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Oboz Women’s Sawtooth Low Trail Shoe

The Oboz Women’s Sawtooth Low Trail Shoe
is a great shoe for hikers who want all the support, cushioning and tracking for challenging
terrain, but also want a very breathable and low cut shoe. We will take a look at all the
features and what makes this Oboz shoe so special. The materials in the upper are both durable
and very breathable. This is not a waterproof shoe. So you have got some synthetic materials
here that give you a lot of breathability over top of your foot. So as you are moving,
as you are hiking in warmer weather, it is going to allow your foot to breathe. If the
shoe becomes wet it is going to dry out really quickly because of all of that mesh. But Oboz
was really smart about the design here where they have put very durable Nubuck leather
in places where the shoe might wear out faster. So you have got a mixture of materials there. In the back of the she, this heel counter
is very durable. And as you wear the shoes and break them in, this durable heel counter
is not going to wear out. So you are going to get a lot of stability back there. It is
going to hold your heel exactly where it needs to be and that really cuts down on movement
of your foot and cuts down on blisters. Here in the front of the shoe you do have
a pretty roomy toe box that is going to allow your toes to splay and it is going to be really
comfortable there. But you also have some durability here in the front. So it protects
your feet and your toes from rocks. The tongue here is a gusseted tongue. You
do have breathability in that as well. And that tongue is pretty cushiony. So as you
bear down on the laces, you are going to have com-fort there. And the eyelets moving up
the shoe are fabric eyelets. That cuts down on weight. But the very top eyelet is a metal
eyelet and so as you are tightening the shoes that really adds a lot of durability there
and pushes your heel into the heel of the shoe where it belongs. Something I really appreciate about Oboz shoes
is the high quality insoles that they include with all of their shoes. The insoles that
you get with the Sawtooth series is the BFit deluxe insole. The first thing that stood
out to me about these insoles is that you have a lot of support, rigid support in your
arch of the foot and in the heel. So just showing that rigidity. It is going to offer
a lot of support on long days on the trail with those parts of your feet that can wear
out and get tired really quickly. So that is going to give you sup-port there. And then
you have cushiony EVA foam in the heel and in the forefoot. That offers a little bit
more comfort. And the top of the insole here is a mesh so it is very breathable. It is
going to wick away sweat. This is also perforated so that is going to wick away sweat as well.
And just over all really good quality insole there. It is better quality than I have seen on most
other backpacking and hiking shoes where you would normally take that sock liner out and
replace it with something else. With these, they are custom fit specifically for the shoe.
So unlike other after market insoles, you don’t have to do any cutting. You don’t
have to fit it to the shoe. It is already custom fit in there. But if you do have custom
fit orthotics that you need to use in your shoes, you can take these out and replace
them with your orthotics. The midsole is the part of the shoe that offers
cushioning and support and really protects your foot on long days on the trail. So the
midsole here you have got a couple of different materials. You have very durable, but light
weight EVA foam and that is going to last a long time. So it is not going to break down
really quickly. And that offers a lot of cushioning as well. You have a nylon shank here in the
shoe. So that gives you a lot of protection against rocks, against uneven terrain. So
you have got protection there. And some-thing I really like about these shoes is the outsole
and the midsole come up. They wrap up around into the upper part of the shoe. So if you
are on uneven terrain or off camber trails, you are going to have that support and cushioning
even up on the edges of the shoe. And that wraps all the way around the back.
You can really see it here in the back and in the heel. It wraps around, all the way
around the shoe and even in the front. So it is some-thing I really appreciate about
these Sawtooth shoes. And then if we go down to the outsole, you
have really great traction, really sticky rubber here. The lugs are oversized and they
are big lugs, so they are self cleaning. If you have got mud that builds up in there,
the mud is going to shed away. And you have some pieces here that are really sharp for
traction. So you have got really good traction here with these lugs. And, again, that sticky
rubber wraps up into the mid sole and into the upper part of the shoe as well. So really
great on all different types of terrain. All in all this is a very breathable, lightweight
shoe. I can see this being a great every day shoe. You can take it on day hikes. You can
even hike with it with a heavy backpack, be-cause you have got a lot of support and cushioning
in there. It is a great travel shoe and just all around every day shoe. It is the Oboz
Women’s Sawtooth Low.

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