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Pacific Crest Trail thru hike

hey guys how you doing it’s day four on
the PCT it’s so far so good it’s hot though like proper hot I had to buy myself a
long-sleeve shirt I started going crispy but it’s all
good my shoulders are killing because at the moment having to carry 8 litres a
war like that’s 8 kilos just in water to get from source to source which is
destroyed but on a massive plus check this what I’m going to be sleeping with
tonight we 10 sleeping bag yeah as you can see it’s all pretty good so far so
good how about 2% complete so hopefully we
can get all the way to Canada whoa I don’t even know what day it is today I’m
rolling out of a place called Idlewild I got four days worth food
I’m currently walking 10,000 feet it’s nice nippy cost a few snow fields and
that crazy thing yesterday I was in the desert but right now I’ve got some
cracking views I want to show and where you guys yeah I’m gonna be heading down there I
think to back down and so it doesn’t floor and then get some more food and
then get up high again but yeah it’s all good I’ve been hiking with a few other
people guy called ixnay a guy called data took her ask too many
hikers man it’s beautiful out it’s the best decision I ever made
it’s 25 minutes past 1:00 and I’ve just hit the 20 mile mark for today so could
he stoked on that but the thing that’s getting me even more happy right now is
the fact that in 3 miles time those are mucky D’s and I’m gonna eat so much shit
food it’s gonna be amazing there’s also a hotel which supposedly is a hiker
friendly it’s got swimming pool and all that sort of shit so yeah it should be
cool went to a place called a deep creek hot springs the other day and everyone
said it’s like a real good place to zero and take it down on trial I’d turn up
man and there’s a old hippie with a bandana tied on his knob nothing else
just up and down around his knob I was like uh-uh I’m not staying there so I’m
hiking down here and get into this cheap hotel hopefully he’s some shit food and
have a good some chairs we’ve been hiking hopefully we’re gonna hit the 30
mile mark today yeah we’re gonna go to town if clutter donuts and some shit
food and have a good time I’m not sure what day I’m on on the PCT just crossed
the 750 mile mark I think we’re in the desert we come out the desert come up
into the high Co which is like a big mountain range and tomorrow we’re going
to climb the biggest mountain in the continental United States and in a
snowstorm all snowy it’s beautiful down there so hopefully it’s gonna pass and
uh make the big Hills a bit easier to get up and over and new thing is well at
Kennedy Meadows thank you so much me under man you made my day bro it was
like 30 Snickers bars a kilo and a half of M&Ms I’m packing all that stuff man
I’m gonna be poison on chocolate for the most of the time warfare and been in
here three days got seven days yet to go but no it’s beautiful we’ve just passed
over Forester pass the highest pass going on the PCT yesterday we climbed
the highest mountain continental United States safe to say we feel pretty you
know some right now because they just wasted once again the
PCT shit on us it’s not too bad without pretty much blizzard conditions
all day as you can see snow this is all fresh powder – this is not old store no
but spirits are high hopefully tomorrow or maybe the day
after we should hopefully be able to escape but one more high pass to do have
earn hopefully that’s it we’re home and dry so fingers crossed
managed to survive the High Sierras it’s very hard work very cold hit with
another blizzard had a couple more high passes today but we made it I’m judging
it I’m looking at the footprints pretty sure I’m the third person to make it
through the sea hours which is prettier doesn’t sound big but it’s quite an
accomplishment during all the snow and drops out to this place called Red’s
meadow we’re supposing get a bus to the big town to resupply and move on but
it’s a full-on ghost town it’s quite freaky I’m just waiting for some
hillbilly to come out and try and write me yeah it’s a bloody strange but
heigh-ho it’s all fun and games hey guys as you can see where I currently
navigating around this hill there’s a shitload of snow we’re the first ones
for it someone’s been through it but it’s been a lot of powder before as you
can see you can’t really see cool it’s pretty crazy yeah oh he’s good put a bit shit so
we’ll hike in the shade we survived the snow we rolled into town we met her mate
Samson who we met in the snow in here he hung out with us for a few days it’s
real cool getting to know him and shit we gave him a bow when we got to town
