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Oregon Desert Trail (ODT) Thru-Hike: Episode 7 – Time to Swim

so we are just leaving McDermott Nevada it’s a tiny place by there everything you need at Chevron you can basically afford resupply but Joe and I picked up our resupply boxes at the post office I got a new pair of socks try and push through the last two hundred miles with a bunch of holes in my shoes very excited to get into the Hawaii area which is supposed to be the most difficult section but also the most beautiful one we have a pretty high water season so we got to take the high route [Music] [Music] good morning so we’ve got about 24 miles in getting out of McDermott and we made a 10-mile jump – so we got 34 trail miles down yesterday which brings us down to 80 miles to Rome [Music] so we might get down to the Owyhee Canyon and now it’s about time to swim I know how deep it is current is not too bad but there’s definitely current we’ll pack our stuff away hopefully water tide in the trash bags we got and hopefully make it across with dry gear we are in the beautiful wahoo Canyon in this section of the route calls for a swim I just came across our nose about to have it a go cross your baby don’t panic you’ll get there you’ll get there there you go hey good morning what a day yesterday we hiked for like nothing but desert sagebrush yesterday all day and all the sudden we drop down into a ye canyon which was like out of this world so beautiful and yeah we did the crossing our stuff stayed dry I busted up my thing a little bit the joint here is swollen and has blood in it but should be good we have only a hundred 40 miles to go from ibuprofen move on and we’re about 40 miles out of Rome last resupply box their final stretch [Music] so a couple of miles in this morning and we met this awesome group of people just coincidentally camping out in the middle of nowhere by the Oahu River and yeah they invited us to a mate’ a beer a banana it was awesome just to talk to like you know people out here and join the nature and took a little break longer than you usually would have but it was so generous so kind [Music] so we got in and out of Rome today hang out there for a while charge your battery it’s good food drinks and some beer and made it up back on this flat in ocean of sage and this we just witness the sunset [Music]

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2 thoughts on “Oregon Desert Trail (ODT) Thru-Hike: Episode 7 – Time to Swim

  1. Tolle Aufnahmen Arno, was für eine atemberaubende Landschaft. Da bekommt man richtig Fernweh, einfach ausbrechen aus diesem System ❤️

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