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Oahu sees dramatic spike in pedestrian deaths, distractions on the roads

HOWARD: A 57-YEAR-OLD WOMAN IS FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE AFTER SHE WAS HIT BY A VEHICLE EARLY THIS MORNING IN KALIHI. POLICE SAY THE VICTIM WAS IN A MARKED CROSSWALK. THE DRIVER WAS ARRESTED FOR NEGLIGENT INJURY AND DRIVING WITHOUT A JUST TWO MONTHS INTO THE NEW YEAR… AND THERE’S ALREADY BEEN A DRAMATIC INCREASE SARA MATTISON GOES BEYOND THE HEADLINES. SARA: HOWARD- WE REACHED OUT TO LANCE RAE OF WALK WISE HAWAII TO TALK ABOUT THIS SPIKE IN REASON FOR IT…BUT OFFICIALS HAVE SEEN AN INCREASE OF DISTRACTED DRIVERS… AND PEDESTRIANS. past two months this year has reached 8. At the same time a yeare ago there was only one pedestrian fatality and the year before that – three. LANCE RAE: so we were very very lucky last year to see such a low and we were hoping that would be the This month alone there was a traffic crash that killed 58- year-old Larry Kalani in Ewa Beach. The most recent pedestrian fatality…took the lives of 21- year-old Jonah Ragsdale and 23-year old Daniel Mole. LANCE RAE: as drivers we have to always remember the minute we get into that vehicle we have to pay attention to pedestrians because a pedestrian no matter whose fault it is is not going to survive being hit by a vehicle LANCE RAE: for the past 10 years our pedestrian fatalities number of distracted pedestrians and drivers LANCE RAE: I think we are much more distracted than we were 10 years ago and if you think about it we have our cells phones with us In the past…seniors represented over 60 percent of pedestrian fatalities. LANCE RAE: but we saw a significant change in 2009 2010 where senior fatalities went down to about 33 percent More pedestrians 50 years old and younger have been getting struck by vehicles. LANCE RAE: pedestrians are still getting hit the majority of the time during the dark hours when visibility is low SARA: I’M TOLD HONOLULU POLICE ARE WORKING ON A NEW PEDESTRIAN SAFETY CAMPAIGN THAT

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