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Oboz Women’s Wind River II BDry Hiking Boots

The Oboz Women’s Wind River II Bdry boots
are the perfect balance of support and weight for long days on the trail. So in the midsole
and outsole you have got a lot of support and traction. In the upper it is very durable,
but it is also pretty light weight. So we will go through all the features and talk
about what makes this shoe so special. In the upper of the shoe you have got mostly
durable and waterproof Nubuck leather. It is very durable here and you have got overlays
that give more durability in those places that you need it, so all around the boot here.
And then right above your foot you have got very high tenacity textile. So synthetic material
that makes it a little bit lighter weight, even gives a little bit of breathability.
But that is also waterproof. So this whole boot is Oboz Bdry waterproofing. You have
got waterproof protection all around. You have got a gusseted tongue here so that waterproof
protection comes most of the way up to the top of the boot. So you are protected there
from stream crossings, rain, that sort of thing. And you have got some metal eyelets
and fabric eyelets, so two fabric eyelets or three fabric eyelets at the bottom and
then moving up the shoe you have got metal hardware there for more durability. Something that I really like about one of
these eyelets is you have got the Bfit lacing sys-tem here, which basically is a piece of
webbing that wraps over the top of your foot and you can really cinch that down. So it
is in that key area that pushes the heel, your heel in-to the heel of the shoe. So you
have got a really nice lacing system here. You can pull down on those laces. It is a
wide strap. So it is not going to irritate your foot at all. And it really works. It
really pushes your heel into the heel of the shoe. And along with that, you have got a
really nice durable heel counter in the back. So as you wear this shoe and you break it
in and some of those materials become a little bit more flexible, this heel counter in the
back is going to stay very durable and very strong. So that is not going to wear out.
It is going to keep your heel right into the back of the shoe. So those two kind of working
in tandem is going to really cut down on blisters. It is going to give you a real-ly great fit
back there in your heel. And then up here in the toe you have a really great toe cap.
It is durable. It is rubber. And it is going to protect your feet, your toes from rocks.
And it is also going to give more durability to the shoe. The height of this shoe definitely gives you
a lot of ankle support. It is not as high as your typical, you know, hard core backpacking
boot. So under the heavy weight of the pack this is going to give you some support, but,
again, it is a little bit lower. It gives a little bit more freedom of movement. So
I would say under a really heavy backpack, you know, you may want to have like a taller
shoe if you want more ankle support. But this is just going to give a lot of support for
long days on the trail, long day hikes. If you are wearing a pack and that sort of thing. Going down to the insole, you have got Oboz
Bfit insole. And what is so special about this and what sets it apart from some other
brands and some other factory insoles that they put in there, you have got a really supportive
arch. It is actually a pretty stiff materi-al. And also a supportive heel. So you have got
stiffer materials in the back. You have got a lot of shaping in this insole. And this
avoids the need to buy an aftermarket insole to put in your shoes. With those aftermarket
insoles you have got to cut them and, you know, make them the right shape for the shoe.
But these are fit specifically for the shoe. So you don’t have to cut them or fit them.
They will fit perfectly there. And then on the bottom you have got some EVA foam that
gives you cushioning. So you have got that in your heel and up there in your toe. And
that just makes it really comfortable along with some wicking materials in there. So this
being a waterproof shoe, you have got some per-forations here in the front so that is
going to help you wick away sweat. And then just the material that is on the top is really
nice and comfortable. There are a couple of different materials
in the midsole that make it both comfortable, cushiony and very supportive. There is a dual
density EVA foam in there and that EVA foam is going to last a long time. It is going
to provide the cushioning that you need to make it comfortable, but it is not going to
break down very fast. So that is really nice. And that EVA foam has a lot of weight savings.
So while it does give you a lot of sup-port, it is lightweight and it lightens up the shoe
a little bit. You have also got a nylon shank in the shoe to provide a lot of support, so
support from stone bruising and that sort of thing. It is going to protect your foot
really well. It gives the shoe some stiffness. So this isn’t a super flexible shoe right
out of the box. It is going to take some break in, in order for it to be a little bit more
flexible. So, you know, definitely don’t take it out for a long day on the first trip. Definitely
break this shoe in a little bit before, you know, going out on a longer trip. But I always talk about the, you know, the
weight savings and the durability and the support here. So this shoe does definitely
have a mixture of lightweight and support. You definitely have a lot of support here
in the midsole. And then going to the outsole these lugs are perfect for different types
of terrain. So you have got some sticky rubber here. It is definitely going to work in wet
conditions, dry conditions, slimy conditions. So just moving up from the bottom, you know,
you have got different directional lugs. This is going to provide a lot of traction, again.
Self cleaning lugs. And the lugs even come up a little bit into the midsole. They almost
wrap around the shoe a little bit. So, you know, when your foot is in different positions
on the trail, you are going to have that traction and that support in all directions. The fit and feel of these shoes is really
great. True to a lot of other Oboz shoes, you have got a little bit more room in the
toe box for your toes to splay. I prefer shoes that are a little wider in the toe. They are
just more comfortable for me. And these shoes fit really great. With all of the different features here, you
have got the Bfit lacing system that is going to provide a great fit, the Bfit insole, you
have got the Bdry waterproof protection. So there is lots of attentions to detail here.
That is going to make this a great shoe for day hikes. If you have got a pack on and maybe
you are packing a little bit lighter, it could be great for backpacking trips, multi day
trips and that kind of thing. They do take a little bit of a break in time,
but once you have got that dialed in, these would be great for your next adventure. They are the Women’s Oboz Wind River II
Bdry boots.

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