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Osprey Talon 44 Day Pack

Lightweight construction with a multitude
of features, the Osprey Talon 44 is a light-weight and functional pack for those weekend adventures
or fast and light pursuits. Let’s take a look at all of its features. I am going to turn the pack around and take
a look at its suspension system. Osprey is using their airscape suspension system with
the Talon backpack. It is a nice, lightweight suspension system with a light wire aluminum
allow frame that extends around the perim-eter of the backpack. It has got this nice head
cup at the top so it is kind of curved at the top to allow room for the back of your
head. It has got a nice foam back panel with this ridge construction. It is going to provide
really good breathability and comfort and a lot of flexibility as well. So it is going
to comfortably hold up to 35 pounds, but will flex and move with you as you need it to,
so a nice comfortable suspension system there. You have got some mesh dye cut shoulder straps
here, so really good breathability and cushioning in the shoulders and another mesh, you know,
open foam hip belt. So it is go-ing to offer a lot of breathability there as well while
maintaining that lightweight profile. And they are pretty flexible and stretchy so they
move with you and they work with the body. So provide a nice comfortable fit throughout
the suspension system there. So another neat feature about this back panel
is that the harness is actually adjustable. So the pack does come in sizes, small/medium
or medium/large. And the harness can be de-tached via the Velcro attachment here and moved up
or down in a range of inches to ac-commodate for larger or smaller torsos, so a nice additional
feature that adds some versa-tility and some measuring, you know, with the Talon 44. It
allows you to get that proper fit as you should with a backpack. I am going to turn the pack back around and
check out how we access the contents of the backpack. So it is a top loading backpack.
There is just one hood here. So if you detach that hood you can see that there is just one
large spindrift collar opening. Is you pull that draw cord back, there is a sizable opening
at the top of the backpack. You know, it really allows you to get easy access to all of those
items. It is one large cylinder. So there is one compartment, you know, one big compartment
to make it a little bit more simple and to keep everything in the same place. There is
a bottom access portion tot his backpack. So at the bottom you do have a separate access
point to get those items that are located at the bottom of your bag. So it is not separated
by any divider or anything like that. It is just one cylindrical compartment, but there
are two different access points, top and bot-tom. So a nice additional bonus to the access of
the pack there. Some other pockets we have on the Talon 44
include a front stretch mesh pocket with a buckle attachment there. You have got a really
sizable stretchy pocket, good for addition-al layers, maybe a wet shirt or wet clothing,
but really good sizable mesh pocket on the front. On either side we do have a stretch mesh water
bottle pocket. You know, they are pretty tall, so you can store some other gear there as
well and the are two openings so you can put your water bottle in at an angle if you choose
to or have the items straight up and down, so nice versatility with those pockets. We do have two hip belt pockets. They are
just zippered hip belt pockets, mesh pockets there, so nice stretchy pockets on the hip
belt. We do have one little pocket on the shoul-der strap as well. You know, you can
throw an item in there, whether it be an emergency whistle or a gel or something like that, you
could still a really tiny item right in there. So a nice little feature there. On the hood of the backpack we do have two
pockets. So we have got one pocket on the exterior of the hood so you can actually access
the top there. You can put an additional layer, you know, any other items you might want to
get to quickly, a map, a book of some sort. But there is some nice feature there. And
on the underside of the hood there is ac-tually a mesh pocket as well. So you can access some
items there, keep some things under the hood. You have got a nice mesh pocket on the hood,
so a good amount of pockets and storage on the Talon 44. Some other features of the Talon 44 include
a removable hood. So the hood is actually completely removable. You can take it off
the pack, keep it even lighter weight and keep it more stream lined and simplified.
So that hood does completely come off. We do have some tool attachments and bungee tie
offs. So you have got two little points of attach-ment there. At the very bottom we have
got some sleeping pad straps so they are not re-movable sleeping pad straps, but they are
nice and simple. You can use them to compress the gear or you can use them to lash your
sleeping pad or some other item to the exterior of the pack, so nice bonus down there. This pack is hydration compatible. There is
actually a separated sleeve. It is not on the in-side, but it is not on the outside.
It is kind of right between the harness and the pack con-tents. So there is a sizable
sleeve here that allows you to route your hydration system up and out and down through
the shoulder straps. So a nice hydration compatible system there. Another nice addition is the inside out compressions
traps on the side of the backpack. So we have got under one of the water bottle pockets
there is a compression strap. And you can reroute those so that they are on the exterior
of the backpack and allow for some real-ly good compression like I have over on this
side. So a neat addition with those inside out compression straps, some added versatility
with the pack there. And finally we have got some reflective trim.
So the graphics on the front of the pack are reflective, so if you were hiking at night
or if you are on maybe a road or something like that, you know, between trails, you have
got some reflectivity to be easily spotted, so added safety bonus there. So there you have it. Light weight and full
of features, the Osprey Talon 44 is great for your next weekend adventure or fast and
light pursuit.

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