Pacific Crest Trail 2017 – Washington Sections I, J, K – Packwood to Rainy Pass

– He’s doing push ups, and you know when you’re
doing push ups and you clap? Well he’s doing that but
then he’s alternating between regular push ups and… (relaxing music) (chatter) – So many hikers. There’s Rainier, covered in smoke. Go away, fuckin’ fires. And there’s another fire, I think it’s like Diamond
Creek or something? And as long as that stays over there, and doesn’t come our
way, we should be fine. Yeah, fuckin’, fires everywhere. Just crushed a massive 4.7 mile day. This is the last place that there’s water for the next 13 miles, and we got here at like 4:20. Shout out. (laughter) Smoke’s all like, settled in the valleys, looks like the fuckin’ ocean, but got a nice early start, hit the trail at 6:45, whatever. Just try to do a bunch of miles so we can narrow into
Snoqualmie tomorrow, so, no rush. Just hopefully we don’t
get caught in a fire. Seems like all the smoke kind of, leveled out from all the fires, and now it’s just kind of everywhere. – Yeah, seeing it yesterday, and that was like, oh my god. – Yeah, it’s really shitty
to be walking through, breathing this crap in, so, we’re gonna get the fuck out of here! Yeah, kinda sucks to breath right now. Oh yeah, look at that smoke. It’s worse today, imagine that. We’re gonna spend another night here, at the Summit Inn at Snoqualmie Pass, and then hopefully there’s
like a high pressure ridge system keeping
all the smoke down here that’s gonna dissipate tonight. I don’t really think that’s gonna happen. But, see if we can hike out tomorrow, if we can’t, probably go into Seattle and hang out there for a couple days. Wait this shit out and see if we can continue our fuckin’ hike. It’s a big fuckin’ bummer. (chatter) So that’s the section that is up next, that’s not technically closed, but I don’t wanna walk through that shit. I’m very, picky about what smoke
I let into my lungs. (sighs) Still fuckin’ smokey. Headed into Seattle, plan
out like the next move. We’ve heard that the
monument area by Hart’s Pass might shut down soon, so we don’t know if we
wanna flip up there, and get our God damn
picture and hike south but, it’s like, we’ve already, I really wanna fuckin’
finish at the border. And I just don’t know, there’s so much we’re not in control with with this fuckin’ smoke and fire, and some people are
opting to hike through it, I do not wanna hike
through thick-ass smoke. Like, that sounds so not appealing. (sighs) So we got pretty much
the easiest hitch, ever. Dropped off pretty much
two blocks away from where we’re going, so. Fuck yeah, we’re in Seattle. It’s not as smokey here, so that’s good. (chatter) Space needle! Eat your heart out, Shi Shi. (loud music) Wow. Seattle has been the best pit-stop. I was so fuckin’ bummed about those fires, and like, just the uncertainty
of what was going on, and I just don’t give a fuck right now. We got to chill with
John, who picked us up, and took us to the lake, had a beer there, that was fun. Now we’re gonna still try to find Grant some new shoes,
’cause his are fucked. Lemme see ’em. There, fuck that. – Yeah I mean it’s pretty good, so hopefully we can get some cheap at the original REI store. And my phone might die. Oh my god it’s like
nothing I’ve ever seen. Uh oh. – Can you sponsor me? (laughter) So I can stop paying high
dollar for shoes, please. (laughter) – He done did it, he done did it. (chatter) Hashtag basic-ass bitches. Fuck that noise. I’m not going in there. The fuck is that? What the fuck are they doing? (snorting) Skykomish is beautiful and not smokey, I’m very happy! Dealing with the mail is
endlessly frustrating. Got a package or a letter money order from Road Rash Ray, sending me some money, and I got it bounced up to Packwood. The guy retired the next
day, didn’t do shit. I asked for them, I called them back, told them to send it up to Skykomish, just got back from
Skykomish, it’s not here. Cascade Locks is evacuated
so I’ve got no way of like fucking knowing what to do about that. And then, got another package to Packwood, fuckin’ beat it by one day,
had like a long conversation with the people there and hand them send it up to Skykomish and that’s also not here, call them, “Oh yeah, we’ve still got your package.” Like, oh cool, would you
mind sending it to Stehekin like right fuckin’ now? So, yeah, that’s, I’m gonna have way to much of something for the end of this trip. God damn it. Clouds are better than smoke. Words of wisdom. No, clouds, are better than smoke. The words of wisdom I wanna partake. Two can play at that game. I don’t have anything to say. Alright, you gonna fuck with it? – Yeah, it probably
shouldn’t be there, right? – Are you gonna go move him? Move him, you got a stick. (strange noises) I’m gonna nudge him.
– Don’t hurt him. – I’m not gonna hurt him, I’m not mean. Come on, come on, go on. Come on, go on. Come on little guy. – I think he’s diseased. – Yeah. – Something going on. – Now your poll’s diseased. – Thanks a lot, man. – Hey you said to use your poll. One of the few times we’ve actually taken the time to set up a tarp, just too cloudy out right now. Don’t wanna risk waking up to rain. And Seattle was so great, Claire and Katie, you guys are the best. The Chaplain Inn, absolute
best hiker hostel there is. Yeah it was just nice to get away from the smoke and just enjoy the fuckin’ days. And now we’re back, we got
a ride all the way out to Skykomish from Claire,
and then from Skykomish to Trailhead, fuckin’ John Z rolls up, so he gets through the first hitch of the UL Honda van life, fit, whatever it is. But yeah he hiked out here for like, nine miles, couldn’t keep
up, so he had to turn back. (laughter) No, he’s got the tiniest little pack on. He’s thinking about going to Canada but you know, he’s got his car. Problems with having a sweet fucking car. – Yo, I was kinda surprised
how making the bowl worked out. – Fuck yeah, the bowl worked
out great, you know why? ‘Cause I fuckin’ set it
up, ’cause I’m the best, I’m an OG.
– Yeah. – I’m just filming now,
so I’m being an asshole. (laughter) Super easy day, got rained on last night, but we were, we had the tarp up. It should help put out a lot
of these fire, bullshit things. Probably for the best, but, it’s always kind of a bummer
walking through the haze, kind of, after a while. But it’s for the better, for the greater good. Another kinda, wet soggy, late morning, but we got blue skies up here, so hopefully this will be
the last for a little bit. Still have 83 miles left to Stehekin, and we’re both kinda running low on food, ’cause we only did minimal miles so far. We’ll see what happens. Not really sure how we both kinda messed up our re-supply or
just didn’t do a thorough one in Seattle, but, after that rain, we only
got like 15 miles in, we realize we have like
80 miles to Stehekin. We’re almost out of food, so. I don’t know. (voice over radio) I have a sneaking suspicion my certain package is on this boat. I wish I could get into it. It’s pretty. (chatter) (dogs barking) (chatter) (cheering) Okay, I’m pretty close
to the end of this thing. National park, bro. – It’s so national. – And it’s park-ish, different. (laughter) Oh, pick me up. Yeah, North Cascades Mountain Hostel. Probably, Hey what’s up, cowgirl. It’s probably the best hostel, I mean it’s right up there with Bishop, if not better, in my mind. Yeah Winthrop’s kinda fuckin’
hokey and whatever, but, I dunno. Yeah, I would recommend
this over Stehekin, though. – For sure. $25 hostel, and it’s good. – Yeah. Grant got laid. – I got laid. (laughter)

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