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Oh No we caused a sheep stampede | Through the hedge #3

so can you see that footpath there we
just came through here Oh model it the canals behind the hedge yeah so
we’ve just come through the hedge from the towpath into here which is glorious
I need another adjective comment below so we can take you if you happen to more
up near in between Thrupp marina and Kingfisher marina just after then I
think it’s a Navigational Inn there is a really beautiful set of public walks and
this one is going to a place I think it’s called fiery frenzy but I could be
pronouncing that wrong don’t think it’s fiery frenzy we’ll see it’s just a sweet
little walk and you can come with us and we will show it to you and the Sun is
setting so hopefully it’s gonna be beautiful and hopefully we get back
before it sets on is dark because it’s eight o’clock yes later than I thought looking at the map fire it what whatever
isn’t on here he it’s not frenzy its phase or something huh
but there is a river here that we could get to the river Tove and I think that
would be quite nice to see caps are really worried that the Sun is gonna set
and I hope to walk back here in the dark I think the rivers just through the next
hedge so in fact I’ll be going through two hedges in one episode through the
hedges put three white semis so in England they have these arrows for
public footpaths so you know that you can go into people’s fields and you’re
not really trespassing and this one here also has an extra arrow for a circular
walk there’s sheep in the field over there I’m a little bit concerned I don’t
like I don’t like fields with cows in them I like cows but I don’t like to be
in the fields with cows because lots of people every year get killed by cows all
those sheep are really stampeding honey where over there I can see them yeah in
their own field they’re not coming through here okay. There’s a crow though some more triangles doesn’t say circular
walk this way though now I think the circular walk was actually the other way there’s the sheep but we are going
through the Sheep field oh not even a kissing gate
oh it’s being managed to restore the habitat of the native otter so not every
country has a style either there’s a minute now and they great when they do
the job of getting over fences do you know what it’s a public footpath and
there is some sheep here hi guys see that one there that one keeps looking at
me hi guys if we band together we’ll look bigger look at them how will they
know if they’re charging we’ll hear them that was close honey they are heading
for that driveway there and we are in their way I don’t know if you can see
their little faces but each of them is looking at us like we’re in their way
see that house there with the light on we basically have the boat just in front
of that house but we’re gonna have to go back that way through the fields to get
there thanks for watching today’s episode and for joining us through the
hedge literally through the hedge so if you’ve ever wondered what is between
Thrupp Marina and Kingfisher marina there is a gorgeous
public footpath there’s probably more public footpaths that we don’t even know
about yes because we don’t have an ordinance Survey map we should get one
of those I think they’ve even gone to app now so you can have them on your
phone I was looking earlier today we should so get one of those thank you
so much for watching if you’ve enjoyed it give it a like and we will see and
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you more of everything I’m for that

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