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Ogden Utah Waterfall Hike | Bonneville Shoreline Trail | Fun Family Hike | Frozen Waterfall

Welcome back to Nature For Kids Guys! Today we will be going on a crazy awesome hike This hike is called the Ogden waterfall The start of this trail is located at the top of 29th street And it connects to the Bonneville Shoreline trail *funky music* Hey kids, this is where Shorty McLongbeard was buried He was really short and had a long beard this hike is 1.4 miles up to the top and about 1.4 miles back (laughing) It’s about 2.8 miles round trip you ready corbin? you know what to do ammo tree! Go get him! don’t put snow I don’t want a wrapper either It’s beads hahaha Don’t get wet. That’s what you get for throwing beads at Dad! You guys need a break? Hey guys we finally made it to the waterfall 1.4 miles up had some elevation gain So this was a good hike but we made it Dad your not Napoleon Dynamite Give me some tots 345 calories 89 Beats per minute 13.54 One mile and point 4. One mile and point 4? One of our new years goals was to not talk like hicks anymore Oh crap. Dangit fur For darn darn out in the field FUR theres another FUR We’re out in the wild FUR – I said it again son of a gun FOR! F O R So we’re out in the field FUR like — I said it again! we’re out in the field FUR hahahaahaha Elsa sing us a song Let it go! Let it go Can’t hold it back any more! I like warm hugs Come here. It’s a mini avalanche Hey I want one of those. here thank you. you can have one I’ll have three! Bugger butt hey guys that was an awesome waterfall But it’s gettin cold, we need to get some sunshine Don’t break your tail bone Please Go down, go down laughing one leggin it that’s a good one Corbin’s going all the way down My turn! Cru’s turn here he goes Slide on your bum use your legs to propel you Alrighty guys we came down a little ways We’re about to pass the sunlight I need sunlight! I’m winning. NO! I’m supposed to be the winner this hike is great for young families and ….. old ones It was a great hike for families It’s very fun and challenging and also …. easy You guys should totally go do this So much fun! Thanks for watching this video guys make sure to check out our other video where we actually did this same hike but when we were younger little tiny sour patch kids Just little ones, not big ones, but little ones below…. Comment below…. Comment below on your favorite local hike. make sure to like and subscribe!

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