34 thoughts on “Pacific Crest Trail 2017 – Washington Section L – Rainy Pass to Manning Park

  1. Yay, you made it! Congratulations 🙂 It must be weird to be done & getting back home/deciding what to do. Good luck with your future endeavors. Thanks for the vids.

  2. YAAAAY! OMG I cried for you I was so Happy. Your vlogs were amazing and real. Wow Do you realise that all of us who have been watching your journey feel like it ended for us too?! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Can't wait for your next epic hike. I am starting my PCT Adventure this spring and I can only hope I can keep at like you 2 have. Hey could you post your final gear list for us?

  3. Nice gams! 17:45 ish ish. I can't see you resting on your laurels – I can totally see you conquering the AT or CDT in the near future. I loved watching the both of you every step of the way (and was SUPER happy you got through the Sierra), f-bombs and all – always keeping it real. I'm planning a thru hike on the PCT in 2019 and hope to vlog too along the way. Thanks again for documenting your hike this year. Awesome!

  4. Congrats Nick and thank you so much for the extra work you put in to bring us along on the adventure. Hope to see more of your trail adventures in the future including your trail finish in OR next year. Ray

  5. Congrats man! I was able to hike west on the Pacific Northwest Trail to Ross Lake from Holman Pass during my PCT 2014 hike instead of entering Canada. From the Border/Monument I think it was ~30-40 miles to Ross Lake.

  6. Congratulations man.. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It's been an awesome one.✌️

  7. Awesome end to the series, and a really cool tribute to a friendship/shared experience. Gotta say I was hoping for some Bellingham footage, oh well!

  8. Congrats! Have loved watching – what a crazy year for the PCT! Hope the post-trail blues aren't too harsh. HYOH!

  9. Congratulations man. I'm going to miss all of your videos. Great job and thanks for putting all of this together for us armchair hikers.

  10. A great way to say good bye (via vlog) to your hiking mate by showing the collage of (backgrounds/times/& places) him hiking in front of you. Maybe not original, but classy. Bravo!

  11. Thank you nick! I watched all of your videos and I loved it! I also like that you show the time, place and mileage at every clip. This helped me a lot for my planning. And now I know… I'll definitely hitchhike to Bishop 😀

  12. Congratulations! You made it! I can't wait I'm going hiking the PCT next year.

    Hey, did I need get passport first before I enter Canada when I finish the PCT?

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