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Operation Northbound. Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike 2018

the life of an animal is simple their
only goal to survive long enough to reproduce humans are animals too however
our lives have become far more complicated every year a few thousand
people take a step back from society and leave behind the stress and expectations
of their previous lives and jobs some take leave and won’t be gone long
however some won’t come back at all these few thousand people face the 6 to
1 odds and attempt to walk the 2,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail from
Georgia to Maine through the cold wind the rain and the heat until only a few
hundred hoti soldier and these views through Britain determination and the
privilege of calling themself through hikers
my name is Matheson but out here everyone calls me bear like the animal this is what it was like for me to
attempt an Appalachian through hike in 2018 you can see why somebody would quit
right at the stop because honey I think I’m in the wrong way yeah obd-ii dude it
was just like 500 skips like straight up so I can see what you’re equipped by I’m
not gonna quit just yet let’s say there’s 4,000 people gonna try
to hike the Appalachian Trail this year and they said that Neal scat which is
right now is where a thousand people quit and believe them and I looked up at
this tree throughout my whole life I’ve tried to move failure from the equation
as much as I could people sometimes ask me what’s plan B and I always say the
same thing there really is no plan B but plan a is pretty solid
and so completing my Appalachian thru-hike was just a prime example of
that all right so the spot here super super
important because three years ago in 2015
me and a couple people working at Camp luma but me and a couple people came out
here and we camping in between this tree and this tree right here we set up two
hammocks I was in the top story so I understand I was in this exact same spot
when three hikers walked past and this is where I decided that I wanted to hike
the Appalachian Trail so three people went past they were skinny it’s two
dudes and a chick that was skinny the dudes had beards the woman a little bit
too their legs were super jacked they’re
real thin and I gave them like a huge way it was like a it was like five
o’clock in the morning and he just looked at me and gave me the tiniest
little energy-saving nod and I was like man that’s hardcore
that’s like damn that’s how cool this guy’s gonna walk the whole thing that’s
at Eric and I could do that that was three years ago in this exact same spot
right now before I went to America I spent two years at University training
is an outdoor instructor and the whole time knowing that I wanted to hike I
wanted to do it through hike in 2018 so trying to pay my way through University
and save enough money for an Appalachian through hike wasn’t a super easy thing
to do but with the little bit of creativity and a fair bit of grit you
can basically do it any want that did mean I was homeless for a whole year
while at uni and and then I had to live out of a van for four and a half months
eat nothing but canned chickpeas and fruit but if that’s the price I had to
pay then it’s a price I’d paid twice over
day three there’s like a big risk of like bear attacks and stuff that have
been in this next area so because of that you got to take a beer canister I
don’t have it be a kind of step up it’s possibly like a be a bonk so hopefully
I’m thinking pretty positively about it but I’m like now I hike alone I left all
my friends behind so I’m just doing a little um having a little count out of
my food the next resupply was gonna be my 137 I’m in my 37 at the moment I’m
just counting out how many dinners I have left and how long it’s taking me to
get here and while it looks of it I’m gonna run out of food
I still got I’ve only got three more dentists for if I have small dinner
tonight and it’s gonna be at least a week today sir or something
like that it’s gonna be more than time sir most disappointing border crossing in my
whole freakin life so yes for the North Carolina border crossing was careful man
I’m not saying I was expecting some guy to be standing it like congratulating me
and like to shake my hand all right so I’m we’re up here in the
mountains and it just started snowing and hailing I swear I just stopped us
before the camera went on but I put on my most waterproof outfit I got my
granny gloves and rain hat but yeah hopefully it’s gots heaven again so I
can prove that I’m not just like these looks like big-time code real code
but ya got a file in there collecting firewood it’s gonna be pretty cold night
but I know this is the Smokies I guess night one in the Smokies oh it’s snowing
but the hair on my legs is first it’s all white and crystallized yeah that’s a
hero my legs pretty frozen I’m kind of enjoying it I’m having a good time this
morning was pretty crazy woke up bit earlier than normal work up at 6:00
pretty cold night and I am pull back the tarpaulin and everything is just white
everything’s so white this like icicles up in the trees and my snow all over the
