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Oahu Vlog#13: An Awesome Last Day In Beautiful West Oahu

hey guys, thanks to our friend Lam here,
Our “Local Guide” lol He brought us to the west side of the
island to go hiking to go hiking okey Ohikilolo hike and then we’re
gonna go to a beach and just have lunch there and chill he actually flies out
today back home to Canada so we’re just gonna spend some good time together
before he leaves okay so we’re lost, we can’t find the trailhead.. Oooh, there’s a cave! Hey Guys, so we did not get to find the hiking trails I think it’s actually from
the other side and it’s like a 9-mile hike to get to the ridge up there, but
instead we found this cool cave! look at that! and then there’s Brenda and Lam
exploring the cave, it actually doesn’t go too deep maybe like 10, 20 feet inside
yeah so now we’re gonna hit the beach I think it’s starting to rain a little bit but I
think it’ll pass so see you guys there Hey guys, so we’re not really at the
beach right now it’s just kind of the coastline so this is like the most
north western part of Oahu you can come to, at least by the paved road so right there that’s when the paved road ends and for
like the whole corner of the island it’s just on paper unpaved road
we’re not ready to drive there yes so we’re just exploring the west side of
the Oahu and it’s so beautiful guys! I know hey guys so it started pouring and we got
hungry it’s a 11:50 we’ve got some food from food lands we’re gonna eat it in
the car As you can see, it’s raining so we have to eat it here 5 minutes, we’ll be back out there yeah hopefully it’ll die soon we have some Poke too
but I think we’re gonna start with our bento boxes It’s been a long day guys yeah It’s Lam’s last day here so..
He has to go to the airport Can’t wait to see you again in Southeast Asia Yeah! We will definitely see you there Collab is gonna go down Big things are coming, lol thank you for
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