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Omurice (Omelette Rice: 오므라이스)

[jaunty music] Hi everybody!
Today let’s make a delicious one bowl meal. Very simple, easy recipe. And it’s called “omurice.” Omelette plus rice. When I was young in Korea, the first time I tasted this omurice I couldn’t believe so tasty and pretty! We make omelette and stir-fried rice and this omlette is on top of the rice. Or sometimes wrapped. I used to make this all the time for my children. Especially their lunchbox. Just only rice is not enough. I want to add a lot of vegetables and also sometime ham, or sausage. Or sometimes pork or beef. I like to fill it up with as many ingredients as I can so that my loved family will be energized at school and then study hard and focus on the teacher! [laughs] I will make this just like my old days. You will be so surprised how simple it is. First I’m making rice. White fluffy rice I’m making right now and then we need two pans. One pan is to stir fry all vegetables and sausage. [chopping sound] So I washed all my ingredients. So I’m going to cut it up. So I’ll just cut it up… Small pieces. I like to fill this cup with green bell pepper and red bell pepper. So one cup. Both together, around six ounces. And this is the same… So this is, we made one cup. And then I will put it here. My rice is done. Wow, nice. And then, I’m using celery. Just a little bit. Because celery has a really good flavor. Smells good. This is around a quarter cup. Carrot also around a quarter cup. This little cute, cubed carrots. And then, white mushrooms. I’m using five for one person. I washed and dried. Cut just two times. This guy is small. One time! Next, onion. Onion is very important. Onion tastes sweet and crispy, and when you stir fry with rice and really goes well. So when you make any stir fried rice don’t skip onion. Four or five ounces. Around three quarter cup. Just we need some kind of spicy kick. If you make this for really young children who can’t eat spicy food, just skip this green chili pepper. Look at this green chili pepper! Huge! This is hot, long green chili pepper in America, in New York area, even L.A. they sell everywhere. So this is very spicy. I like to use just around half. This amount. So you can use just one green chili pepper, spicy green chili pepper, or skip it. This is optional. This is basil leaf. Later I will garnish with this. So, and then garlic. One garlic clove. You can mince or cut like this. And next sausage or ham. Also cut. Into chunks. Four ounce. Four ounce sausage. Next is my secret ingredient. Whenever I make omurice I use this. They love it. This is: cheddar cheese. So chunk of cheddar cheese and I’m just stash inside of omurice. Chunk… Put it here. And we need butter one tablespoon. Butter. Unsalted butter. Let’s stir fry everything. Rice and vegetables, sausage, everything except for a few items. Let’s make really delicious omurice. A little bit of rice with lots of lots of stuff inside. Let’s add butter. And sausage. And garlic… Butter, garlic, and sausage all of this flavor is mixing! And then add all vegetables. So this is a quarter teaspoon salt. Black pepper, ground black pepper, around half a teaspoon. Nice, beautiful! And then we need rice. Rice just one cup. I think one cup is less than one bowl. That’s enough. I will bring my ketchup. This is also ketchup, I like to later drizzle with this. But this amount of omurice, we need two tablespoons ketchup. One, two. Looks really delicious! Let it cook and then rice is a little crunchy. Let me taste to see if I need more ketchup. Very good! Goog, good! And then, done. About around this amount I will add this. Cheese. Two, three, four hiding some treasure! Yeah, push down to make a shape. And then green chili pepper. Also another of my hidden secret here.
[laughs] Rice is done, set aside. And then, let’s do omelette. Two eggs. And then I will add two pinches. What? Two pinches salt! Two pinches! And don’t be surprised! I will add quarter teaspoon sugar. Sugar in the Raw®. And mix well. Let’s turn on. When you are busy, you don’t have to do this, strain this. But today I’m making this video, nice video, so I’m going to go through my strainer. So make it really evenly yellow. This was is more pretty. Pan is heated, I will add some oil, just one teaspoon. And turn down the heat to low. Medium-low. Wipe off some. Just like when I made gyeran-jjidan.
[sizzling] We need a nonstick pan. This is my treasure nonstick pan. I have to all the time hide somewhere, only I know. So see? This egg is not flowing any more. Very low heat. Everything is yellow! My egg omelette is yellow, me, yellow! This guy is yellow. Serve with yellow pickled radish, danmuji. Put the plate here. And to go to the center, this way… Gorgeous, isn’t it? Lots of vegetables inside you can see. Mushrooms, big chunks. It’s not hot any more. And put this… top… Isn’t it pretty?
This way See? Very easy. Easily you can make this. And children love this. Me too, I love it. I like to add more ketchup. Look at that! Mmm! Wow, see? The cheese! So delicious! Juicy and soft. This sausage flavor is so tasty. And the melted cheese, cheddar cheese is so awesome! And lots of vegetables and sweet and sour. Mmm. I hid some chopped green chili pepper, spiciness, and it’s a really good kick! When I had omurice for the first time in my life was, I just remember, it was maybe junior high school. I was growing up in a really small city in the southern part of Korea. There was some restaurant, but the restaurant they sold only Western style food. “Hamburg steak,” and also pork cutlet, you know donkkaseu, and beef cutlet and also this kind of omurice. And then when I tasted it, it was really tasty. I didn’t know that this came from Japan. Omurice, donkkaseu, bihukkaseu Instead of beef cutlet, we used to call this “bihukkaseu” Later later I found why this is called omurice. Omelette and rice. My friends think that I’m really cool because I ate at some Western style restaurant. They gave us a fork, fork and also chopsticks, and they gave us kimchi [laughs] Always kimchi! And also yellow pickled radish, you know, danmuji. And then later, when I married and raised my children and then I made this omurice lunch box all the time, and they love it! Enjoy my recipe, see you next time, bye!

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