ground it’s pretty wild all right so I’m hiking here with crux
creeks and Rock’em and still alive back there somewhere I think it stops snowing
but all that he is frozen but I kind of like it but yeah we’re coming up to the
highest point on the Appalachian Trail at 6600 feet six thousand six hundred
something feet so here looking forward to seeing absolutely nothing because of
all the snow but it’s okay and as you will out of North Carolina
and the Tennessee the nomadic lifestyle wasn’t just starting to feel normal
it was starting to feel really good the body was ready to get up and walk and so
are we all right so it’s been a big couple of
days were hiking came across the cycling snake it’s got to be like two meters
long right across the track excuse me it was pretty good and then we go into town
I slept on for got tasered Oh the Taser twice is really good
fill me we got scrambled eggs and decel what’s up scrambled eggs how’s it going
little did I know this scruffy dude sitting out of the bridge with me was
about to pick out my best friend things got pretty good team no it’s nice thanks
Pete everybody thought we were leaving the cold weather behind us but everybody
was wrong a frozen pond my favorite oh okay it’s not that thick what is it
whoa whoa it’s not thick enough to walk on give us I didn’t lead here before I like
injured myself and come across something fantastic even
more so than my hat and it’s this thing here there’s a bag it’s literally the
reason I chose the Appalachian Trail / PCT pretty much once again is because
they do this thing called trail magic which is where they just put bags of
like cool stuff like this dude dr. peppers man oh it’s so good so people
just put bags of food along the trail this is just drinks but man I got a
friend in Baltimore it Eliza Jane streetcars running by her door Liza Liza
Jane chips some fruit item Adama I don’t know what corn nuts are but I’m sure
they good you got chips ahoy lots of good stuff and then it got told that is
the best trail magic and ever gonna experience they look like they bite in
my life is coming up with fangers people can
feel those cold winds blow it Eliza Jane all the lies and the all the lies mom remember when I told you when I
moved dad was going to drink coach any trouble for breakfast 9:00 a.m. Eastern
morning where those girls are also please you that you are the shot I am a naughty
MD which is amazing so people just leave stuff out like this there’s always a
book so you can sign it ever injustice like thanks enough for that so we’re
just going down some whoo and then we see chilly been at the
bottom it’s got some like musi bars in I haven’t had breakfast yet cuz I don’t
have any water and some up little juice drinks apple juice drinks so I had one
of them didn’t get passed place to bed with Hammond and I’ll hang on and then
we see the sign for the place that was giving away like free cheeseburgers
I stayed giggling and running like a little girl across the road so hopefully
come up to the party and we’re hoping I just sit up in there otherwise we’ve
already walked past it would break my heart all the lies and then Eliza Jane
hold it Eliza little eyes a J I gotcha cat see if we can actually give up on
the fridge to sleep it’s stupid steep steep so it’s been
pissing in here he’ll I mean you won’t want to roll over in
the night but I can make this work so here we are in that best elf camp so far
scrambled eggs up here cooking some cook it up some taters I’m having a cheese
wrap pretty children’s come from that consistent noise of trucks using the
engine brakes and cars going real fast sesame and scrambled eggs and we’ve been
weaving in and out of North Carolina and Tennessee for ages now but we’re finally
leaving North Carolina for the last time see you later North Carolina it’s been a
it’s been a blast there it is come up to the line there we go
Tennessee / Virginia state line three all these are gonna line of rocks how
cute is that we’ve come across the wild horses of Virginia Virginia Highlands I
guess we’ve been calling pretty consistently for the hospital well kind
of flat out because we trying to beat everybody else over here we got a bunch
of wild horses this some wild horse is just small wild horses it’s another one how you how do you feeling there where
I’m sitting here on hallowed ground I’ve heard of the stories but I didn’t know
it was real until today this is a pool you can eat KFC buffet now personally I
feel disgusting but I’m gonna take the bids I already
hate myself but I’m gonna make the business
I can tell my daughter’s club it doesn’t look superficial or anything
but nothing your aunt here does it’s quarter quarter of the way the
quarter of the way down I guess so I recognize the smell of a cigarette
some of the same plant now ready so it’s meeting all mate legs here
day 44 who’s going alright we looked at our food wheel ah we can skip over that
next talent like we can push our food rations so food reactions have been like
real tight and then I go and like mess up my leg
girl bed so now I really need to stop but if I stop will starve because we’ve
got no food so apples are okay in the morning downhillers are not so good so I
really need to take a rest day but we just can’t because there’s no food so
