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Pacific Crest Trail 2019 Announcement and Gear List

Hi! Spring has come so it’s time to tell what are my plans for the upcoming season You’ve probably guessed where I’m going Yes, you’re right – I’m going to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail The last trail to complete the Triple Crown I’m very happy and excited Already packed My base weight is 5180 g (11,4 pounds) It could be better but it’s not bad It’s a little bit less than on the CDT anyways I was comfortable with my gear there You know this stuff already, not many new things The only big change is a new backpack It will replace my old ZPacks Arc Blast It’s a pack made by a small polish company On My Way They are just starting their buisness It’s a simple frameless pack Hipbelt is permanently attachhed There are two big hipbelt pockets Strechy pocket in front and two on the sides They both fit two Smart/Life water bottles Also Polaris bottles from polish store Biedronka My tent is the same ZPacks Solplex Tent stakes: 6 aluminum and 2 titanium shephard hooks I use Thermarest NeoAir XLite mattress It has a lifetime warranty and I had it replaced Sleeping bag is Zebra by Roberts 550 g of 850 cui goose down performed great on the CDT That’s my big three I will use my favourite Leki Corklite hiking poles I had to replace the tips Now the kitchen Evernew titanium pot Chinese titanium stove BRS 3000T although it doen’t perform great I have troubles with it but it works My food bag is ZPacks Food Bag Now electronics They are all here, powerbank, chargers, cables My phone is Sony XPeria XA dual I’m using the camera now, it’s Sony RX 100 Tiny Petzl e+Lite headlamp Tiny swiss knife Victorinox Classic Golf ball for massaging (IT band) Cosmetics, first aid kit in a zip lock bag Tiny bit of toilet paper Documents and wallet in another zip lock I’m going to use paper maps in A4 for navigation I’m old fashioned and it’s just easier this way I also have HikerBot app I use it when I get lost Now clothing The most important: knee braces Can’t hike without them Rain gear consists of As Tucas Acher Pants and Patagonia Alpine Houdini jacket Rain mitts by Roberts I’ll cary a puffy jacket by Roberts It’s the same custom puffy like always 80 grams of down The baffles are not stiched through Warm Arcteryx base layers Made from Polartec Power Strech They are both cold weather hiking a sleeping clothes I also have Arcteryx merino wool beanie And Kwark Power Strech gloves Other clothes I carry are a pair of underwear and Smartwool sleeping socks, short and light My hiking clothes are the same as last year Kwark Desert Shirt was great on the CDT Same Arcteryx Shorts Second pair of underwear and sports bra I wear two pairs of socks: Smartwool Phd Outdoor on top and Injinji toe socks as liners Silk scarf was just awesome I could use it as a cover from the sun And as a hood when it was cold Somewhere here is my visor I have new bike gloves to wear with hiking poles And Dirty Girl Gaiters I may replace them with new polish ones I also have a cotton tissue for blowing my nose I have sun glasses that can be attached to my normal glasses That’s what I’m going to wear Off course I’ll wear shoes I always love to hike in Altra Lone Peaks I’ll start in the 3.5s I had them at home That’s what I finished the CDT with And then I bought the 4.0s They are a bit wider Breathe better, dry faster The sole is the same There is less cushioning I hope they will be comfortable I have the bear canister BV 500 I will have to carry it for 300 miles It’s required That’s why my pack is made wider The canister fits horizontally I will have a bounce box This year there is a lot of snow in the Sierra It can be hard to make progress there Microspikes are a must I also have waterproof socks Many socks, tapes, bandaids I have a bear hanging kit I’ll most likely use it in the north I will carry water filter for a little while, the Sawyer Mini I’m not planning to use it much Probably a few times at the beginning and then I’ll ditch it I’ll also need sun screen at the beginning During the first week for sure This first week is coming soon When I’ll post this video I’ll already be in the US Waiting for the start Can’t wait to stand at the southern terminus I’m really happy I hope I will make it to Canada I would love to get the Triple Crown, keep your fingers crossed I’ll edit the PCT videos when I’ll come back, I don’t have anyone to do it for me So you have to be patient In the meantime check out my blog I will be posting frequently I can watch my progress Again, keep your fingers crossed And see you on the trail! Bye!

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22 thoughts on “Pacific Crest Trail 2019 Announcement and Gear List

  1. Exciting ! You never never rest. Aren't you late ? Hmm, with such a snowy year you may be right. I hope the snow will soften summer fires. Keep your movie style.

  2. Love your vids Zebra ! However I do miss your subtitles😉 What pack is that?
    And best of luck on your triple crown👍🏻😎

  3. Oczywiscie wszyscy w domu Ci kibicujemy i trzymamy kciuki 🤞😊👍🥰😘 Do milego zobaczenia 😘

  4. Witam Cie serdecznie. Zauwazylem, ze korzystasz z produktow firmy Zpacks. Jak bys te ich produkty ogolnie podsumowala, czy warto wydawac tak duzo pieniedzy? Za wage na pewno, ale czy sa solidne?

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