five count. Ready? Begin. Thank you. That was a Ski Slalom. The fourth station on the Yellow Bead Trail is the Flat Tire. What the Flat Tire is, is we will have our participants get down in a modified pushup position. And when I say go, they will deflate the tire, like a flat tire, and go down, they will make sure that when they go in the down position, if we go right now, that they keep their arm at a 90 degree angle. Okay. Let’s do three. Down. Make sure we go down slowly; it’s a flat tire, and back to the upright position. Very good! Now we will go directly into the full pushup position. It will be the same thing. It will be the Flat Tire. They will let the air out of the tire, making sure we keep our arms at a 90 degree angle. Now let’s do three; one, two, and three. That’s the Flat Tire. Thank you. The fifth station for the Yellow Bead Trail is the Basketball Blast-Off Station. For this activity, our participants will begin with their feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, arms back, and they will jump up in the air and grab a rebound. So we will do this for five times. Ready? Begin. One, two, three, four. Thank you participants. That’s the Basketball Blast-Off Station. Number five. The sixth and final station for the Yellow Bead Trail is the Bean Bag Jacks. we will have our participants first demonstrate a jumping jack, then we’ll go ahead and do the activity. So we will begin with our arms to our sides, and our feet together. And we will begin with a half jumping jack, just to demonstrate, and so participants will jump out, or their legs will jump out, and their arms will come up overhead, and they will clap, and then they will jump back into a start position. Okay. Lets start a half jump jack. Ready? Begin. Okay. Back to starting position. Now our full jumping jack. Okay. Now we will put the bean bag in and with this activity they will throw the bean bag in the air, they will do a jumping jack and they will catch the bean bag. We will do it one time. Ready? Begin. That is Station number 6, the Bean Bag Jacks. Thank you. Now that we have individually instructed each of the six individual stations for the Yellow Bead Trail, we will now demonstrate the entire activity in a full complete rotation. After the rotation has finished, we will do two cool down laps around the cones and we will also move in a clockwise direction. So we will do each activity at a five count. Are we ready? Here we go. Begin. [Music] [Background talk] That’s Mt. Pathways, Book Number 2, Yellow Bead Trail. Thank you.

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