there’s only so much pain you can go through and still finish the day with a
smile on your face I’m getting pretty close to that limit with this being day
three and a half smoked a lot of words I don’t know what the truth so it’s been a interesting a little
while to me and legs sitting on the side of the road we came into the town
Delvaux so my knees real pretty bad we’re waiting on side of the road legs
dad’s coming to pick us up take us back to Baltimore neighbor we’ll check out
Washington DC I don’t know do whatever you do and you can’t walk and then we’ll
come back up for a couple days and keep going suck and my legs buggered and it’s
over but hopefully that’s not the case so we’ve taken a couple days off and
then come back in carry on during the six days we spent in scrambled eggs
house we had about as much food as two humans could possibly eat and they
encrypt the future trails do you think your food makes me hungry just looking
at it during one of the rifts days we thought we’d better get out and do
something so we went into DC to have a look around and then we check the bus
times to try to figure our selves a way back to Damascus for trailers all right so it’s been pretty rough
lately we did our 12 hour bus ride back from scrambled eggs house that was was
really good it’s nothing like 12 hour bus right in
the middle of a night beer now we’re walking the business into hopefully
going to hitch the trail days because you know someone that’s coming by so
yeah now we just got a just got to get them on it
not much of a worry but I’m a little worried about this one to be honest it’s in pretty bad stories about other
people having similar injuries because they got so injured that they had to
stop so here hopefully I’ll meet going to trial
yesterday and then yeah hopefully they’ll get looked at maybe they’re for
free and then we’ll see so me legs here back in um Damascus
Virginia daily patrol days but it’s getting pretty busy already everyone
sitting up all the vendors and stuff like that so free pack appears mess ups
ship you’ll go how you feeling about the competition
this year baby all right so haven’t done one of these
four I would like probably like a week or saying now I was gonna say things
have been good but they really haven’t we went into a town my knee was pretty
sore tried to do too much so we had to go into town with zero there we went to the
Mings buffet that was pretty I mean it was an experience it was a good
experience we ate till I blacked out and he he
threw up outside oh it’s all part of the Mings experience I think do we gotta go if we
gotta leave I started having a third person experience while I was sitting there it was
getting out of control yeah we’re sitting and then I’m like you
don’t feel too good I thought I was gonna black out at the table but we managed to get
outside and then it laid out and passed out but then yeah after that from
multitude of different reasons I was having some really tough times it was
really bad, legs wasn’t having a great time either well it’s sunny now so that’s good yea
did things lighten up or a little no I still feel pretty bad yeah we’re nearly
out of Virginia so I guess that’s good news my knees still bad so that’s a
contributing factor but yeah I mean things really haven’t gone to much
better it’s a bit of a bit of a grind lately
yeah so we’re coming up to Front Royal and getting close to getting out of
Virginia you know dude it might even even you know okay so turns out leg was way more
messed up than we thought so it’s been pretty we’ve started trying to hike on
it again it’s been pretty ummm we’re not walking very fast nor walking very
far and doesn’t really feel like its healing that much so we’re trying to like figure
out all I could trying to figure out what I can do to sort of ease that ease
the strain on my knee and I came up with an idea and that’s to get rid of both my
my tent and my sleeping bag now it’s two ways to go ultralight you can either buy
more lightweight versions of what you’ve already got or you can just get rid of
the things that you more or less don’t need so I’m getting rid of my tent my
sleeping bag, and now I know what you thinking I know what ya thinking, you’re sitting at home in front of your computer or on your phone and thinking
your computer or when you find you’re like dude that’s a stupid idea that’s a
pretty stupid thing to do you know like you’re so Matheson you’re so dumb dude
what an idiot but I will tell you this you’re absolutely right this is one of
the dumbest things I’ve ever done and keep in mind I let someone taser me
twice in the same day so I know it’s a terrible idea but if it’s if it’s gonna
help me get to Katahdin and finish this hike I’m willing to do it I’m
feeling pretty good I’m feeling feeling oh yeah I mean you could use a different
adjective but I’m feeling something could just be hunger but feeling
something but yet it’s where legs sleeps in the hammock I’m just an animal so I
sleep on the ground like an animal but um it’s gonna be a cold night so how’d you sleep last night eggs great
woman up yeah bird I’m happy to hit it I woke up outside in the dead
