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Packing list for your mountain hike

Norway is a
fantastic country to hike in – with a great variety of trips. Before you start your adventure
in the Norwegian mountains, make sure that you can handle
the different kind of situations that might occur on a hike. My name is Johannes,
and I am a nature guide in Norway – and I would like to show you
how you can prepare for your hike. So what should you wear? First of all,
you need sturdy hiking boots. Sneakers or other daily shoes,
like crocks or flip-flops, are not sufficient
for the Norwegian mountains. Second of all, you need
wind and water proof jacket and pants. You might be used to wearing jeans, but when they get wet,
they will stay wet, and you will get cold
in the mountains. I like to use wool. Woollen base layer, woollen socks,
and a woollen sweater – because that will keep me warm
even when wet. I adjust my clothing
according to the weather, but it is very important
that you bring everything with you. In addition I have an extra set with clothes
with me in my backpack. I store this in an waterproof packing bag
so that it stays dry. Mittens, a hat and a buff
are necessary to keep the cold out. Remember to bring enough
food and drinks for your entire hike. Navigation gear:
a map and a compass – make sure that you know how to use it,
and always stay on the marked trail. Some items are very nice to have
in the top of your backpack – and easily accessible. A first aid kit. Blister bandage and sportstape –
especially nice to have when you have bought new boots. A head lamp –
in case it gets late and dark. Sunscreen and sunglasses –
to protect your eyes and skin. A fully charged mobile phone – remember that there is not always
coverage in the Norwegian mountain, and that it’s nice protect
your mobile phone against water. And a plastic bag
to take wet clothes and garbage with you. Remember to not leave any garbage
in our mountains. These are the necessary items to bring – on your summer day hike
in the Norwegian mountains. In addition it might be useful
to bring a set of poles. They are very handy to use in steep terrain,
and if you have bad knees or ankles. Have a safe hike!

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