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Oregon Desert Trail (ODT) Thru Hike: Episode 5 – it gets Sketchy

so we just left French Glenn after picking up our box thanks to the hosts in French clan again the RV resort that they kept my box for a whole month almost so we had a pound of ice cream each really good and now we are headed to what Steen’s Mountain which would a some horror stories off in terms of river crossings so hopefully we won’t have to bail they or bring ourselves in dangerous situation I guess that’s our crossing [Music] so we just crossed a river right here Blitzen and Donna which translates to German in thunder and lightning it took us a couple of tries we made it and I can totally see that month ago it was probably way higher and faster flowing better take care those off to Cali water crossings we get the next river crossing that’s really fast so he did the river crossing last night which was kind of sketchy and took us a while to find the right spot to cross but we made it didn’t get soaking wet and he had washed away or wets in my waist and we got to this really nice BLM campground here where Morgan and Diane really nice family from Portland invited us over for a beer and s’mores yeah it’s more just s’mores [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] almost 9:00 p.m. we got only about 20 miles in today but we got up and over the scenes and almost all the way down again was really exhausting day a lot of snow to go over did a lot of cross country through crazy-crazy sagebrush so we have about 27 miles to go to field station we will have a big burger and some milkshakes they’re famous for so can wait for that [Music] 2:00 p.m. cut our 24 miles info today already rushing to get this stuff here and the dr. pepper all the unhealthy stuff and enjoy this now picked up the box and then head back on the trail maybe make it 35 today a nice weekend

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1 thought on “Oregon Desert Trail (ODT) Thru Hike: Episode 5 – it gets Sketchy

  1. Sehr geile Landschaft … aber scheinbar auch ein Trail der nicht so häufig gegangen wird, querfeldein ist da echt abenteuerlich.

    Weiterhin gute Reise und Grüße aus der Heimat


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