it wasn’t warm enough but I I lived that’s 800 miles so you want all right so it’s I don’t know it’s 9:30
in the morning walking again but today it’s different because today’s a day
that we walk out of Virginia all right so we’re leaving Virginia for the final
time or third give a quick toast so it’s my drink Virginia it’s um it’s
appropriate relieve you on this stony ass bumpy ass part because you know
you’ve had your ups and downs yeah all the tips off my poles you blistered my
feet you mucked out my leg then you’ve darkened my heart now I would normally
say cuz things I’m trying to learn to speak German bitch betta but seeing is
that hopefully I never ever see the state again and if I do I want you to
punch me in the neck I’m gonna simply say hang out of order all right okay so we’re we’re bouncing in and out
at West Virginia Virginia all the time but we’re we’re still sticking to the
the rule of making sure that we listen to country roads for the entire time
that we hike through West Virginia and so I think we just crossed the line so
you want to hit that my friend oh yeah oh yeah
heaven West Virginia life is old there older than the trees
younger than growing like a breeze country road
take it home to the place I belong so it’s 750 755 it’s pretty early to be
listening to country roads again but we’re still zigzagging in and out of
Virginia West Virginia coming up very soon we leave Virginia for the final
time and I can’t wait but the only problem with editor means we have to
listen to us non-stop until we leave West Virginia well there’s only so much
of our country roads you get listened to before you you truly wish for the end
but um West Virginia’s already over so it’s that one Maryland and oh it’s
Maryland sweet it’s nice I feel good about it it’s got to be de 82 or something very
special day okay gonna try and eat two litres of ice cream it you know 9
o’clock in the morning it’s only night now so we’ll be little bit later then so
we’re here at the fabled ice cream challenge place a couple of paddlers
nearly okay introduce yourself boys I am Frick you guys these guys going
pretty hard it’s done with the first one you got to eat one of these yeah one of
those will be fixed these guys are going for the added challenge and for some
sort of large chips as well large fries so yeah how’s it going it’s going great
I’m about to do it okay all right so rules of the challenge you got one hour
all it do this you’re gonna struggle with this one you got one hour eight one
of these and then one of those Pepsi cups full of ice cream it’s pretty much
yeah munching down that forgiveness it’s not pleasant and that you still enjoying it left the
stage well they just finished the challenge how do you feel what do you go there this is all you get
they’re like pacing around your ice cream these together get close to my
crotch real ice cream real moment to walking along here leagues behind me
unfortunately did manage to be me haters ice cream
ten minutes faster but I feel fantastic how do you feeling who’s laughing now I
feel good it’s good all right let’s think China better this fifty-five the right
mm it’s me every time with that one hey Blake how’s the hair cook on I
highly recommend this Barbara now let me show you let me show you my favorite
part here it’s been this way so if golfers sort of like a ball being used
to look and but we lived in with a bird style here and it was so sweet a little
bit further he says he got the Aussie mullet she’s gonna rock I told my which
one is with the ladies so we’ve certainly internet how you like it what bubbling all right so here we are this train
track this one here you see this let’s train check it’s hot it’s mad at the
middle this is slightly more special than all the other train tracks because
it’s the mason-dixon line this cat’s America in half basically so that’s
pretty cool mason-dixon Maryland Pennsylvania oh yeah that’s it now we’re
in Pennsylvania cool okay so I’m Pennsylvania well known for the rocks
you know it’s pretty hot today and we’re thoroughly enjoying it I’m getting
tendonitis in my leg feels good how do you feel about it I love it therefore it is just goes on and the
maps is elevation wise it’s like this 15 miles with no water I certainly haven’t
got enough but I’ve got some all right so as you can see we got this large open
fields just here so we’ve been walking through him on and off all day and hot
big-time hot now lasting you know here’s sunburn right so I haven’t got a Sun Hat
with me and by that I mean it’s deep in my pack what I have got is my t-shirt
here what we’re gonna do is the old t-shirt tip and you just chuck it over
your head like you’re going to put on a normal t-shirt that would be a normal
t-shirt right wrong put it over there like that you take your sleeves there’s
one it smells awful in here there’s the other one and you sort of just pull it
tight and tie it at the back now if you’re looking for true Sun safety you
can you can urinate on it to keep your head cool but as you can see now if I
step into the Sun I’m perfectly perfectly Sun smart and it’s actually
ideal for a whole variety of things you’ve got um snatch and grabs at your
local dairy you know gang affiliated crimes hit and runs home intrusions