you know the guess what he did he hooked us up put it in if well posh hotel right
in the middle of town say hey boy and then room right next to all the
casinos all the good shit all the posh stuff and yeah thanks a lot Samson
you’re an absolute legend mate that was close I was just coming down the trail
down here I heard a little bit of a noise piss off your furry bastard and it
started moving count to a 3.5 now I’ve seen three big bears and one cub and
yeah I feel quite good when I see them now no longer scared when they do run
away from you feel quite manly you know it’s good it’s about 9 o’clock I’m
coming up to the 10 mile mark and I’ve still got shin splints to hurt a little
bit when they first kicked in it felt like there was a midget following around
just kidding move a button the shins but luckily it’s like the KT
Tape and compression sleeves doing quite good keeping it all together punished 32
miles yesterday so pretty stoked on that but the main reason I’m doing a video is
I’m walking on this Ridge beautiful sir I have a little Scout at this I came
from the mountains over there slid down most on my ass right the best way
possible like a par but yeah as you can see where we’re going along here there’s
not a lot of snow so hopefully get some good days in make some good miles I know
yeah in about 200 miles a bit the halfway point
it’s been a long old dated I’ve done about 30 summit miles and I’ve made it
to quite a crazy spot made it to the halfway point so Canada’s only 1325
miles that says Mexico so tonight I’m gonna be camping closer to her to Canada
hi it’s amazing I’ve been on trial exactly two months today and I laid down
but 38 miles today I think and got 14 more to do when I’ll be in town so I’m
gonna take your narrow day as you can hear it’s absolutely pissing it down and
there’s a full storm lightning fun to all that shit kicking off so and I
managed to get down in elevation quite a bit and pitch my tent just before it
started raining so I’m feeling pretty happy with myself right now because I’d
be pretty wet pretty quick in this anyway yeah all these good feeling
pumped every day I’m feeling stronger I’m laying down 30 he’s back to back now
so all these good anyway welcome to my crib
as you can see those my shoes my bag all my still februar that is my food my
pillow which is amazing a best investment I’ve had so far
yep I think the storm bears well my son tonight today I can see section and it’s
a 33 mile carry on water so uh I came in with about four liters and took quite a
bit when I started of and usually it’s about Lito every 10 miles
but that’s on a nice cool day no my look it’s hot as shit today
so I’ve drunk loads of water and I only had like one Li left if that but lucky
for me I was just strolling along the trail and I saw this little den made up
twigs a couple little plastic chairs for you to chill out on and the best thing
is as well someone’s cashed a load of water here so whoever you are you saved
my ass I would have made it but a bit of a bit firstly when I got that but now I
can just chill out and enjoy the day just 8 o’clock in the morning about 5
miles already rolled into this place for my breakfast and heard off some
southbound hikers at Mile 1410 there was something worth worth pushing for I
couldn’t get it last night but I made it here for morning and Wow right
my breaths just been taken away absolutely amazing thank you so much
Kathy and Randy to people who’ve set this up and it’s mega magic I can’t seen
anything like this ever before your kindness and generosity is something
else but anyway enough chat check it out so welcome sign the picnic table over
there the cooler full of fresh drinking water so I and get rid of all that
minion pond water I’ve been drinking for the past few days and as cameras guide
books you can sign the table there I am in parlor
check this out there’s a cooler full of ice-cold water
sodas little beers say I’m not drinking on the trail get some potato and stuff
trash cancer and get rid of all my Wabash medical supplies so I can treat
all my cuts and whatnot cupboard full of food I’ve got too much food so I’m gonna
leave some for someone else stole the charger we’ve seen charge up
the phone you electronics and your batteries and stuff saw the shower over
there yeah absolutely amazing thank you so much guys there’s a donation box I’ve
left some coin for you guys Wow I don’t think I’d be seeing magic like this
again I take my breath away anyway check this out as well
only one thousand two hundred forty point five seven miles to Canada oh yeah
and the cool thing is I’ve walked 1409 point five three miles been pretty
stoked I’m gonna chill there for an hour or two and then get back on the trail
