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One of the most challenging hikes in Hong Kong

hi everybody in this video we are going on the most challenging hike I’ve ever had in Hong Kong if you want to know where to go to have an intense workout and also enjoy a beautiful view then keep on watching [Music] before I moved to Hong Kong I was really familiar with the term hiking maybe because this concept is not very common in Russian language for those who don’t know hiking means an activity of going for long walks whether you’re walking in the woods in a desert or mountains it’s all hiking what I find fascinating about Hong Kong is that beautiful nature is so close and easy to access one moment you’re in a busy city centre and some 30 minutes later you’re in a wild jungle hiking is quite popular in Hong Kong this is a great way of getting away from the noise of an overcrowded city and a great source of Instagram pictures and you don’t even need to book a tour guide because hiking is well-developed in Hong Kong there are lots of trails and the facilities are pretty comfortable you can find a lot of useful information about the trails on the internet or maybe you can even get a book like this it can be quite helpful to have a guide like that you can see how to get to the trail duration of the hike and how difficult it is I would say that the best time for hiking is around late autumn and early winter when the temperature is going down but it’s not too cold yet if you’re brave enough to go hiking in summer when the temperature rises to 35 degrees Celsius and you can barely breathe in humid air I don’t think it’s a good idea also beware of wild monkeys and wild boars you now know what to expect from wild animals it can be pretty scary so I went hiking to a couple of places some trails were super easy and some we’re not if you an amateur just like me I would suggest to start hiking on a dragon’s back it’s probably one of the most popular hiking trails in Hong Kong going up is pretty easy and you you’ll get on top is pretty amazing but bear in mind there might be too many people there as I said before this place is quite popular I was lucky when it went there for the first time it was almost empty so I could really enjoy it to get to the Dragons back take the island line in MTR to shout k1 station take exit a3 and get the bus number 9 get off at the stop called toad day 1 dragon’s back which should be 11 stops later you will definitely not miss this station because half of the bus will get up there after around 20 minutes of hiking you’ll get to the spot that gives you a nice view of shackle beach and the dragon’s back itself you can even go further and end up on the beach but we decided to stay on the top for water or the sunset and go back the same way we came there [Music] and so recently we were trying to decide where to go for a new high and we found a trail called Twin Peaks and violet Hill and even though we saw a lot of reviews saying that this is one of the most challenging trails we didn’t change our mind though maybe we should have I am NOT a professional hiker and my muscles are not in the best condition 2500 steps were weighted worth we took a bus number six from exchange square got off at Wilson trail and our challenging hike began this trail usually takes two or three hours to complete and even though I was very slow and I needed to stop a lot it took us only three hours despite the terrible difficulty of this trail you will be rewarded for your sufferings with an incredibly beautiful view it’s breathtaking [Music] but don’t worry sometimes you will have an opportunity to have a little bit of rest instead of endless steps there will be a straight path enjoy every second of it it won’t last long and the next thing you know you’re going up the stairs again [Music] after 30 minutes of intense workout we found this quite funny if going up continuous stairs is not enough for you and you have an unlimited amount of strength you can also leave some weight this trail looks endless so we went down the first hill my legs were shaking like crazy my shins were on fire but I didn’t give up it was time to go up on another peak [Music] you can see this city it means we’re almost there [Music] the trail ended up in Titan reservoir from here you can take a bus number six and comfortably return to the city but we but we decided that this trail wasn’t challenging enough for us and we should go back home by foot I don’t know where we got so much energy from and we spent around an hour getting back from there to Causeway Bay all in all I would say if you were a beginner I wouldn’t recommend you going on this trail it’s very physically challenging and exhausting then next day after the hike I couldn’t get up from my bed my legs were hurting probably it was one of the most intense workout I’ve ever had in my life but it was worth it the view you get there is amazing do love hiking do you have favorite trails in Hong Kong tell me in the comments down below don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and like this video if you want to see more I’ll see you soon [Music]

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