general theft and aggravated robbery that’s perfect so now I’m feeling pretty
good once I rap on some Sunny’s here we go
absolutely son smart walking in here and as you can see there’s not a single part
of my body that’s going to be burnt now alright haven’t got any urine but I have
got the last of my water for the next ten or so miles so just splash a bit
over that over there for whatever reason I don’t know why you do that but you can
drink a little bit three switch switch it that tastes like sweat it’s awesome
everything’s good I made so we’re hiking along back there and
crippling pain when I stopped to take some of the the rocks out of my shoe and
notice that I’ve completely lost the feeling in three of my toes so taking
out the inserts that are already in the shoe chucked in some dr. Scholl’s and
counting on your dr. Shaw help me please please help me well it’s been nearly 24 miles of
chronic foot pain dehydration pretty thirsty very hungry I can’t even imagine
or my feet look like well it’s the it’s the morning off it’s a summer solstice
21st in Ligue Taniya she’s doing that after a brief period of full exposure we
decided to hang the the rag here we go this is the border right here
at the moment of in no-man’s land this is Pennsylvania they to be New
Jersey we got nine hundred ninety five point six miles to go pretty stoked
are you ready Oh neither killing bank the Pennsylvania mom a Niva in my life
never coming back well dude 100 miles in four days yeah so we’re here Katahdin only 500 miles
away so celebrate I’m eating the most nutritious food you can get it here on
the 80 which is a Little Debbie strawberry fruit roll of one one of
these for 1500 I’ve wanted one of these for about five 1,500 miles so mmm tastes
like sweet sweet cholesterol problems for the future just go 220 miles today
and then I got a friend gonna pick me and legs up and we’re gonna take up two
days off that’s a plan I still get restless but we haven’t taken the days
off for a long time now now in my life to rest
it’s kind of sounds like to do nothing not a big fan of doing nothing so if we
weren’t gonna be hiking and after the broadest of all bro fists
it was time to get back out there it was 500 miles to go and the miles weren’t
gonna hide themselves throw your stuff dry I mean the boots
are still a little bit damp but the socks I’m good to go all right we’re coming up to the Vermont New Hampshire border crossing
it’s just up here so we’re about to leave them on go into New Hampshire
there it is you can barely see it the mall in New Hampshire so pretty all right so we’re in this um
at five town here we are windows windows oh this is what we sleep in this person
it’s true windows windows sunset well it’s been a long time coming beginning closer and close to the whites
for a long time now knowing full well then when we got here it’s gonna be
steep and it is so yeah I mean too early in the morning and I’m climbing up the
star of a steepest mountain sir welcome to the whites you love to feel offended all right so
we’re climbing out did and final 4,000 feet
foot peak off today so it’s been a pretty big day we’ve got Mount Washington coming up
there’s at the second tallest peak on the 80 dude it’s a tall peak but anyway
we’ve heard that people are actually going over they likely making it over we
also got told that one of the guys went up there and the wind was so strong he
was throwing onto his hands and knees which is pretty funny and in the wind
picked him up and flipped them like a pancake onto his back and like ripped
them a little bit but we’re gonna be going over there and like I know two and
a half hours or something so I’m actually really excited about it okay so it’s quite cold it’s quite windy
it’s very wet anyway so we’re just hitting out that Washington now and just
as a friendly reminder Louise and I wanna see the world
now with the worst of the weather behind us and having completed the weights the
hardest terrain on the 80 it was looking like it was going to be a straight shot
all the way to Qatar come back again wanna feel cousin bear Azir feet let’s look healthy foot – you show us
the other one yeah it’s disgusting that it’s all slight it’s slimy
touch it it’s like it’s still slowing get a touch it’s extremely itchy it’s
itchy it’s painful stinks it’s disgusting from all the rain this
is basically what the trail is now just soaking wet and carries on down so feel
like keeping your shoes dry we’re not gonna fix the gangrene problem today
trench foot is here to stay I wanna see well something’s made me somethings made
me pretty sick could be food poisoning but they have to be some pretty nasty
food yeah but it’s most likely from drinking some contaminated water Oh I was referenced arting to realize it
was something bad but I did not know yet just how bad it’s not good okay so it’s the second office it’s also
the eighth day that I’ve been sick have this motto I say if you get injured or
sick or you know hurt or whatever give it three days it’s not better in three
days give it five it’s not better in five give it a week and it’s not better
in a week except there’s your new normal and carry on from that point so I guess