it’s pretty warm day today but luckily I’m hiking in the woods it’s pretty
bonny I’m just going along here pine needles on the ground so it’s nice and
soft for your feet had a bit of a crazy time last night I had two bears come
into my camp time to bugger off very to eat so I went back to sleep woke
up a little bit later than what I should have but it’s all good I’ve still got
twenty by one o’clock yeah pretty good I’m making way down here I’ve got about
17 more miles to go before I get to the highway and then I’ve got three options
option a I hate 15 miles to a big town option B I hits 8 miles to a little town
or option C I go to the gas station go to an ice-cream
the amount of food I need we’ve seen a lot only need about four thousand
calories so grab a shitload of candy bars go to nice clean have some soda and
then keep on trucking I think it’s gonna be option C yes crazy
had a little good Gorge in the gas station and then I was hiking up that
storm which was on the radio that world over I missed it for us sweet home and
dry now a second ones coming I climbed up I also saw a bear light at the last
campsite which about eight miles ago and plus I’ve gone through a real expose
section so don’t want to go back through that while there’s a thunder and
lightning so the moment I’m just sat in the trail in the rain hoping this store
will blow over so and get to the next campsite it’s pretty much right overhead
at the moment I don’t know if you can hear it keeps going yeah hopefully it
will you know find somewhere to camp and have a good night’s Kip but I might be
cited for a couple of hours but hey it’s better safe than dead cuz I managed to
survive the storm and got to the top of the hill it’s quite cool but someone’s
just coming up but yeah I want to show this view here because it’s pretty
amazing I don’t think a photo I’ll do it just this yeah today’s gonna be quite a
good day I hope hoping to get about 40 miles today there’s not a lot of
elevation gain or drop yeah it’s pretty a pretty spectacular and over there
that’s Mount Shasta just there yeah pretty bonny
Holy’s good yeah let’s go push the miles so you know that today’s 72 on the trail
I made it to come just about to eat my mac and cheese start camping the deer
pretty fearless round air show this out I’m just dreaming of venison right now I
wish I bought a bigger knife because I could be 40 if I did anyway all these
good feeling strong and uh yeah lady to question what miles tomorrow just been
climbing outta town been hiking up there with mr. magic this
is quite cool to see him again we uh we met just after the Sierras it’s nice to
see someone else who managed to make it food out okay but I’ve got this real
nice place we’re cracking little vo this is like the last big climb I’ve got to
do before I hit are we good then hopefully tomorrow be there and our
guns pretty good like it’s pretty flat there’s not much changing the elevation
so I’m hoping they try and blast those five hundred miles in 15 days hopefully
will be doable but if you don’t give it a go you’ll never know anyway all these
good hope all is good back home – and now I should be doing about 40 days so
see you soon please just walk in my last two steps of
California I know yeah I’m about to win Oregon there we go there’s the sign yeah
now I’m officially in Oregon have completed California we should bloody
long way glad I made it through all the hard bits like the desert in the Sierras
I don’t think I’m gonna come across any physical engine as that in the next few
sections but I know it’s still not gonna be a walk in the park so I need to just
hold it down and see what see what happens on the trail yeah it’s some
signs there – so uh the Mexican borders 1706 miles away so to get through are we
good I’ve got 498 miles before I get to Washington in Canada it’s only 962 miles
so uh yeah well over the halfway point so pretty happy and looking forward to
pushing two miles and let’s see if I get four hundred and fifteen days we leaving
in California and I know you’re gonna just boost my morale so much like I’ve
been so happy all day today like ecstatically happy like I’ve been
dancing down trial yeah it’s all it all makes sense but anyway I was hiking
along this bit here I’m a boo found some magic so uh as you can see
it’s four PCT long-distance hikers inside got a little odd but there’s a
granola bar and some sodas so I’m gonna blast myself a soda
hike a few more miles so camp aminah I’ll be in town tomorrow and I’ve got to
send basically all my food for Oregon’s Dropbox’s so I’m gonna have to package
your poor my food send it up the trail faff about it’s gonna be a bit of a pain
