Oregon Desert Trail (ODT) Thru-Hike: Episode 3 – REAL TRAIL and BROKEN GEAR

I just left the town of Paisley very cute little town perfect for a hike I have everything you need just resupply it in a store there had some food in a restaurant met some very friendly people that are curious about the trail and excited to meet a hiker so that’s really good to see following this road here now out of town for about seven miles before we join the Fremont National Recreation trail so I’m excited about being on an actual trail for once and we’ll follow that trail for like 33 miles gain some serious elevation up to 7500 feet just diversity I have a big high flowing river I have a sea of wildflowers green high grass and trees burn forests and a snow-covered peak [Music] [Applause] [Music] so nice to find crystal-clear fast flowing water in the Oregon desert so nice what a beautiful spring that is anyway half past five and I would like to get another 9 miles in up to Morgan Butte there’s a fire lookout tower up there people in Paisley couldn’t tell me if it’s locked up or open I’m just going for it and hope there’s no one up there but doors open unlocked and I can get in and sleep indoors because supposed to drop down to below freezing tonight and there’s a pit toilet up there so let’s hope [Music] [Laughter] [Music] yes everything inside that file Oh God it would be helpful like a red table stove and a feeding system but unfortunately it’s closed [Applause] [Music] this is just such a beautiful smooth cruising area but I have to stop every five minutes to just take in the view and enjoy the surrounding I just got to this little creek here so at lunch time and time to soak my feet in some ice-cold water and on a menu today is pepper jack crackers were some cut of turkey meat cheese and pop work some ketchup Bon Appetit [Music] mosquitos in this section I just so bad I don’t know how many fights I have to my forehead and I know so I just had a nice trial filtering my water to find out that rubber sealant on the bottom good morning everyone so I just woke up and had two ticks on me the one is bad down there already and the other one is right here so you better make sure you check yourself what takes every time you go to bed yeah not feeling super great well I guess I just started off doing way too many miles from the very beginning my board is just hurting in general but then mentally it’s a whole different story especially because of my gear failing on me my sleeping pad is messed up I wake up to a deflated sleeping pad the zipper on my tent just totally gave up on me the wakeup have two takes latched onto me the filter breaks on me I just ordered another one an Amazon so all these things come together and really me up [Music] man just look at all these wildflowers here it’s just like all yellow [Music] [Music] this is just one of the sections that we go cross-country holy moly I’m in a bad room and I could not imagine an Oregon would have such beautiful places here [Music] [Music] good morning 25 miles to plush [Music] so I rolled into flash at 3 p.m. to find out that my resupply box is gone someone took it they gave it to someone else whatever happened anyway the lady the employee was super nice try to help me out and concern about me supply is very very limited so I have to figure something out [Music] option 1 get the very limited supply hike on 107 miles option to hitchhike ahead to French : skip 107 miles of the Hat mountains at least he and the community package will care for you but it’s an tiptoed mosquito invasion I don’t know what I’m gonna do for the next two days here nice looking back but I just left it again because I literally walked a hundred feet across the park once look at my legs and I three takes latched on so guess I’m not sleeping there tonight so after I decided not to stay at a community park yesterday afternoon I went back to the bar and the lady that told me that it’s my fight to school so I go over to the school used to Wi-Fi and get to check with a super nice lady Luanne who ends up inviting me to stay at there like a holiday home they usually rent out and there’s no when he until the weekend so I have this entire house here super nice to myself fixed my sleeping pad hopefully had a leak did the submerging test and so I just hang out here trying to figure out what I want to do I’ll keep you up to date [Music]


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