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OKHRENI BAGHDWAR HIKE | Shivapuri National Park | The Walkers

If you want a short leave from busy daily life schedule and hustle bustle of kathmandu city, hiking is one of the best option. Hiking is the best for physical and mental fitness. And there is hundreds of fine hiking routes surrounding Kathmandu Valley. Nature lovers group and hike for nepal are the leading organization, who conduct regular hiking activities in the valley. After a long time, got a chance to hike with ‘The Walkers’ team in the last week of june. And the hiking route was Sundarijal to Budhanilkantha via Okhreni, Baghdwar, Nagi Gumba inside Shivapuri National Park. The hiking stared around 8 am in the morning form Sundarijal. And we move to west side trail to Okhreni from damside of Sundarijal after leaving the main trail to Mulkharka, the trail goes through riverbank of Bagmati. The Bagmati river here looks so clean and clear we let no stone to make it polluted in the city site. In the mid trail there is a village, called Chilaune gaun, we took a break here for a while. Trail trail is little long, we continue to uphill hike inside deep rain forest, with enjoying nature and it’s beauty. After six hours of walk from Sundarijal, finally we reached Baghdwar around 2 pm. And got ready to take packed lunch, which we had taken from home. Baghdwar is the starting point of Baghmati river of Kathmandu. Non stop pure water flows from the tiger faced stone tap. Baghdwar is at 2490m altitude at east side of Shivapuri top. On the first day of Baishak every year, huge festival is celebrated here. After a while we move down to Nagi Gumba form Baghdwar. There is always a fun to travel itself, and it’s better to hike in hills, villages, towns. It gives more time to be close with nature. We concluded the hike with the note to hike again in someday in another route.

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