the constant nausea and you know all that ya know good stuff should I send
you normal now but with only well it was eight days if I was fast
I’m not sure if I feel very fast but I’m still was hoping to be on the summer the
Katahdin in eight days symptoms are usually mild and include
watery malodorous diarrhea mm abdominal cramps and distension flatulence
intermittent nausea oh I’ve got it bad man acute I’ve got a better idea usually
last one two three weeks oh my goodness treatment is antibiotic antibiotic or
antibiotic see like a fourth just like deal with that option so I’m not gonna
get better and that’s again bollocks you might not for three weeks though what
are we supposed to do there’s no friggin doctors out here I think I can deal with
it it’s just twenty-one miles a day for
eight days lucky me so it was starting to look like I’d contracted the dreaded
stomach parasite but not only did I have G alien but I’d also contracted E coli
and without medicine the next eight days were about to be the hardest eight days
of the entire Malaysian trip and so yeah coming up to a road speaking hitch into
Munson Munson is the last town on the 80 the last town before the 100-mile
wilderness so we’re gonna hitch in there grab some Goods after this it’s
literally one final push all the way there no place to obtain supplies it’s a
hundred miles do not attempt the section unless you have a minimum of ten days
supply it’s difficult and should not be underestimated so basically it’s saying
if you’re a little bit you might have a problem or if you’ve got Giada are in a
bum knee you could have a problem as well
yeah don’t underestimate it man don’t underestimate it man spooky stuff man
100 miles of wilderness spooky stone four days until I’m standing at the
summit so it’s the 8th of August which means
tomorrow is the last full day of hiking and then we’re climbing Katahdin oh man
welcome in Katahdin now one of the most cruel symptoms of Giardia is your
inability to process foods meaning starvation and this was
certainly something that I was experiencing but at this stage in the
game it wasn’t a single thing on the suit that was going to stop it for 2,200
miles from Georgia to Maine and tomorrow dear hundred and thirty nine is the last
day it’s for 45 days a day
let’s get started 4.1 miles to go and my whole body is
buzzing my heart’s all fluttery I can’t tell if it’s because every hardship
every day with not enough food every night was not enough sleep
all of it winding down just one single day making my whole body go crazy dad or
it’s just a ditch a mental health problems caused by the red ball I just
drank all the Giardia which is have serious impact on my on my house 23 they say trying to fuel your body of
sugar Alone’s like trying to warm your house by burning up in the newspaper in
your fireplace and they’re probably right but on a day like today I say let
it burn now exhausted states we pushed on
onwards and upwards into the clouds and to the cold and after a hundred and
thirty nine days and looking out and picturing that side of my head I looked
up and there it was to look back on the past four and a half
months is a strange thing sue I saw so much in a short period of time I saw
boss brown forests turn slowly into a lush green paradise
I saw branches encased in ice and when the wind blew I saw a million diamonds
fall from the sky I saw an abundance of life and I saw the
forest fires burn the trees play I saw how people’s lives have been
changed by the trail and I saw people were paying the trail in any way they
could I saw in the kindness of others and it’s something I’ll never forget not everybody makes it nor should they
and out of the few that do all of them and their own way are changed humbled or
anew some of the people who finish will make
a radical change in their lives with a newfound appreciation for the things
that previously took for granted like a hot shower cold drinking water
a decent meal but for a lot of them over time this
appreciation will fade and they’ll slowly return to their old jobs their
old habits and eventually their own ways of life but not me and why not
Ark is this something wrong with me what’s next yo

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100 thoughts on “Operation Northbound. Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike 2018

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  2. This video is so inspiring! I was also totally tripping when when you guys got to PA and crossed the Mason Dixon Line! At that time last year I lived only a mile from that very spot. I hiked that part of the trail so much last summer. It was so cool to see you passing though such a familiar place lol

  3. somehow I cam across your video and you looked familiar. I think I met you in Damascus. You were from New Zealand but at first I thought you were from Australia like me. My apologies! I was called Spoon at the the time. I only got 80% of the way unfortunately. But congrats on finishing it,. awesome.

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  30. Bear,
    What kind of pack did you use for your thru hike and what did legs use for his? I’m doing the trail in March of next year

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