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Oahu Hawaii Things To Do (Extended) | Island Memories

Ocean, surf, beach, sun and many more… If you are always summer person like me, your journey will be relaxing as possible in here… We came to the island for a while ago, and we decided to return to for a second time I made a video for my first trip before but I decided to make an extended video to enrich the experience So I prepared some personal suggestions from both tips for you If backpacks are ready, let’s go! When you arrive in Honolulu, you can see Waikiki is home to the most of the island’s hotels However some hotels can remind you 1980’s style here For nature and surf lovers, staying on the North Shore can be better too… If you’re looking for hip and central place, Shoreline is a nice place with it’s renewed style Moana Surfrider is another option with its elegant decoration too It is one of the Marriott hotels and I must add when I was there I came across Marriott strike which was a multi-city strike involving thousands of workers at the Marriott hotel chain You have many car rental options and locations throughout the island But if you want another options like scooter you can rent from Hawaiian Style Rentals and Sales So where can we go From swimming with sharks to surfing, exploring exotic beaches to hiking beautiful waterfalls there are plenty of activites and great places to visit North Shore is my favorite Let’s go So where to eat There are lots of good places serving local or street food, breakfast, brunch or dinner Let’s visit them together Remembering moments can identify all of our journey There are so many moments worth remembering Let’s just watch

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