in the ass but I was gonna take a zero but I thought nah man
I’m gonna keep lasting I want to see if I get this trail done in 110 days I
think it’s definitely possible means I’ve got 12 it you think it’s 33 miles a
day I think that’s doable so high we’ll just
see what happens yeah bit of a big day yesterday managed
46 miles well five just cruising along the trail got nine miles to go before I
hit my resupply you can do showers laundry and a small shop and stuff there
too so hopefully I should be able to get all my stuff done get a good feed and
get cracking because it’s gonna be wandering 80 miles I think to the next
resupply you have a new shoes a hold up really good poles are really good to go
I coming along here morning because free bears really close to me like a bear
makes this weird sound like and I’ve heard that from three different
locations in the woods so I’m trying to be a bit noisy enough hopefully the
furry bastards are there me and it won’t come too close by softer wait and say
we’re looking forward to getting this place because there’s also a cafe who
have an all-you-can-eat buffet so I’m trying to hit breakfast time because I
really want some pancakes and I think I can eat a shit like the pancakes right
now yeah it’s been a biggest day today lay down 30 rock hoping to get another
10 plus miles before so come about 20 miles away from my resupply
I’ve got a box waiting I’m down to my last bag of peanuts so I reckon I can
easily do 20 miles on that but that’s what Wow this views pretty spectacular
check this out I’m walking for a volcanic region so I was going through
the woods the other day and that was pretty awful as a lot of mosquitoes they
egg meal pretty good pretty bloody beautiful so I think these next few
miles are gonna be happiest I think I’ve got a mountain lion out so
my turn it keeps keeps making a weird noise I’m pretty certain that’s what it
is I’ve made out a couple of times Shanda thought chuck thyroxine general
direction but i I’m not I’m not scared I just wish it off because it’s a funny
morning I just want to go to sleep to be fair all right I did a big day today and
I’ve got another big day tomorrow when I’m a little all-you-can-eat breakfast
buffet I hope I’m not gonna be another can eat breakfast buffet in my own I’m
just walking out of town like it’s never seen a beautiful yeah pretty amazing but
this last bit is just burn my lines there’s been like beautiful waterfalls
every quarter mile and put on this corner is one of the most amazing things
I’ve ever seen Wow anyway enough Chuck let’s check it
out I he’s called considered the better rainbow down in
the bottom but the trial actually goes all the way around and there’s a little
tunnel behind the waterfall which goes through and on the other side so
absolutely stunning I can’t believe it yeah I’m gonna camp on the edge of
little town on the border between Oregon and Washington
rolling to my breakfast have a good feed I’ve got to do some drop boxes so I send
some food up into Washington and then yeah chill out a bit and then tomorrow
about sort of mid-afternoon I’m gonna be in Washington right crazy I can’t
believe it yeah anyway I just wanna enjoy the rest of this drought is he
going up the tree haber it’s been a bit of a crazy day today since I’m in
Washington I’ve been in the tree line most of the time I come up and inside
quite an intense burn section before I could smell smoke fire going the winds
cost to us so hopefully actually quite safe from the trial but yeah it’s going
pretty good it’s quite amazing to the Sun goes this
real nice red color so I guess we all eerie red glow think I’ve been climbing
up about five miles but to drop down gonna camp by a lake have a bit of a
chilled night day today and then have a swim in a wash clean my clothes all
getting a bit sweaty in a bit day but I share this view because he concedes a
bit of a haze in there in the sky that’s because there’s a another big wildfire
about 50 miles up it’s not actually closed the PCT yet I’m hoping I can
cover those 50 miles quite quick so I can avoid having to take some stunning made into a real nice pass to show you
these are the mountains I’ve just come out of and these are the mountains I’m
just gonna go into I’m gonna be in there for about a day and a half I’m gonna
drop out to a small town called Stehekin I’ll pick up my last resupply load of
bears to load my pack up and hike into Canada yeah pretty soon I’ll be there
and it’s gonna be a game over yeah pretty shit never mind yeah mission accomplished you

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20 thoughts on “Pacific Crest Trail thru hike

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